How you too can be Gay (Mature) With jasmine flowers on my lips, I know that I ha… Walk with me through gardens of roses and magnolias, / We will wash our faces in orange blossom water. / Listen to the women chant and pray… The Ethics of Photoshop. Thoughts of the day. / Before using PS, there are some things to consider. Your aim. Since I’ve been using it since I was 10, there wasn’t … The Supersonic Symphony of Youth We think with our hearts / Not with my brains / Our universe is not built on logic / There is no reason for logic / There is a reason for c… CRASH Is self-righteousness the consequence of a shallow evaluation of our fellow human beings? There is no culture here (in Sydney). Back to the… One of these was also Dutch and (as often happened) the topic was the lack of culture, compared to Europe. What to wear to a RedBubble (virtual) party? Social Networking is about connecting with people you may never meet, who live on the other side of the planet and who have never heard of … Rejecting the culture He is raising orphans from the dead churches / raising those who were thrown out for loving Jesus / He is dressing the ragged with Robes of… the coming blood +there is too much pain / there is too much fear / the day of battle is drawing near* Where the Families’ Graves Lie Through the entrance into this sacred land we come, as a swarm of people, one big family. To my sides and rear, are elders, their children,… “Power” “Power” a poem by Mariam Muradian. Culture Shock You’re a doll and I’m a wolf / Village moppet, discount rate. “Fools Rush In” “Fools Rush In” a poem by Mariam Muradian. How to queue in Russia (a practical guide) Part 1 No one in the world knows better how to stand in a queue than the Russians. Alright, some nations might contest this fact. Many folks might… OUT OF LATVIA OUT OF LATVIA / [Sunday Telegraph’s title] / Riga is the colour of the Eastern bloc, like nougat kicked around in a gutter. Beyond t… Una donna in lutto (A Woman in Mourning) Sicilia, mio cuore / Oggi non sono fiera di te. / Anche il cielo si chiude / E il vento si ferma. / La nostra storia di intimidazione. / No… Discourse with an American Dadaist – Part 4 To quote Maya Angelou’s brother, Bailey Johnson, “All knowledge is spendable currency depending on the market.” These days… THE JUDGE AND THE JURY Order, Order! / I laugh / in a disorderly case of judgment / Ha,Ha,Ha! / Order,Order! American Gypsy World, fuck me in my eyes so that I can see your real color! Push your songs into my ear so hard that the melody comes out on the other sid… Those Dutch-Australians, stuck in the fifties. Let’s not under estimate Australians. They also know that Holland isn’t full of people, in national costumes, wearing clogs and… “Fire” “Fire” a poem by Mariam Muradian. old in amerika no one ever tells you / the truth of getting old / and it’s just as well “I Am” “I Am” a poem by Mariam Muradian. How to queue in Russia (a practical guide) Part 2 You need to have your passport to buy a train ticket. Actually, you will need your passport to do pretty much anything in Russia. Even for … Mozart – A Post Modern Slant Then set about composing / In his lonely room / A concerto for kazoo / Fork and spoon Words can’t Feel Emotion The emotions are one / They come from within / Past our skin we’re one Misled I have not travelled the world or sailed the seven seas / Though I’ve spiraled through entangled or troubled displease / Only to be labeled… L’Aboriginal Festival and will take place i… Première édition du festival sur la culture Aborigène (affiche dans le blog). / Durant 4 jours, du 26 au 29 février 2008, la culture aborig… My Travel Map Being out there to relax or to visit the most beautiful places in the world. Stories told … (impressions of “Lan… “a blade of windblown grass is found simply waiting / with a gentle breeze at its back, it bends, the words dripping it yields to all… Church Supper, New England I have not worn my red shoes / to this church supper Concession No doubt you’re right, / this far away and long ago shit can’t work. / Most people know naught of deathless love / or unslaked desire “Thunderstorm” “Thunderstorm” a poem by Mariam Muradian “With Joy” “With Joy” a poem by Mariam Muradian. “Swallow” “Swallow” a poem by Mariam Muradian. nomad and refugee. “Not till we are lost, in other words, not till we have lost the world, do we begin to find ourselves, and realize where we are and t… Fings Wot I Lerned! Having rounded the 60 mark in July 2008, I wish I knew back when I was 40 some of the stuff I know now; probably true for most of us. Here… Psalm; 6 Cylinder Ford. Thou preparest a parking space before me in the presence of mine enemies, thou annointest my head with rear-vision mirror’s; my confi… Cheetah In The Urban Jungle This time round, the prize – / Is a blonde that caught my eye. Support us and what do you get? An elephant? I have been invited, tomorrow, to describe to a consultant, engaged by the Dutch Australian Cultural Centre (The D.A.C.C.) the benefits tha… “Attempt” “Attempt” a poem by Mariam Muradian If The Velvet Underground Had A Baby It could also be said that you own too many pictures of yourself. But I like that about you too. “Magic Carpet Ride” “Magic Carpet Ride” a poem by Mariam Muradian. “Glory Be” “Glory Be” a poem by Mariam Muradian who framed roger rabbit child? why do you look so confused… chinese culture traditional Chinese painting,the four treasures in the study “Passion” “Passion” a poem by Mariam Muradian “Such A Time….” “Such A Time….” a poem by Mariam Muradian Liminal Man: The Fisher King Liminal man: (The Fisher King) / The end of darkness draws him from his bed / He must fulfil the