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Did you know Leonardo da Vinci spent 12 years pai… Red Bubble asks, “did you know Leonardo da Vinci spent 12 years painting the Mona Lisa’s lips?” / No I didn’t…… DA SOUND OF DA POLICE STOP THE VIOLENCE PLEASE always room at da asylum. Ya know folks, / lads,lassies,girls,boys, / ladies, gents, / all those in between and otherwise, / one as to be / plenty careful, / when to… bel canto da capo (beautiful song from the beginn… “What, with your high notes and my desire for harmony, we are the perfect duet” Grand Da Beyond the distant fence, beyond that field / Are imagined places; I’d hoped to be real. / Not now, but someday I’ll go and fin… Personality Poem: Leonardo Da Vinci Our life is made by the death of others / I never learnt how to live, but only / How to die, I remember very little of Anchiano / But my m… Phoenix of da Nile strip Sybil bare / hold her accountable / punish the sheepy weak Da Da! Suddenly, / one life becomes / two / Words of / a new language / Words of / ONE who depends on you / People change / Priorities change / De… Da Midget Glistening eyes betraying the soul, Hi Alan, did you know Leonardo da Vinci spent 12 … Yes but how much lipstick did he use? evolution of language – da change in da wor… Wat hs Bcome of 2dys language? / Is it a diffrnt langage? Or da evolushion of a nu one? / da pace an da tech of da world round us hs made u… Throw ya trainers in da Air!! Dame Edna, bumfluff n chednah, SOP DA GRAVY UP WIT DAT BISCUIT BLIND BOY GET ALL… paranormae paratroupe / incognito pulse / candid cerebracy / Ratha be a hobo on the street / Den to let deeze mofolo’s fool me / Ju… da fuq i ain’t high Blasphemy… I’ve read The Da Vinci Code, and therefore I know everything there is to know about this sort of tough theological question that has … TEMPO DA VIVERE DONANDO / A TIME TO LIVE GIVING -appreciation for life, beauty of the earth. / -Joys experienced through senses and gifts received from our ancestors. / -Live life hoping … Da Da Doom Perhaps you demons will let me sleep, / Now that I’ve fulfilled my blood soaked oath, / Now that I’ve wrung my hands and neck, … Da 3rd Shift …three stripes and shelltoes Paint the wind / As I dip thru the ’partments / Um back on the Ave again…posted up like a si… " Da Beastin " " Da Beastin " ricardo perez jr 11-9-09 / I’m scrambin / Yur scrambled / It’s insane like scrabble / Ease up / To b… “crack da street” “crack da street”Ricardo Perez Jr / 6 -18-09 / Shake, then shake it up I will / Still holding my head high / Heart running on … Thank Goodness for “The Da Vinci Code” I am a Catholic, born and bred and I live my faith everyday. I love my God with everything that I am. That is my kind of faith – on… Street Art in Da Hoodz Bro A tag is but a mark, primarily left by those / Who do not want to subsede into the lower spectrums of class. ob-la-di ob-la-da the sky is still blue / the birds still sing / the taxis still rush by / schools were not closed / no one walked with a tear in their eye /… You’re Da One :: by D.C. aRT Quietly I stare over my shoulders just to take a peak of you, / Wondering what it would be like if I had just one moment with you. / It fel… follow da leader To know the road ahead / ask those coming back, Re-birth I hadn’t the shillings to pay, / But, / Strangely, / I had breath… aLL 4 dA kiD’z ( dA 5 tEAr drOps ) Friday, March 07, 2008 / aLL 4 dA kiD’z ( dA 5 tEAr drOps ) / Current mood: blissful / Category: inspired Life / kEEping motIvaTed fOr an… da situation it disturbes me in some ways / that I’m no longer a good fuck / of course, I haven’t tried it recently / she’d be on top … Da’ Rap Of School. Stuck in the cell of an arts school. / Nothing to do, xept write something cool. / I guess it isn’t working out. / Cause I am suppose… Art.Painting 101 & Nude Models his back / facing / my front / from my / position / legs spread / wide / knees – locked / deliberate / he slowly / bent / at the waist aLL 4 dA kiD’z ( dA 5 tEAr drOps ) aLL 4 dA kiD’z ( dA 5 tEAr drOps ) / Current mood: blissful / Category: inspired Life / kEEping motIvaTed fOr and bEcauSe oF yA’ll… Da-murhi his body sits under the red honey tree, da sun and da moon (Mature) Blue da bleep, with Me. I wrote this, because I haven’t been with you for a very long time. / I miss my friends here. I haven’t opened up RB in over 8 … A sample from my E-Zine entitled “Da Truth … Environmental-phobia #1 – “Rain” / Why is it that humans are scared of rain? Have you / ever thought about the rational of it? I mean when … da one’S i WouLd givE My hEart to " da one’S i WouLd givE My hEart to " / Category: Writing and Poetry / da one’s i would give my heart to are so cold , no heart to… " whistler in da dark " " whistler in da dark " ’ gittey , jolly for no specific… MINHAS CURADORIA ART CURATOR, SETE LAGOAS, BRASIL, CASA DA CULTURA, FOTOGRAFIA NO BRASIL No Speaka Da Language Higher up, the scenery disappears behind a veil of mist. Suddenly we squeel to a halt at a chain across the road. Three scruffy children, b… da held the gun in my hand / last shots echoed in the land / stood lonely in the rain / heard nothing in my brain / Could see your bootsoles … In Da storm It’s been raining all day / I hear it’s gonna stay / As the sky is dark / I see no sun not even a spark / The wind blows back a… Da Struggle is Real Da Struggle Is Real Blue da bleep, with Me. Bleebleep, blue blue bleep. / As I blue bleep along the bleebleep. / Blue da bleep, so wonderful, / blahda bleep. / Bleebleeping bloo da bl…

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