Sunilism TM : My Life’s Purpose: My Soul Code … What are my Life’s priorities and direction ? Do I have a steady course of my life? ………Yes , you can have it NOW ! Daily Bread I feel strange and there is something wrong with my bottom lip. It is stiff. I tried holding my hand but it is playing stoic soldier. But… My Daily Solace People pass in their four wheeled steeds / Their faces set in a stare / I cant help smiling / I close my eyes and breath the air daily bread every day the journal fills / much of it dross / some of it workable / occasionally a flash of inspiration Prayer – Daily Grace O kind God I serenely Thank You / for this Love, this Life, Daily Commute the daily commute / morning fog slowly parting / for drive-through coffee our daily bread this is not as good as it gets Daily Cardio Today I stared / Into the eyes of pain / And reclaimed my heart. / Frozen back in a dream / It now thaws deep within me. / I get chills fr… My daily featured photo is: HOLY ISLAND, Lindisfa… In Heritage in Stone group! / Thank you so much! Just another day Mornings brilliance / lets the sun spread it’s grin / Slowly warming the beds / awakening the flowers / as they raise their heads / b… The daily dance The day yawned itself awake and put the kettle on Take up your cross and Follow Me. “Take up your cross and Follow Me” / “There is No One Else Called Yeshua”, / “No One Else Who Is Messiah̶… Don’t think you don’t make a differen… You make a difference “DimmedEyes&TimeFissures” * I am looking… / spying from silence. / Heart beat… / spacing blood.. / along the throat… / mingled with throbs… … Daily Affirmation of Belief Repeat the daily affirmation of belief (below) everyday with faith and belief and it will be so. / Daily Affirmation of Belief: / I am surr… Word-A-Day…SYLVAN SYLVAN \SIL-vuhn\, adjective: (Latin) / 1. Of or pertaining to woods or forest regions. / 2. Living or located in a wood or forest. / 3. Ab… Word-A-Day… PERAMBULATE PERAMBULATE \puh-RAM-byuh-layt\, intransitive verb:(Latin) / 1. To walk about; to roam; to stroll; as, “he perambulated in the park.… Word-A-Day…SCACCHIC SCACCHIC adj. / Pertaining to the game of chess, or to chess pieces / Found this word in an unusual word dictionary…. seemed like one… The Creator Of A New Day I got out of my bed by faith,not knowing if the day will bring peace or dread. Scum On The Road Looking sad and pathetic, / Some people feel sorry and apathetic, / More corners with scum. / Began to look more like a bum. Emboldened, Entrapment and The Dressing Gown Cord. She was considering suicide and described to Julian how you could ‘fall’ into the dressing gown cord and quietly strangle onese… Word-A-Day…BOMBINATE BOMBINATE \BOM-buh-nayt\, intransitive verb:(Old Latin) / To buzz; to hum; to drone. / This word Bombinate just sounded impressive before … Space Don´t keep hard feelings inside, as they occupy too much space and cause pain. / God doesn´t have a chance to give us good things if we are… Daily.. dreaming, / the nuances of your language, / written - / with your mouth, / on mine.. Word-A-Day…IRENIC IRENIC \eye-REN-ik; -REE-nik\, adjective: (Greek) / Tending to promote peace; conciliatory. / Just a good word in todays word. It seems th… Ecstasy. I relapse into a past that never really existed / my thoughts so full of you. / An addict choosing to withdraw- / from the world this t… facing the ocean I stand on the edge / They rise and crash and swell in front of me / I can feel the power they exert, but I am as yet untouched / I take a … Daily Group Critiquing One of my image has been uploaded into Photography 101’s all singing & dancing forum How am I doing now? / Please drop by and join in t… word-a-day…TULIP tu·lip /ˈtoo-lip/ ] –noun (turkish) / 1. any of various plants belonging to the genus Tulipa, of the lily family, cultivated in many va… Demographic Demonstrating similar traits / To that of disorientated Mosquitoes / Hungry for possession Rush Hour Maze Very busy cars and trucks- / They look like ants- / Erratic movements / Shoving, pushing / Like worker bees / They rush around / Year after… Tabloid