goal to which he’s led / Determination … “Intentions” “Intentions” a poem by Mariam Muradian COFFEE: HISTORY of the BREW Our culture runs on coffee and gasoline, / the first often tasting like the second. / Edward Abbey Untitled Good-bye we the people of the planet earth / in order to form be “Evidence” “Evidence” a poem by Mariam Muradian “How Can It Be?” “How Can It Be?” a poem by Mariam Muradian. City of Liverpool City of Two Cathedrals, / there are but few. / City of sports, / with football clubs two. / City of culture, / of music of art. / City of … Observation They called me… What gives you the right? …he strode away from them, / heart seething with the raw hatred… A Triplet of Tankas from the Edinburgh Churches C… …toward the brink… Earth’s future hero… shaping us to shape our times. have you ever;…..? Have you ever been so drawn to something or some one in an artistic manner that you feel that compelling urge to go back again and again?? … Otter’s Pelt He grabs my waist, looks into my face Modern Mans Momentous Mishandling All His Bridges / Have been Burnt / Nothing gained / …..Nothing Learnt “I Remember Well” “I Remember Well” a poem by Mariam Muradian Lies Lies hang like rotting fruits / From slender, dew-dropped threads of truth / In the great tree of knowing Breaking or making traditions I was raised in the way / of KJB John 14:6 / I am the way, the truth, / and the life: no man / cometh unto the Father, / but by me. / So… Cultural9: “Culture is fractured and draine… This is one of my "cause celebre’..don’t know what you think.. perhaps you have a few more valid points and intellect on t… Starting Over These innocent sun drenched faces cared not for image or reputation. He was a new toy in an old nursery that had known nothing but itself. A Streetside Café In Melbourne An insight into the peripheral thoughts of a cafe obverser. The Great Divide The apology and the acceptance- / that chokes both throats- / face-twistingly bitter though it may be / soothes the aching ethnic tensions Lamps versus Lashes When under the ray of a single bulb / A stripe of light lays along her cheek Elvis Has Left the Atmosphere. It’s not like 1955. / Could we all be robots in disguise? / Check for a power switch on me! New Zealand Land of the long, white cultural divide, / a sense of ownership amongst urbanites / for number 8 wire and swanndri by Karen Walker / who do… six word story Being famous / Just hardly / ever happens. america America … a pantheon of paradox, enigma and illusion. / A modern mosaic of migrant cultures. / So easily judged, so easily stereotyped, y… functionalism 21 And so flowed the trials of word… (Mature) On Returning from the University Library Ach Darwin! whit would ye mak o’ this? / You’d be cringin’ at their needs! / And tellin’ folk tae “wisen up… A Baby’s Sympathy Heart- selfseeking series… My selfseeking journey had a comma with papa’s story’s funny ending. My eye balls moved to aside, I was rather satisfied. Is no thing sacred anymore? Is no thing sacred anymore? / When multinationals are moving in, / Our teenagers wanna be so thin Surreality TV: a Pop Culture Diss I saw Miss Hilton’s soul walk out of her lithe body / It looked like a cellophane bag filled with pink cotton candy Strange Spirits Generation of trust down by the stream, / Upon the cracked earth the children dream, / Golden sun in their eyes, a song in the heart, / Swi… Aren’t you? Me too—See we are so much… Now I am in my garden / I’m singing this song / Made a list this evening / It’s important… Isn’t it ironic … Isn’t it ironic (sorry Alanis) / That our culture (celebrities and voyeurs)… Culture Class(h) 101 “one of the goals I had when coming here was to “bring American flavor” to this country. Something McDonalds and 2Pac beat me at.R… Nighthawks Sombre reflections around the corner, / where quiet old Phillies’ lies. / he’s no innocent treat. / a long rest is needed – as he puts out … Static We see salt and pepper / Our eyes become / Mouths of gluttons / Feeding the fire GODDESS OF AFRICA An African lady, highly educated and well placed in the society, still clinged to the culture of her people We Build these things. We broke it. We can fix it. the presence of self to what truly turns us on… / for REAL in ways we can feel / beyond the genitalia smashing short changed realit… She is into culture, She is into art. She is a sun like a flower, / A bird like a bee. / She is as beautiful as nature, / She is as individual as a seed. Modra promised to represent its’ own lonely say. / Maybe in returning home / we see where that particular candle burns. Vanuatu- Happiest Place in the World? “Who has bought their knife into school today?” said the Headmaster to all the pupils aged from six to twelve, on the first day of their sc… Queen Culture diptych. So when she turns and the gleam in her eye / and her suit flaming, the desperate deny / that she ever cast a doubt on her entry On porn… (Mature) WHAT… What does the Bible say about it? / And the Torah? / And the Koran? / And Lao Tseu’s philosopy? / …….. Threads of Life She was no longer defiant or embittered and this was not about winning, her next statement was an honest plea. Ms. Lockridge When I was a young girl / you hot pressed my kinky curls / In your kitchen… / till they were was as straight as yours In the Piazza Looking around I see others as their lips purse towards their ivory cups, / Finally understanding the comfort in this ounce of bitter delig… Kids Raised Without A Culture Kids, raised without a culture, / Knowing only, sir, / What weed and a blunt, / And what it means to be a cunt. / We are constantly on the …
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