Big Daddies Go To Heaven by TheDeej iDaddy by RiskGambits Smart Daddies by NeverBird Daddy's Girl! by A90Six Sugar Daddy by CornrowJezus Daddies Girl by redtree Where the Big Daddies are by KindaCreative Daddies And Sons daddies and sons they like the same things / chocolate chip cookies and flying machines FEEDING TIME by Sandy Stewart Daddies Rule by mancerbear daddies 1957 by fuxart BEER FOR DADDIES & KIDS WITH FAKE ID, FUNNY DANGER STYLE FAKE SAFETY SIGN by DangerSigns A Tribute to Daddies..Father's Day by MaeBelle Tearing Me Apart You’ve got me pressed up against a wall again. We’ve discussed this so many times in the past. I don’t know what else to … Young Daddies by jonvin Daddies Not Coming Home A tear runs down her face. Daddies not coming home. He’s gone without a trace. Daddies little girl is now left alone. Truth Be Told Don’t Believe the bullshit they spit out at you. Only part of what they say Little Timmy was woken suddenly with a horrifying site of his older brother Benjy coming towards him, trying to Brand him with Daddies hot cow poker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by peterpan A Desert Kiss It all happened so long ago, very few still tell the tale. A Tale much like a fairytale. A Girl, Skin so Pale. A Man, Very much a male. DADDIES LITTLE DIVIDEND ! by Ray Jackson It’s Too Late Now! It all started off, just like any other day. It appeared so clear, I had no idea to fear. It all happened so fast, it took my breath away. … Come Come. / Let’s celebrate, / Let’s meditate, / Let’s not debate, / Let’s never hate, SnoBoardr’Chick You came to me in my time of need. Tough, I didn’t know it at the time. You began to meet all my expectations and you continued to ex… These Feelings I was there at one time too. / I’ve been in your shoes. / I’ve felt the same blues. the power of youth childhood Daddies Little Girl by Carine  Boustany GO Go daddies by RDRiccoboni Holding Daddies Hand  by Ann Persse Daddies Tax Deduction - Boy by Scott Westlake 100% Daddies Boy by Lover1969 Dahlia Daddies by Monnie Ryan On daddies shoulders with the lulav by MichaelBr Daddies Tax Deduction - Girl by Scott Westlake Daddies little girl by Lover1969 Daddies Little Girl I came to be / I came to be / Inside of Daddies arms / Where he held me so tenderly / He knows my deep fears / But will always be there / T… Any Man Can Be a Father by Amber Graham (grahamedia) On daddies shoulders in Mea Shearim by MichaelBr Daddies coming home. by ejameson Daddies little girl by Lover1969 Daddy Loves Mariah by heatherfriedman Daddies little boy…. Daddy when I grow up / Will I be like you / Daddy will my Wife die / Like my Mummy to Daddies Girls by mandithephotog Whip Your Hair by redredlea Daddies wild child by joefleis "Daddies girl" by pclark Daddies and Daughters by Alexander Greenwood Mummies & Daddies by bluestew CAP AND HEELS.......... just the way daddies likes it by KARMA TEES  karma view photography "Mummies Darling Daddies Boy " by Rosehaven Daddies little Girl. Not anymore. Mummy said its okay to cry, / But I’ll be strong for you. / I know you don’t like it when I’m sad / I have a bad feeling in my tummy. / It … Raa Raa Raa, Daddies got a Porsche by kelelkenobi Coding daddies and mommies by rosadiazjara Smart Dads don't ask any questions by Kokonuzz Hot daddies sweat a lot by Kokonuzz HAPPY FARTHERS DAY! by iTeeDept Daddies by FussyButt Go, Big Daddy by pakaku daddies princess by mindseye66 Shirley Jackson and Her Good Rockin' Daddies by ShutterUp Photographics Secure in Daddies grasp by Kralington Daddies Boy by PaulShelbourne Daddies Shoes by SimonSaysSmile My Daddies Love Me...This Much! (Boy) by atlantean My Daddies Love Me...This Much! (Girl) by atlantean Look how cute my Daddy is in rainbow by jazzydevil Totally terrific DAD! by jazzydevil A GUY THING! by iTeeDept Joel DaSilva's Strat by AnalogSoulPhoto Daddies On Tour (Father’s Day) by MrFaulbaum DADDY- Driving Instructor! by jazzydevil daddy cool by Vana Shipton

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