Hey Dad, I’m 40 You embed your trust into an anvil and tie it to my guts. Dad and the Bike the braided, knotty bottoms of my hand me / down jeans that never fit me quite right and always / draped behind me like a reluctant bride&#… Dad said (Mature) Snapshot of a Dad ‘Why did you do that?’ he shouted. ‘You promised you would stop and yet you keep on doing it!’ / ‘No, I, don’t!’ she said with as muc… Dad I’ve spent hours writing ~ / a life time of missing out on you / Yet ~ / I’ve fragmented holy memories / I cling to ~ / A new memory splice… Johannes Maria, my father. He was named after his father and his aunt: Johannes Maria. Something which embarrassed him the rest of his life. What do you reckon Dad? I know I shed a tear or two / When father slipped the coil / The day he died and also when / They covered him with soil Adventure with my Dad 4/30/08 I saved a bird! Dad, what a smile, by Roger Boreham, got my vote,… Of course I connected with Simpatico, by Barry McCann. I watch their show and like their interaction. (Turned it off yesterday when they we… Ivan Stan is Not the Man The cops didn’t think it strange at all when I requested to see my crazy ex-lover who had confessed I was her favorite dish to be with lots… Fists of Autumn …to place them next to the breaking tears of your leaning prose. You want everyone to see what you saw, the Dad of your eyes. The los… Farewell Dad I’m overwhelmed by a lifetime of memories / All flooding in at once to be head of the queue / I see your eyes so deep with thought, tender… The Angel And The Boy And soon this angel heard a sound / A calling-out rose from the ground / A child’s voice, so small and sad / for this little soul had… Touched by Art A warm story of how an artwork warmed the hearts and souls of two artist halfway around the world from one another. GOODBYE TO MY DAD Goodbye to my Dad, I had to say / A few weeks ago on an early spring day / I’ll remember the good times and try not to be sad / But saying… You were there I told my daughter some of my fondest memories today, walking in the icy woods the world looking like jewelry; you were there with me Chanel No5 (version one) Chanel No5, / My mother embraces me, / Seven years old and she’s holding me. / Sat in her lap with that tell tale armour, / So I know that … for my dad’s funeral / eulogy / elegy He is dead. / My dad…’ Emund the Single Dad He did not eat. / He did not drink. / Each morning, he looked up to greet the sun, knowing he had survived another day. STORY OF MY DAD BY BCallahan We buried my father today. As the American flag was removed and folded into the unique triangle shape, and with full millitary rites, we co… Stealing a Kiss Unsure Miss / Loving Dad / Stolen Kiss Just Like You, Dad Goosebumps jump up across your skin / I ask if you’re cold / You shake your head, “No” / I sit on the little stool watching / As you shave … Until We Meet Again… Dad… / No one in this entire world could ever take your place. / Inside my heart, my mind, my soul, I see your handsome face. / I nev… No Father, Just a Dad Any body can be a father / But a dad…. / A dad is a man who incarnates life Were I the Emotional Type I’d tell you all about my family. / More often than not I’d be bragging. / Recounting tales of Unga Bunga or Marshmallows, / Wh… Dad asked me, who are you? Mum kissed my forehead… There is no wholly secure space. I listened with intent and many expectations. Her voice kissed with a bang the start of my labyrinth jour… It’s All My Fathers Fault I tend to stroll through life much the same way you would wait in a long line for a public restroom. Dancing With Daddy “I long to hug you, hold you, hear you; / But you now reside on my mantle.” “Reflections Of Mother At Christmas” “The holidays for mother were a heart felt labor of love that drove her to excess to create just the right portrait of what family wa… CALMING CORNER Calming Corner where I sit / I can think and I can knit / It is so wonderful to rest / I love this corner the best / With my cats at my fee… Dad I miss you I hear him From Mom And Dad Dec 83’ “From mom and dad, dec 83’ “ / That was the first thing I viewed / As I opened the book / At the half price book store. / How did this wond… Dad is just out for a while….. I so want to have a natter with dad / To tell him all the