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Date a Runner by MikeZuniga Love Birds by tiffjamaica Make awkward sexual advances, not war. by newdamage Perfect Relationship by heloisajusto It's Complicated by Samuel Sheats Foxy by Asia Barsoski A PIECE OF MEAT by webart Adorable Kawaii Christmas Tree Couple by hellohappy Die Alone With 72 Cats by David Ayala Adorable Kawaii Christmas Tree Couple by hellohappy Taken - Hashtag - Black & White by graphix This girl loves her boyfriend by artack Fingerprint heart by Nasko . I LOVE MY CRAZY GIRLFRIEND- I LOVE MY CRAZY BOYFRIEND by omadesign I LOVE MY CRAZY BOYFRIEND- I LOVE MY CRAZY GIRLFRIEND by omadesign I LOVE MY CRAZY HUSBAND- I LOVE MY CRAZY WIFE by omadesign Hot Pink Quote Splat by rbx11  Hot Guy on The Outside -  Inside Just a Lie by Kater my nonbinary partner thinks i'm cute by omoriley everything and you. It’s really like a symphony, if you listen close enough. Deep enough. Drunk enough. The moon, and bars and cafes. The desperation, routine,… Love You More by AmazingMart Significant Otter by AmazingMart I Like Girls That Like Girls by CarbonClothing I dig chicks by frankshooter Boyfriend Wanted by Justin Kipp Nice by Asia Barsoski Naughty by Asia Barsoski Berry Quote Splat by rbx11 Pampam by Richard Laschon The woman by Ulla Jensen Czech Girl by GunnBranch Best Fire Fighter Ever. by omadesign Sugar by Asia Barsoski Barbed Wire Heart by Penywise I Flexed and Your Boyfriend Dumped You. by printproxy Some Will, Some Won't, So What, Next! (Black Text) by Paul James Farr Best Friend Ever. by omadesign This guy loves his wife and his beer by Stock Image Folio Yellow Heart Love by Donna Grayson Your love gives me wings! by Bonnie T.  Barry Best Son Ever. by omadesign Hottie by Asia Barsoski Eat Pussy! by GunnBranch I Dig Cocks and Chicks by frankshooter Memory Cards by Maria Dryfhout The man by Ulla Jensen Green Quote Splat by rbx11 Grey Quote Splat by rbx11 My Girlfriend Is Smart Funny And A Great Soccer Player by supernova23 Flirt by Asia Barsoski Relationship Anxiety by Nebsy Best Brother Ever. by omadesign This guy loves his wife and his beer by Stock Image Folio Speed Date And he was a painter! She never met a painter before she moved to the city, and now they were everywhere. True Love by Levantar Nice Girl like You by Stephen Jackson 6 Days of Heaven …everything I feel for you comes together in my core. In that moment I have no doubt, no self-fear, no arrogance… Rebuilding I feel as though I agreed to something that I can’t allow myself to go through with right now. I told you that we could be friends and I sa… romance heart by kostas tsipos Missing You I don’t know how I can miss someone that I have not yet met. / But I do. / I don’t know how I can miss seeing eyes that have ne… A series of ramblings After the hurting is done, I will be fine. I will be amazing, I will learn to love again. I will find someone who deserves what it is I h… Crying Behind the Smile So here we go again / with all your mixed signals / and all my second thoughts / Someone once told me “Don’t be afriad to try s… Single, Taken ... by tappers24 The Morning After If everything about you / from your head to your feet / strings you up like a piece of meat, / it won’t be until post coitus that I … Your #?  by Rachel Counts dating by vampvamp You've got the LOVE by ramosnuno i ♥ you by jsbb123 Don’t Say Goodbye I thought my world was going to end the day you crushed my “perfect” little world. But was it ever really perfect or did I jus… In Love I’m in love. Totally. Happily. Completely. Joyfully. Without Reservation. Hopelessly. Crazily. Helplessly. / I wasn’t l… Funny dating and relationship humor and sex parodies using a single bug cartoon/photo.  by Mark Edw Lodge Calendar To My Valentine – 2010 you have filled my life with light and hope. you have lifted my soul from the depth of my numb hell and i have glimpsed heaven in your lov… Can’t Believe Ripped my flesh / Open my wounds / How was I to know? / You never told me. / Can’t believe that / I’m the fool again. / How wa… Don't Laugh I'm Dating Your Daughter by empireofdirt Our Love by JCreate Window of Pain After watching you tear yourself down, I find myself looking away and wiping away my tears. Why are you doing this to yourself? I don’… Waking Thoughts Every morning I wake up without you, and… / My hands long to brush the hair from your face. / My eyes long to look into yours. / My b… me + you= ? by jsbb123 Know Know / …that i have given my heart to you. / …that my soul is your refuge. / …that your voice brings me joy. / …tha… Boyfriend - Hashtag - Black & White by graphix You by Heartland Looking Forward To I am completely In Love with a woman 2000 miles away. We’ve spent hundreds of hours on the phone together (really – just ask S… Mood Swings It’s best to just leave me be when it happens although both wives have thrown Midol at me during these times, generally from a safe d… The Thaw I’m in a good mood. Happy. / Not about any one thing. Just generally happy. / My friends tell me it’s been about 10 days. I … With You in my Life Having you in my life / …I am strong. / …I am loved. / …I am cherished. / …My heart is strengthened. / …My so… Love, Control, and Decisions In the last two days I have read two writings that deal with the damage that control in a relationship brings. And it made me reflect on m… Leaning Into e-Love …a small / peaceful core / of connection and communication / defying the swirling sea / of layered unknowns… Soccer Is My Girlfriend's Therapy by supernova23 I Love You by Heartland Smiling heart by Vac1 Be my Valentine!  by Vac1 Czech Girls Do It Better by GunnBranch distance you are different then the rest / and i like you / a lot Relationship Issues: Coping with Nervousness of I… You can’t say everyone will discover their true love on the very first try. A lot of women, in particular, actually have to kiss a va… Smiling heart by Vac1 I'm Single by CarbonClothing
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