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Grampa’s Wrinkly Butt We don’t stand on decorum in this family so when I got out of the shower to find River taking a piss, it was no big deal. Please help me, my baby chick is very sick! Please help me! My pet chick is dying, and I don’t know of any way to keep him from dying! I love him so much, and I’d do almos… I Am Tiger I am what I am, and I will not change because you think me beautiful. / I am what I am, and I will not change because you think me cute. /… Skittish & Whimsical We love our little dainty kiddies / Full of life so pep and skittish I just had to share this with you guys I just fou… Click-Here: / jon ……. (-: wittle archie (nature walk ) cute wittle ladybird… ladybirds aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw they’re just the cutest ,it was a really beautiful day the sun was at its hottest. i wore a t-shirt an… The Case of the Stolen Heart – Part 2 © His first view of them was of two little brown and black furry babies curled up together. wittle archie’s ( winter blues ) poem if your outside in the winter / its usually cold and wet / so heres something you could do / before you go out and forget / wrap up in a ja… StarKatz Cute Child Brushes for sale :) Want some cute brushes for Photoshop? The Case of the Stolen Heart – Part 1 © Look out Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid! Today is Friday, September 12, 2008, on this fateful day my heart was stolen away! You are the only one for me Since the first day we met / I’ve had no regrets / you saved me from myself / my tears, my pain, my darkest days… / the tears h… She’s cute, but…damn! “This is a gorgeous beach, I just love the beach.” / “This beach was tagged last year for being the filthiest in the region, just look at t… New Nikon D3100! Click here to view a beautiful video I made with a gorgeous little girl. and to see a jam session I taped at my mans band practice The Dream Maker honeyed hair all goldened by the sun / shoulders kissed n freckled sienna brown / silken locks frame fuschia lips beneath your little crown… the toilet wont flush oh my god the toilet wont flush / oh my god and im in a rush / what a mess as i hurridly blush / oh my god the toilet wont flush / oh my go… red bum cheeks clearley remembering the good old days / playing in the fields climbing trees / jumping over gardens chap door run / home from school with … wondering ( by the craftsman ) and as the weekend approaches / i wondering what it will bring / untill then i never will know / but continue wondering / i wonder what i … The Act Of Love (WARNING: Erotic) This drug you call love…. / This longing you call desire… / I feel your passion filling my veins. / Pumping lust through my swe… Stealing Family Heirlooms The coast was clear so I went for the gold…or, in this case, the plate… the price we will have to pay ( poem by craftsman… here we all are on redbubble / all looking for a peace of fame / creating the most beautiful art work / with or without a frame / in exchan… Eyes Wide Passing through the abattoir / I was greeted by five grunting swine, / Eyes wide and friendly snorts / Begged me to befriend them. / By Tan… Mission of Loving Mercy I’m on a mission. “In love with the cute ugly fat boyfriend&#… I’m so sorry my ugly little Rotund! / Did I hurt your feelings Wotung? / You know when Nero killed Pompea / He stomped on her Umpa! wittle archies close call ( wear your seat belt i… hi their my name is wittle archie and im jusht a wittle boy of sheven yearsh of age from a village called sauchie in scotland uk… / t… the unintentional rhyme i have to pee, i have to pee. / find me the key. wittle archies bwirthday suwrprise hi their wittle archie here im jwust a boy of only shevan yearsh old and im from a village in clackmannanshire called sauchie in scotland i… The Case of the Stolen Heart – Part 3 © Their food was so good they began licking it off each other. Well…they looked cleaner, but they were kind of sticky after their meal… Love of My Life I grab her waist and pull her in tight. Her cheek squishes against my chest, her warmth heating my body, and her love filling my heart. wittle archie-are you a good sprout or bad sprout… hi their my name is wittle archie and im jusht a wittle boy of sheven yearsh of age / from a village in scotland called sauchie in the uk /… Spring Has Sprung (for one half of the world,any… I’ve seen it, too, in fresh green grass, and awkward baby birds. / With short-tailed hops, they flutter down, and stumble on the grou… wittle archie-be a friend ( school bullying ) end… hi their my name is wittle archie and im jwust sheven years old today im going to tell you a poem about school / today i went to school / t… Cutest Thing Ever My heart / My soul The Walking Stick I remember looking down and seeing a twig on the ground and reaching for it when something strange happened… wittle archies new teacher and redbubble art day hi everybody my names wittle archie im shevan years old and im from a small village in clackmannanshire scotland uk called sauchie / iR… Origami girl Origami girl / I’d like for you / to fold me a pearl / for wisdom / fashion a gondola / for my journey / create a paper heart / to w… wittle archies new pet silver and trip to the fun… hi my names wittle archie im just a wittle boy of shevan years of age im from a village called sauchie in clackmannanshire uk scotland, tod… Habit You’re my funny little habit / When I see your hand I grab it / If love’s a trick then you’re my rabbit / And my funny li… wittle archie-swing fun ( could be dangerous ) hi my name is wittle archie, if we havent met before then im very pleased to meet you……… / im only sheven yearsh of age a… Farewell my baby You greeted me early in the morning / just like any other day. / You ran to see me, resting your tiny little paws on the cage / You sniffle… THE BIG HAIRY GREEN MONSTER… He got mad and I found green monster snot in my shoes, and a note that said merder! Purr-pet-ulant love Don’t bat your eyes at me madam / I do not succumb to such temptations / As to reach out to you / In your flirtacious ways success the fall and let downs of making it ( by… everyday in our lives we think of nothing but money / how we’d all like to get rich quick but isnt it just funny / its not how good o… Cheeky Grins I remember / Heated skin / And cheeky grins. / And thinking about loving you. / At midnight in wet sand. wittle archies call for help ( save the world ) hi my name is wittle archie im just a wittle boy of shevan years of age im from a small village in scotland called sauchie in clackmannanhi… Papillion She closed her eyes, and when she opened them, they were swimming with tears. / He watched her mouth the word “goodbye” and num… LOVE CALENDAR Valenine’s Calendar redbubble looking for a picture / exciting and new / you’ve just came to the right place redbubbles for you / from t-shirts to pictures / from… Should I? A poem written by my daughter in grade 3. I still laugh every time i read it lo / Should I? / Would I Could I / Should I try to / eat a slu… See My Blog for a Picture that is just too cute! I want to share an image I shot a few weeks ago, however, I only have permission to post the image on my BLOG…… so, for those o… November hello grandchildren pride kindness happiness community sharing bubblers friends cheers Cute And Featured ! It helps to be cute if you want to be featured in the excellent The Addicted Photographer group ! / Many thanks to the hosts for choosing P… Giving him up !! Tonight was the night, the night i feared. / It was time for junior to go to his new owners, i knew this time was coming , but it came up s… wittle archies fisrt day out alone ( the shadow )… hi my name is wittle archie im jusht shevan years of age and im from a village called sauchie in clackmannanshire scotland uk / hi to all m… proud tae be scottish ( a must read ) as i walked err the ochil hills, approaching the top.i sniffed, then i sniffed again / whits that smell,i recognise that. twas the smell of… wittle archie ( its pretty kool to wear glasses ) heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy everyone misssssssed you / hi wittle archie here guess where ive been hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm / cant you guess ( nooooooooooooo… Time Tricks It’s not even ten. / My mouth is dry / and I’m laying in the dark / on a cheap spring bed. / But it feels more like / I’… The Petal’philles Chapter VI Familiaritas before I felt the pain I tasted the blood. My eyes so focused on his watched black irises which darted from my eyes to my lip, Little Bird She listens just to hear their calls, / Ever searching as evening falls. / Sunrise will bring another day / And memories too will go away. … Sand In My Undies (Another Novel Idea Yeah… it was like wet stand against your skin. Rubbing away layers until it was embedded so deep it didn’t hurt anymore. Head Clouds Get a grip now / I can see it in those eyes: / see past me. / Little trip out / and it’s going south / I know your mind’s racin… Check it OUT!! Yes, check it out! / Miss Cute – RB Homepage Feature