funny things I do / About my beautiful son that I adore / The verses that pour ou… Blessed With A Boy… Since the day you were born / our life was never the same. / God had blessed us with a boy / who we gave his dad’s name. / When my la… my dad. the greatest friend i ever had… New Nikon D3100! Click here to view a beautiful video I made with a gorgeous little girl. and to see a jam session I taped at my mans band practice In his footsteps Correct me when wrong. / And punish when bad he’d / Protect me from harm, / And when ill - / He’d wrap me in blankets, / And nu… Ivan Stan’s Last Wish Here was me a female in thought within the body of man hitting a bulls-eye my first launch of ovum seeking genetic coded wrigglers. Dad of the Suburbs My Dad was a typical dad of the 50’s and 60’s, which meant that he got up at five and left the house by six thirty to make his … For my Dad! Recent loss of a loved one! my hero, my mentor, my dad 12-16-10 @1:02pm / you went to work and brought home your pay / to a wife that bitched you out nearly every day / for no reason that i cou… Dad Sent Brother To War My dad held his peace / I thought he would round up / The family and revenge big brother’s. . . Eternal Sleep, Eternal Regret Numerous people are entering a vast front entrance, all sporting smiles on their faces and cheerfully shouting “Hi!” as they hug the people… GOD GAVE US EACH A TALENT Talent / God gave us each a talent, / Maybe three or four. / And when we use that talent / He gives us even more. / There is no need to hi… I am that Blind Man: One Woman’s Story (Par… One day I watched as dad chopped off the head of a lovely white chook, which then ran around the yard, headless, in protest. That was the … daddy don’t cry 18 years old and her wrists are bleedin’ CATS, DAUGHTERS AND YOUR TYPICAL DAD His daughter sat in a chair stroking the cat. / He was next to her in his recliner reading a book on Argentinean Death Squads. / “Daddy?” /… For Dad The swimming pool. / Pristine, chlorinated blue / And just us two. Dad I could tell you every day / how much “I love you” because it is true / but I would like to write a poem / made with love; fr… My Father The Artist (For Dad) / known for quietness… / voice soft as summer breeze / my father… / entering halls of memory / i stood beside him / c… Ten things I thank my Dad for on this Father̵… 1. thanks Dad for marrying mom….you made a great couple the 60 plus years you were married…and you and mom produced 4 pretty co… To Mom and Dad: A Small Token I’ll never be able to repay that for which you do not keep a balance sheet / Your steadfastness, you support, your sacrifices / Yesterday’s… Grandpa She glowed / Like a little star in his hand / She shimmered / And murmured as babies can / She held his finger / With all her might / It wa… Strange Things Happen Outside My Window My Mum and Dad never seem to be happy. They used to argue all the time, but now they just ignore each other. It’s mainly Dad I think. He… THE LAST CAMPING TRIP THEY HAD GONE CAMPING EVERY YEAR / BUT THE END WAS DRAWING NEAR / THE NIGHT BEFORE SHE HARDLY SLEPT / SHE WAS SAD AND SHE WEPT / SHE KNEW T… Dear Dad This is a real cracker regardess of it being around a while, but worth the read. / ‘Dear, Dad. It is with great regret and sorrow tha… My Dad I am who I am because he is who he is! Father/Dad/Mother/Mom (Birthday/Father̵… I may not be at home with you / ‘though it does not mean that you’re not near / I recollect those things you’ve done / Fo… Disconnected I need to hear you speak, / I need to hear your gentle Irish tone, / Your laughing voice Merry Christmas Mum and Dad My third unwanted adventure to the Stirling Royal Hospital happened around Christmas time, it may have been boxing day, I can remember that… FROM A DISTANCE From A Distance can be seen / Two young sisters with thoughts and dreams / Talking about new toys and dolls / While they walk together awhi… IN YOU I hear your voice in windsong / racing over rugged hills DAD & SON He was tired / Very weak / He had no food / Didn’t sleep / Wife gone / All alone / Sorrowful / On their own / He carried his child /… Respect in perspective he nurtured my growth / yet when I reached greater heights / I kept looking up Shifting Stars yay Ted Hobbs He came from founding convict stock …. BAD DAD