Turmoil Hello , ok ,you, no I`m not / Ill tell you why, where, and what / Cocaine nose jobs,celebrity blow jobs / Everything you wanted to know a… in a desert stand to its daily scorching to float without the second-hand moving / to live in one’s own music to the beat of one’s heart / and the heart though it’… Daily Conversations with a Doubter Life is but a choice / I am but a voice. / Why should I listen? / Listen, my friend / It’s not the end. / It feels like it. / You may… You daily mantra for today my power today lies in reproduction. I am resigned to the inevitability of the task at hand because of its inherent value, so I am efficien… Read Twice Daily I think I know much more than I do / Interpretation is the key Word-A-Day…HERMITAGE HERMITAGE \HUHR-muh-tij\, noun:(greek) / 1. The habitation of a hermit or group of hermits. / 2. A monastery or abbey. / 3. A secluded res… rain He yearned for some relief / To smooth his furrowed brow / No matter how brief / He required something now she stands before her daily mirror she stands before her daily mirror / not so routinely as many another / but, as she does she knows to discover / the thoughts behind her ey… Daily Battles – We fight We fight when we arrive / We fight when we depart / We fight the worthwhile battles / We fight the pointless wars / Our battles destroy … Steve McQueen Portrait Daily Blog Hi, / I’m writing a daily “Over my shoulder” blog on my website about my latest work, a portrait of Ste… daily fight Uncanny coincidences eat away at my mind / must ignore the meaning and serve my time. / I worked hard today, / letting thoughts rest, / a p… Daily existance em “UK Dirty Bomb Threat” “I’d say telling every angry disgruntled maniac whether it is Combat 18, Al-Qaida, the A.L.F or Fathers4Justice how best to set… The Daily Market. swallowed a new sound. / it tasted quiet. Daily Renewal. everyday is blank. Daily Walking Toward the Light I live my life in dreaming / Daily walking toward the Light.. / A hundred pictures later, a thousand words to keep, A million little ripple… Boo Daily! ‘’Boo Daily’’ / she said….! / Boo Who? / Boo Me! / Boo Daily … ……….? / A… ha / … took i lisa jewell’s ‘daily hy… jealous of the worm gone through all the soil! This isn’t working It’s all very romantic until / you have a house and a job / you need to hold down / and health to take care of… / and chores to… On The Daily Mail I felt it was my duty, then, to kick Littlejohn right in the face, and to take my life in my hands and liberate the front page copy. The Daily Routine Every morning I wake up and / work out my frustrations in the form of exercise. / Next, I bleed poetry until I can’t think another th… Pink Hybiscus Bloom regardless of the hard rain in the night / I’ve bloomed for your delight Daily Thunder Slap I sit and wonder / Attacked by thunder A Daily Ritual Morning, a stand to: / Daily rise and look out. / Hearts grey they seek you / Across the dawn- a tumult. / The Rising Sun no terra incognit… the Art of the Daily Bore “I’m so open-minded my brains are falling out” / and me, exclaiming “the sky is falling, the sky is falling” … Daily Bread At the table, Ask to pray, don’t quite know what to say? The spiritual power.. NSFW The Calculus of Daily Chores I’d sort of accepted having showers without hot water. But I hadn’t anticipated the subtler impacts. Namely how hard it is to d… Daily news One look at the paper / Violence. / Corruption. / The daily, drunken Debauchery of man kind. / They violate / And flood your brain. / Yo… Daily Bread the ground is made / into flour / powdery and fine / add in some moisture / for shape and design / activate with yeast / to give it life to… ‘Inheritance’ Every morning I rise, to find the blade is hefted. The first of all my daily orders is one of evasion; to reposition that I might, effect u… daily reminder dreamer of dreams awake and asleep, i travel lifes journey with my mind, heart and feet The Daily Thinker I almost smiled, but didn’t have the guts. / I. / Was. / Scared. / Terrified. / Frightened out of my wits. … another turnover in the daily making every