patchwork heart   by IanByfordArt My Love by JCreate Not dating by El Castro Designs Speed Dating Success Story by darkhorseaustralia Lollypop with Heart by rusanovska

Worst. Date. Ever.

This was mine.
Always by JCreate I Love My Awesome Boyfriend by omadesign Love Reading by ivetas This guy loves his wife and his beer by Stock Image Folio I Only Date Giants Fans by tatiananori Best Friends by susan stone back off... by montdragon Sea of Passion - Tulips by Barberelli STAY CALM AND PAY THE BILL #DATENIGHT by American Swagga

Speed Date

And he was a painter! She never met a painter before she moved to the city, and now they were everywhere.
Judgement Day by redqueenself My Wife Is That Hot Girl Who Loves Rock Climbing by supernova23 True Love by Levantar "Welcome to the neighborhood" by tchiphead2 Johnny Bravo - Dating tips by IrmaVel doomsday love 2 by IanByfordArt Intrigue Surprise - pen, highlighter, white out tape - 5 by  by Micheal Bilyeu

First Meeting (Erotic)

Sorry no WIFI just good coffee by jazzydevil Snow White's First Date by Nebsy

I May Become A Nun!

I just couldn’t rhyme my frustration….
My Boyfriend Is That Hot Guy Who Loves Rock Climbing by supernova23 Nice Girl like You by Stephen Jackson

6 Days of Heaven

…everything I feel for you comes together in my core. In that moment I have no doubt, no self-fear, no arrogance…
lingerie  by torishaa San valentines day by GemaIbarra Blink If You Want Me by sweetsixty READ by goanna Boy Meets Girl by Arletta Love Makes the World Go Round! by artqueene

Virtual Reality

Uploaded photos of married (or equivalent) skin, / Cut or Uncut and framed in glory hole fashion.
Wine and Candlelight by ubiquitoid


I feel as though I agreed to something that I can’t allow myself to go through with right now. I told you that we could be friends and I sa…

Electronically Yours (but this isn’t a poem…

Bring The Roses
love bats admiring the sunset! by VallaV Bright flowers by Juha Sompinmäki I <3 VEGAN GIRLS by rule30 Serendipitous Love by thecatherine

When There’s More Than One…

Where was he? Did he see me and clear off because I wasn’t what he was looking for? I guess he might have??
Lover's Lane by Mike  Savad The Player by Adrena87 Stolen Legs Stolen Heart by lcreale undead love by IanByfordArt Agkistrodon by Joshua Bell Michelle - pencil - 9 by 9 - 3.24.07 by Micheal Bilyeu romance heart by kostas tsipos


He was a charmer to the teee. He said all the right things. He told them exactly what they wanted to hear, and he played them like nobody&#…

Internet Dating For Me….

So was this internet dating stuff about ‘marketing’ yourself, or was it about being in the right place (internet dating site) a…
Single* by apalooza Mrs. Rightnow by asyrum Not your type by mobii Photo rendering - pen and ink - 5 by 4 - 1.12.06 by Micheal Bilyeu Embrace by ShantyShawn

Missing You

I don’t know how I can miss someone that I have not yet met. / But I do. / I don’t know how I can miss seeing eyes that have ne…

Skinny Cheese

I admire their hip and trendy fashion of designer dresses that cling to them like coat-wracks. And I notice the only thing their hands touc…
Climbing Rocks Is My Wife's Therapy by supernova23 Ugly Dog Dating Service by Londons Times Cartoons by Rick  London

True Love

Communications not working, / Points of view not the same, / My darling, my sweet, / The one I will maim.

A series of ramblings

After the hurting is done, I will be fine. I will be amazing, I will learn to love again. I will find someone who deserves what it is I h…
Single. Take. Will die alone with cats by contoured I'm not single I have a cat by contoured kawaii mouse by uberfrau Cafe - NY - High Line - Waiter I would like to order  by Mike  Savad Horny Hypno by calroofer

Crying Behind the Smile

So here we go again / with all your mixed signals / and all my second thoughts / Someone once told me “Don’t be afriad to try s…
All We Need Is Love by Micheal Bilyeu "I'm married now so I do most of my dating on the internet........" by freebornman Jacky - pencil - 9 by 12 - 9.11.06 by Micheal Bilyeu My Boyfriend Will Get Rich Climbing Rocks  by supernova23 Rock Climbing Is My Girlfriend's Religion  by supernova23 My Girlfriend Will Get Rich Climbing Rocks by supernova23 Internet Profiles Vs Reality by Rick  London

Life lingers

A tree silhouettes his outline / Tall and dark he leans against the trunk / Quietly staring, glancing, thinking, waiting / Legs crossed, ri…
Two to Tango by montdragon

Linger in Your Smile

Sometimes my life narrows / Back to you and me / The way we talked, / The way we walked / The things we didn’t see
Go Vegan! by quandoflurn My Husband Will Get Rich Climbing Rocks by supernova23 Single, Taken ... by tappers24 Narcissus by montdragon

Dating in a Sweet shop

Soft centre / hard centre / dark or white? / Sweet or bitter, / chunky or light? / One with wrappings / or one plain loose? / Fresh off the…
Mrs. Rightnow by asyrum Only Two by ninamarie Internet Dating by Bradley Nichol Dating Ritual by Cila Leshem BUTTUGLY DATING SERVICE by dragonindenver

The di Vinci Code of Dating…

After one year of being single, I’ve slowly started to crack the on-line dating code.
My 1st Senior Prom (Bill Smith Photography) by Lenny La Rue, IPA

The Morning After

If everything about you / from your head to your feet / strings you up like a piece of meat, / it won’t be until post coitus that I …
Your #?  by Rachel Counts Brazilian Leaf Crawler - pen - 8 by 10 - 2.18.07 by Micheal Bilyeu
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