He left / No reason to stay / He ran / To get away / No home / No rest / To roam / Not best / So young / No mom / On the run / Harm / He co… Birthdays, Baked Alaska, My Incorrigible Father a… …what Dad neglects to do is warn me that Alaska is there; when i walk in, the two of them are huddled together like a pair of conspir… Stolen Love You have other’s who love you, / I know for a fact. / No matter what happens, / I’ll still be your best friend. / Don’t p… thank you, Dad, for everything the wind blew and you did not bend / strength was in your hands / beheld as something more than a man / yet with you was a gentleness / a p… Dear World ……………… It made me sad to see him this way………. Snake Cookies My two hands just big enough to hold firm / the measuring cup, pouring into the bowl / two cups of sugar, one cup flour to stir, / I would … wittle archie’s ( daddys dad and mummys mum… hi my name wittle archie im jwust a wittle boy of shevan im from a village called sauchie in clackmannanshire scotland uk / i want to tell… A letter to Dad A letter to Dad / Here I want to ask you / To listen too my prattle / I feel that I am in a zoo suit / Waiting for this stroke to end / As … Baby Blues by JJ It’s not fair, Gran,’ Meg complained, ‘you promised I could help with the baby!’ Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad! My parents would have celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary today, April 1st! They had 7 children (5 girls and 2 boys….I’m … Dad. I still remember,when I was young, / The joy and laughter and so much fun, / The time when as I grew, / You taught me what and what not to … It Was Over Right then I would have killed to be carefree and unstained by situations like this. Yes Dad, I know who I am … I loved it beneath the trees. I always found solace there. My heart felt happy and strangely moved by a force or presence that I can only d… DAD His eyes looked beyond the clouds / Passed the planets that we all see / When he looked in my eyes / I know he only saw me / He understood … Quietly You Came (For Dad) / quietly you came / your presence tremulous / like light on a vast sea… / now you have found life that / “waits around the… Tribute to my dad The lessons may not have seemed to take hold in my younger years dad, but more than you know they had a lasting effect on my life. Dad, I love you I know that it hurts you deep inside / To see the world in which I reside / But please understand that you’ve been holding my hand / … Playing With Dad It had been raining all day and my best friend Colin was away with his mum shopping. He needed some new trainers for school. Ha ha. Serves … see though the eyes of a seven year old ( invitat… hi my name is wittle archie i would like to invite redbubble readers to come and join me in some of the most amazing journey’s ev… Soccer Dad …unfit, overweight soccer dads / trying to overcome their burdens vicariously / through their children… I am that Blind Man: One Woman’s Story (Par… From then on things became a blur of confusion. Even more than before. Everything and everyone moved ever faster. And I was just carried … Guy The one guy / I can give a bright cherry smile / And he’ll give me a big goofy grin back The Memory Of A Scar A memory, / A reminder, / Not to run… / Up steps. / I cried when I fell. / Sobs chocked me momentarily. / Until dad made me laugh. My Blue Chip Stamp Christmas The door was slightly opened, and I saw my dad with his face buried in his hands. He was crying. Dad Is who I knew all you were, / Or was there something I missed / Some place in your heart that / Really should have been kissed. MEMORY Hidden away where no one can see / Is a part of my life that used to be / A tricycle that is old and worn / My dad bought it when I was bor… Little Son New things to taste and smear about / And family, to adore you Why Why does Paul Jagger act like a dick, surely he can see or is he part of it? Birthdays, Baked Alaska, My Incorrigible Father a… My urge to kiss him is maddening – but i hold back, instead letting my hand wander over his belly, feeling his breath change as my he… Here (For Mum and Dad) / waiting peace here / looking out at vast / welcoming sea… / eyes search slowly / cautious like an / innocent chil…
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