time / i walked outside / the little girl / two apartments down / would look up from / her barbie dolls / and say / “hi buddy.” / she… Daily. Daily / Take your pills daily / Wont have any regrets / Mother says / Such a pain in the neck / You are to me / Wouldn’t you rather b… Daily Spill. hi. i hope you come tomorrow. My daily affirmation a music of connection flows through, / every vibration singing love and potential, / moving you to serenity and faith that all is well. Finally, A Sane Rally! On March 17, 2007 I stepped off a packed bus and onto the ground of Washington DC for an anti-war protest. A group of bearded, leather jack… image this melancholic feeling washing through my body, / leaves me feeling empty and lonely. / sitting in this dark room looking for excuses to … A Daily Thought Throughout my life I had one joy, and that was my marriage to you my love. / But now our days are at an end, and I must justify the gift of… partly sharing in the desolation of the daily dis… martin lifted his shirt up / just enough / so that his navel / was showing / dug a good-sized / chunk of lint / out of it / and sat it on /… Daily Masks All the world’s a stage and we’re just merely players… / Words that humanity takes to heart / as we each wear different m… A Daily Decision He could burst thue/ Thru the wall I set up, but he waits for me, standing there missing me./I’m loosing Him, my only true friend! Our Daily Life Just Like RPG Game Our Daily Life Just Like RPG Game / as you live now, / you try to strengthen yourself, / competing with other friends, / tackle the obstac… daily fix. People having their daily fix: / sliced banana, muesli and wheetabix / a paracetamol, just to clear my head / one multivitamin oh and my vi… a day i wrote poems / with my friend / and we laughed An Open Letter To Channel 5 I would like to congratulate you for implementing the return of the remarkably talented Vanessa Feltz to our television screens. Daily Life Wake up. The tears on my face remind me that it was a rough night. Deep breaths. Count. One. Two… Three, alright lets go. Get up. Get… ‘By The Waking Days’ The atmosphere was a mercurial ordeal, the tone bleeding through to colour the mood, the very emotions of the largely somnambulant masses; … Daily Nightmares The nightmares circle me / in the deepest dark of midnight / feeding on my sleeping form, / their chilling teeth upon / my quavering white … Rejoicing Essential Part 1 You can’t earn Heaven but the believer can please God. Daily Quote Our Bibles are not for decoration / They are our Spiritual Medication, / Did you have your dose today? Daily Quote(life) “Life can be like a baseball game, the balls just keep coming; If you strike out today ,you’ll have another opportunity tomorro… Daily Quote “We cannot control what people say / But we can control how we respond to it.”! Daily Quote " How you handle what goes on around you, is determined by what you have in You!" Daily Quote February 19th, 2014 " I will always stand by you when your right, But you must stand on your own when your wrong!" Daily Quote Fri. Dec.6th,2013 COULD YOUR NEIGHBOR IDENTIFY CHRIST IN YOU, OR / WOULD IT BE A MISTAKEN IDENTITY? / “Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself” Mark 12:31 Daily Quote Sun. Dec. 8th, 2013 “Anybody Can Do Nothing, But it Takes Somebody To Do Something”! Daily Quote April 6th, 2014 IF YOU CAN’T…………………….YOU CAN’T. / BUT DID YOU DO WHAT YOU CAN? DAILY THOUGHT APRIL 12TH, 2014 HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT? Daily Quote Sun. Jan. 19th, 2014 If you cannot listen, / You cannot be taught, / If you cannot be taught, / You cannot learn, / If you cannot learn, / then you will not exc… DAILY QUOTE APRIL 1ST, 201417th, 2014 “DON’T BE FOOLED, / YOUR NOT RELEVANT UNTO YOURSELF. / BUT YOUR ONLY RELEVANT WHEN YOU CAN HELP SOMEONE ELSE.” DAILY QUOTE 17th, 2014 “THE WORLD BREEDS THEM, THEN THE CHURCH HAS TO HEAL THEM. EVERY SIN HAS AN END, WILL IT BE YOUR’S TODAY? DAILY QUOTE APRIL 12TH, 201417th, 2014 YOU HAVE NOT BECAUSE YOU ASK NOT

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