I did it I did it … / My mom … well she’s gone now / so the story can be told THE POET YOU HAVE NO NEED OF BRUSH / OR CAMERA OR COMPUTER. / YOURS IS A DIFFERENT MEDIUM. / ARMED WITH PEN AND PAPER / YOU PAINT WITH WORDS! / YOU … My One and Only Chance Before you came into my life / I thought I’d set my ways. / I did not need a little one / To clutter up my days. / I did not have the… THE ALCHEMIST [Video] / ART IS……….. BECAUSE / UTOPIA NEVER HAPPENED! / ART IS NOT RELIGION! / OR EMPTY MANIFESTOS! / I BREATHE IT. / I … Workshop Structure Thought I might write something about how the workshops are evolving. As they are presently they start with a brief talk from me that lasts… Can’t Find My Way Home You are like a lost soul searching / Never really knowing where to look. / Or even knowing what you need. / Your life is an old, sad book. the vector factor I’ve been asked how I create my vector graphics. Let me say first of all that they are NOT automatically generated by software. I fir… Manifesto For Pain Management and Self Healing …It maybe useful to print this out for reference. There’s a lot of helpful stuff here. A Single Wish If you had just a single wish / Do you wonder what might transpire / In the granting of that single wish / Would it be a fulfillment of you… Where To Begin (Embryonic Journey) Our quest to know. / Our hope to grow. / Is it linked to the worth / Of our own rebirth? River of Deceit My demons still follow. / They stay to behold / The pain of my sadness, / The ache in my soul. The Secret Keepers Once upon a time, only yesterday / There was a secret only told / To those who could really keep it / Until they did grow old. My Muse Awakens Me She calls to me from within, / like the soft threads of loves first kiss, / stirring butterflies within my winterish shell. / Her voice, li… My Hearts a Mess Foolish me, I let you in. / I melted with just a kiss. / I fell so hard it hurt / But not as much as this. The Village Cat I wonder if he’s happy, / Does he love his carefree life? / Does he long to be a housecat? / With no struggles and no strife? I’m Here Does this mean that / I no longer matter? / As my light begins to fade, / And my memories begin to scatter. . . / Do I no longer matter? Creating Heart In that moment when our hearts break / We can choose to remain open / Feel our pain / or shut down. / If we remain open we are raw / We s… THE NEED TO CREATE ( OR WHY I HAVE AN OVERWHELMIN… WHEN CREATIVE ENERGIES ARE HARNESSED, CONCEPTS FORMALISED BY THE MIND ARE ACTUALISED IN VARIOUS FORMS, / BE THEY POEMS , SCULPTURE, PAINTI… Don’t touch me. More fragile than oldest antique, / dirtier than history itself, / angrier than stormiest night; / more delicate than frost in the hand, / … Empowered Beauty Wanted to write about a group I have here on redbubble. It is called The Empowered Beauty Workshop Group and can be found here. empowered b… My Christmas List } A Christmas Gift for unselfish Lovers { / as of 12/18/10 286 views Selfish Longings (Art & Poetry) I learned happiness is just a word, / When other things come first. / When my hopes and expectations / Became a long forgotten thirst. War (Through the Eyes of a Child) This thing of war, so foolish and sick. / The smell of death, so smoky & thick. / When some become greedy and selfishness rules / Men f… 9 June 2011 Hallelujah! Hip Hop Hooray! / Another year to celebrate exuberant life! / Dancing Latin beats red pleasure / Experiential knowledge secret… One Must come to Read #1 —a thread poem One must come to read again Treacherous Encounters a story poem by RestLeSsD Was it really worth all this? / Could this pain be justified? / For a love so forbidden / By those who had never tried. Alert & Alarmed Future dystopia: outlook – myopia. Artists’ Lament(or Soliloquy) Echoes in dark, composed in song, sirens seduce the sailors light. If God were one of Us. The following is another attempt to bring awareness to a link between sensitivity, creativity and mental health. I believe myself to be ver… nature of creativity-how to use it (with referenc… getting the essentials-elements of design-things that make your artistic vision make sense. And knowledge that helps you make sense of why … Schizophrenic Who am I today? Kind and Generous Live and let live. . / Always trying to give. . . / As the karma of living / Revolves around giving Gemini With a fondness of life, / jest and pleasure / You’re a lover / of unmeasurable attention as ever / In the third sign of the zodiac… Schizophrenia and The Artist Schizophrenia and the artist Fireworks let’s create the garden in the sky / let’s make fireworks tonight / happiness will bloom I Love My Pink Shoes!! Every girl feels / She needs Pink heels / To complete her glory / Her womans’ story. . . REDEEMING A PICTURE OF BEAUTY Your energies swirl / like wild hair about your face, / whirling out of your beautiful body Trying to Understand It happened only last week, / It came as quite a shock. / It came so unexpectedly, / Without a moments thought. I saw an Artist I saw an Artist A Song of Loss For a thought has just now landed; / Love is a Dream, grasping for Reality / Which comes back Empty Handed. Dreams of Children Such a wond’rus way / God has given / For our Love / To be Shared. Listening and Creativity I am beginning to wonder if the act of listening could be perhaps the most amazing creative tool. I believe that many of us who are creativ… Come Down in Time The time had come for her to go. / He waited there for her to show / If this was truly what she chose / To stay with him wherever he goes. Q. Why Am I Here? just wondering Worry Helps Us… Worry helps us create… / …what we do not want. POD We’ve all heard the old cliche about the fine line between creativity and madness. Any thoughts – disordered or otherwise? Stifled