Thank you REDBUBBLE for featuring ‘Miss Cute’ on your homepage. I am thrilled and delighted to be sharing such a space. God’s Magnificent Creation Sunlight peeks through the clouds / to reveal a world of magnificent beauty; wittle archies windy experience hi my name is archie and im jwusht a wittle boy of only shevan yearsh of age and im fwrom a village in scotland uk called sauchie / to-dwa… FIRST TWO SALES- GREETING CARDS- FABIO and THE GA… Thank you Dee Garra for buying 2 greeting cards and making my first sales on Red Bubble!! my elephants Every night while I’m sleeping, I wake to find news that my elephants (elephant prints from drawings, designs and my paintings) are … The Memory Of A Scar A memory, / A reminder, / Not to run… / Up steps. / I cried when I fell. / Sobs chocked me momentarily. / Until dad made me laugh. The Conversation It burnt me where it shuddered across my skin. / Leaving me raw. / Longing. Starlight, Starbright… “Starlight, Starbright” the words must jog her memory because she joins in “I wish I may I wish I might, have this wish I… waiting at the palms… I sat a handspan from her feet / which lightly played the earth ’til bare / and scintillations heart held rare / would echo ’cr… Kiss Kiss Kiss Was Featured In All Kisses Thank you so much All Kisses for featuring my Kiss Kiss Kiss. Really appreciate it. The Petal’philles Chapter I Genesis one prod to the gelatinous heap that was the hefty bag, renewed my confidence in a job not only well executed, but… Card sale – Hehehehehe That Was A Good One … Thanks so much to Sweets014 for buying Hehehehehe That Was A Good One Ginny! I hope your neice enjoys the card for her birthday! / And than… ANOTHER SALE! GREETING CARD – SWEETPEA AND … Thanks for another sale Dee Garra! You just made my night! :) Maybe you need a “real” puppy next. LOL Sun Break These things can be scary, He whispered. / I will take care of you, She whispered. the grocery boy. He owns a smirky teenage smile while he bags all the customer’s grocceries. / I casually glance at him and study his movements as I s… When Your Heart Is Breaking… He saw right through it. / The way he sees right through your clothes. / Don’t let him fuck you. / Don’t let him suck the marro… Candy Tiny diamantes formed in the corners of her stormy eyes and trickled down her cheeks like delicate raindrops. They glittered in the floresc… The Petal’philles Chapter II Minuo I dragged her into the bathroom and slammed her head in the door to calm her down. think i’ll stay in ( the world smells ) when i woke up this morning i felt great / jumping out of bed doing all the usual morning things / sitting around the house without a singl… You’re So Damn Cute I keep hearing / “You’ve still got your body.” / “You’ve still got your looks.” / “You’ve s… Mel I think / that what I miss / the most / were the moments / where we would lay, / barely waking up, / in winter mornings / hidden away / i… Cute Animal Christmas Song Cute Animal Christmas Song the lover *THE LOVER / he’d gone to much trouble, setting the ambiance by stocking his wares, fresh linens, nibbles to delight, safety, comfort, bath… I found a little heart I found a little heart / Beside a hollow tree / I lifted it from the earth / And brought it close to me My Heart Line A barrier of truth, / That keeps me from a deeper hurt. Woo Hoo! Two more American Pit Bull Terrier Puppy… Thank you so much Joanne Piccirillo for buying the 2 calendars!! Joanne is the MOM of UNO who is on the July page of the calendar and also … A mAd tEa PaRtEe Dressed in their finest, dressed to impress / I expect nothing finer, I expect nothing less Morning Chill In your arms, / I carved the sky with my eyes… / And listened to your words, / With ears smiling wide. Dear Jacob Do you remember when you said / You wished we never had to go home. / And I believed you. / Why did I believe you? The Magpie’s Song I heard you / calling / just a little time ago / and i thought / what is that noise / it’s so sweet / I must find the owner / of t… Two Sided Coin. (Mature) Summit The mountain air, / it tastes so fine, / on my lips / at the timberline. / I’ll take a chance / and take my time, / but swear I’… Limerick In the road there was a big crack, / A man fell in and hurt his back. / He went to his home / And started kicking a gnome / Then he moved t… So Cute When she’s sick / she is red / her face swollen / laying in bed / i know she’s ill / i can feel it too / she would wish it̵… Affection Infection something nice for you…..
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