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The Wood With The Dragon Craving by xiaobaosg I LOVE SUSHI by frozenfa Big Face by BengLim Pizza Heaven by melaniewoon Chocolate donut by shanmclean There's No Aphrodisiac Like Loneliness by Anthea  Slade Monster Craving by SteveOramA SUSHI!!! by frozenfa Craving For You by Ming  Myaskovsky A Constant Craving For Dinner Mints... by paintingsheep Cravings - Cup Cake by tandoor I need more guitars, dark fabric by PartisanArtisan Food Craving Trio by Rajee Craving by mayuphoto Constant Craving by Anthea  Slade Brownies with nuts and chocolate. by walterericsy One Day One Hour One Minute by Randy Turnbow Pregnant Cow Having a Major Craving by BCallahan CRAVING SWEETS?  by SanjaXOXO Sweet - Eclair - Chocolate Eclairs by Mike  Savad the distance measured by heartbeats I sheltered color of your smile / in every corner of my mind. / [ the distance measured by heartbeats ] / close your eyes. / do you see me… Chocolate Craving by Ginger  Barritt Sweet - Ice Cream - Banana split by Mike  Savad Buzz Kill by Rob Colvin Constantly Craving Lesbian T-Shirt by incurablehippie the “us” factor the hidden multiplication / of my craving calculates / the tenderness in your soul / and replicates itself Z O M B I E  by Scott Mitchell LOVE by Scott Mitchell Craving by hatefueled Constant Craving by amyhoover An overwhelming desire or craving : a lust for power. by cventresca Liberation from craving  by Lawrence Alfred Powell Llama lunchathon  by 324heathers Craving (Belle) CharcoalOnPaper 29x22cm 2011 by MrMumford The Crave To close my eyes, a deathwish. / A summons of fear / within… / a thousand spiders crawling under my skin. Craving.. by linmarie Sweet Tooth by BlurryMemory yearning by Sankofa Peaceful by BengLim Craving [3-11-09] I’m going to lick / every inch of your skin, / and not stop / until I’ve had enough. / Every bead of sweat, / every line of yo… Statues by BengLim Craving II by Deadmansdust My Finest Muse I mop my tears of ink with sheets of loose leaf, / attempting to staunch my bleeding psychology. / And the carnivore inside all of us licks… …[…eternal damnation of lust…]&… at the end of your most concealed wish / stands. bared. / entirely naked. / my dripping desire. / [ eternal damnation haunts me ] / in fron… "5 More Pounds" by Blue Reid DREAMS IN LAVENDER GREEN by Tammera sometimes and so it goes… / sometimes I want to touch your smile, / and to suffocate the fire of craving for you. / sometimes I want to feel fo… I NEED it. by the-11-doctor Lust Undeniable Lets go back. / Taste it. / How it was. / Sink into each other. / Complication free. Craving Your Daydream You stop time again. / You’re sweet, you’re sugar skin. / Wake me up; winter and cinnamon. / I’ve had it, Love, / just le… Constant Craving I just did not think that it would take so much out of me; / this constant craving. Ready to COOK! by jazzydevil CRAVING by martin venit Statues by BengLim orally fixated by vampvamp Craving Fear Wiry dark stares / With numb breaths of air / Dizzy spiraling vision / In the still cold cemented lair / Lungs on edge / Collasping judge… He sometimes comes to visit me… And I realise how foolish I must look, to be standing here asking the air for this wish. / Asking your light for one last kiss. Craving  by Toradellin Craving by Deadmansdust Craving hunger... by compoundeye Constant Craving by Martilena ClockFight101 by Arisephoenix She's Gotta Have It by Peter Maeck To Tell You Running through the break of us / I will get there, soon / My faint breath shall not dictate rest / New air can sift through doom / I can… Blood Craving The thirst to feed, fresh blood calls./ Sweet tender neck to sink my teeth. Craving for freedom by Alex Iacob Craving For Love by Martilena yearning yearning for your touch / like a desert craving rain / a visceral ache Craving Insatiable thirst / Only books can satisfy / Passion for learning Craving your touch you are my heroine / the rush i get Hippocampus ( Wood Craving Winner) by Gail Bridger craving by Cia Lund Torroll Constant Craving by Denise Abé I love chocolate by Lorie Warren iPhone Case of painting...Craving... by linmarie craving …[…within the dimensions of My Universe / I bind you between forbidden / demented / irrevocable / approachable / irresistible /… Craving Cannolis by L.D. Bonner Craving sweets?  by Nina Toulmin The Craving Her mind out of focus, as my body’s opus played ballads of lust in her head. Stone Craving - Udaipur, India by Alice Chai MY CRAVING SATIFACTION GUARANTEED Clouds over a sea of sun craving faces by Henriette Bille Craving by Sunnyday136 CRAVING LOVE - LEONID AFREMOV by Leonid  Afremov Craving The Rose by Trudy Wilkerson I need more guitars by PartisanArtisan Buddha, Cambodia by Michael Treloar thought by Peta Hurley-Hill My Addiction You always look so good / I know I can’t resist you / Right here right now  / I want you. Trapped by Scott Mitchell I am craving chicken fajitas or tacos. spilled my morning coffee / fucking laptop is too damn slow / I literally have no clothes to wear as they are all dirty and piled sky high … to patiently still be craving a taste of good life in this town by goodluckserrano silent scream craving hide within dreams, / somewhere, amongst the mist, / the soul i tried to love, / but, could only kiss. / you are you, and you know this. / … Last remnants of the empire of craving (no. 2) by Lawrence Alfred Powell Part of me still There’s a part of me still / that tightens my throat / and buckles my knees / whenever I’m too close / to the fire of a man / o… Yearning by Steven Torrisi
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