Creativity I once found this place an exotic, mysterious creature…. Two sides of Creativity Two separate devices / Two separate people / Two separate concepts / Both create / In two separate ways / One uses light, objects, / stru… Revolvution Creativity is flitting around the meaning in the same way a child tip-toe-hops across a scattered bridge of tiny island stones. ~ Back to Montsalvat ~ When I go back to Montsalvat / I’m not sure I shall leave again / I resort to the peaceful life that’s lived there / and my hea… The Problem Is… …I bribe it to stop… Mozart – A Post Modern Slant Then set about composing / In his lonely room / A concerto for kazoo / Fork and spoon hallucinalia if there’s a stairway to heaven / i’m sure it’s littered with the blood / of saints Unititled (For now) As Yehani lay dying, he wondered where he went wrong. All his life he fought for justice, truth and honour. Big Blue Line What can we give to the world / and paint it blue? Captivity She needs to come and go Confusion and Creativity My parents stimulate my writing so much. They live a long way from me but I often talk with them on the phone. This morning my father reall… SERENDIPITOUS POSITIONS Chapters 1 – 3 (Mature) Child’s Hood turned kitchen things, like empty bottles / and broken springs / to floating castles and fairy wings A Special Place My special place where I can shine. Alchemy Uncontaminated joy. It comes like that resplendent beam of gold that occasionally peeks out of the mid-November sky in Mexico City only to … Breathe inhale Yes, exhale No Being a conscious Creative Expression I wrote this piece of writing to keep me in gauging within myself to know where I am coming from in life.. I am creating consciously or cr… Your Own Private Dwelling Movement is necessary, / for if we stop, we will die. IN THE MELODIOUS WHIMSY OF WIND I await liquid kisses that fall / crimson on snow, / milk that squirts / through eyes into mouths, Imperfection Look, look more closely, / Can you see what might be wrong? / The beauty stands before you / Stunning glory shines so strong. Poets Poetry pulsing through our palms Creativity Creativity / The initial spark / of a thought / intangible / yet fascinatingly clear / catch it / coax it / nurture the tiny flame / with … Happiness If per chance / We find someone to share / Some part of our journey, / We may hope that they / Have chosen a similar destination. Spirals of Life Our understanding, is it limited / To only what we see? / Or do we seek a deeper knowledge / Beyond what we might be? 6 Word Story/ All Of These.. Greatly Seeking… Elation – The Poem … it feels / so very good / to rise up / and fly / free / in the wind. A study of recently appropriate words Wednesday stops in and names me zombie. / It names my house “lassitude” and my cat “ducky”. / Thursday stops in for a quick chat, / critiqu… Engage Your Imagination… …it gets lonely by itself. / :) Moonchild Lonely moonchild, dancing on the colors of the evening. / Quiet dew drops, landing lightly upon the darkened flower. / a collaboration --- THE BODY OPENS a wild creative studio that has no roof or walls / where soft-eyed, luminous beings soar in color, / cooking up juice, pouring out fragran… Photo Tips – Comfort Zones Believe that in photography as in life people seem more intent on living in comfort zones than taking risks. When a camera is pointed at pe… Artist Dance I need colour, the stroke of the brush, the passion of your focus airborne creativity ………. Inhaling airborne particles / floating inspirations within / a transcending breeze of divinity, / Listening to Adele’s emotional / vo… Photo Tips – Communication Have just completed the August 21 workshop and the theme was direction direction direction. However I have felt it better to emphasize comm… Lifting the Flap to My Mind And now that I’ve entered what they laughingly refer to as my “golden years” Audaces fortuna iuvat As I lay here wallowing in the self-pity & lassitude, children of pain / I became more and more agitated as the moments passed / I read… Intaglio is all in the Subtle Wrist. A Confounded… Follow dreaming days with the light before it goes, as it always. I Am, The What matters yellow / matters is structural anarchee Inspiration You Asked… sparking, creativity / worlds of shadow and light / assaulting my senses / poignant souls / inspiration Canvas Wings Gliding briskly, atop white capped waves, / Seemingly floationg through the sky. / The cool refreshment of the constant spray. / On canvas … Sisters Genetically imaged of self / Back to back / we are there for each other, / day and night, / in life and spirit / You teach me all things; /… Creativity It’s there. / I see it in everything. / In the blooming of a new bud, / In the depths of a dormant seed. / Encoded, / Entrusted / With the … the prodigal returns i loosed that fire / the room exploded WHAT I REALLY THINK You start thinking, if I let them in, how will they use this? Or what if they don’t believe it?… The Hunting of Creativity Sink my claws into it / And drag it to the ground / My grip so tight / It’s difficult for me to hold on / As is bucks and squirms SHATTERED GLASS HOUSE Until she was given no choice but to ring the bell in the church steeple / Her happiness has turned to shattered glass and broken memories … Plague & Pestilence Reality is a labyrinth I, MADMAN I, MADMAN / I, madman / That I am. / I, the lyricist of pondering / Amongst the people wandering / For gold and gifts, / Searching a langua… silversmithing i hide myself behind sturdy habiliments / holding the world at bay / my soft parts need protection My Time With You is Forever Care for me and keep me safe / And I will do the same for you. / My time with you is forever, / All stands still with you.
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