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The Worm Turns Curse the mental torture! / Damn the very thought. / To hell with confusion. / With anguish, I am fraught. / Life of ups and downs, / settl… A Poem – Dreams Stormy resolutions thumps in her eyes, / She mutters crude sentences composed of lies, / Blood red lightning stains her whites, / Skin pale… Mad Big mouth never closes, / gulping air to chew the words— / hole in my face gapes open, / a nest of chattering birds. / Spittle runs b… Crazy Being Being crazy ,is the state in which I am able to create beautiful things with my brain. Crazy Cat So you silly cat, / Meowin’ round the old grey mat, / Calling out for for little treats, / Pawing toes with little feet. / Brushing u… Goin crazy spaced out, whatever you wanna call it… I trip and fall over rifts overhanging mountains and hills and rivers and cliffs and starships Snap No more sad no more cry / You are who you are a little wicked / A little weird crazy like a song bird The Artist And bastards, / Mad hatters, / In tatters, / The painters, / And poets, Music it’s like I have an ear problem / And a little old woman is holding a cone / of newspaper to my head / and she’s lighting the candle / an… Somewhere Between (poem) With the knives in my back / and the bullets in my head / I’ll come back to / rip you all to shreds A mAd tEa PaRtEe Dressed in their finest, dressed to impress / I expect nothing finer, I expect nothing less As touch As touch as love as one Ive found / what cant be unavowed / As touch holds without any feel / is just a cycle of a turning wheel / As touch… Crazy Dream Then alas, waking to cold reality… Chaos in a Straight World the chips are down the bacon’s cooked / the sun is up and the plane is booked / the kettle’s boiled the eggs are raw / the engi… MY MIND Your mind it twists with tainted thoughts. / You look in the mirror; your body’s a corpse. Crazy Daze! I felt good Love’s insanity Mind a blur / Forever falling / Crashing / Turning over Another Vocabulary Project The light spreads / Like dye dropped / Into the water / It spreads Sleep I can’t sleep / without you beside me.. Forgetting our Anger On those nights I lean against you and whisper / “the moon is dying” sweeter than revenge Sweeter than revenge… / I don’t understand why people snap. / I said to myself. / Lunch had been uneventful as usual, / but… Anti Valentines Day Poem Wake up wondering “What the blunt!” / conjuring crazy thoughts up / like “I’m paranoid / are clowns with mack 10s s… In the middle of the noit. Do you ever get scared in middle of the noit? Sometimes, I Wish I wish, in vain, / I’d gone insane, / Then all of this / Could be explained. Floating through summer Don’t lick mirrors, be high in my dream, float all summer, blow glitter at banana faces.. / happy fool, dig the rich rose, sweet gold… Full Moon Syndrome (Mature) magnetic retention on the carpets / there’s piss / stains / we only hope / is from / the dog

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of crazy poem writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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