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“America could feed the third world with the amount they spend on nuclear weapons. Yet they don’t?!” / “It’s just hunger to gain more, just…

The Lucky Country

It was the lucky country once / because, / those of us who came / in wave upon wave of boats and planes, / on occasion running toward / …

Exploring Australia

I began to explore Australia when I left…

Featured Work

Thank you to these groups…

God and Country

If there is no God, you have no right to freedom. Read the Declaration of Independence.

An Old Fashioned Country Picnic #2

The high light of the day was to tease the first one to step into a cow pie.

Autumn in the Country

Wind blows softly against the trees / As the sun gently warms the air in autumn / The stream sings a welcoming melody / For the deer to com…

“God and Country”_our Flag

Young and old, brave our best_ we should distinguish them from all the rest. / We owe them all this country has to give_ so that our lives …

Out of Town

Out of town, the skylark soars. / Out of town, no rush hour roars.

Jesus the Gardener – tending his sheep

My dream of the love of the Gardner Christ Jesus – tending his sheep and loving us.

Thank God I am a Country Boy !


The Big Dry

Breathless / Scorched / Arid / Dry / Parched / Cracked / Harsh / Sky / Grit / Resolve / Struggle / Why? / A brave face masks / a silent…


There was less crime in our streets before they were paved. Criminals didn’t walk two dusty miles to rob or pillage, if they knew the…

Dark Roads

So as I hang up that telephone and I can still hear your tear drops falling baby

Australia – Contrasts and Adaption by: Ji…

This is Australia – a land of contrasts and adaption

The Duo Hello

sun through city windows

Wasted Lives

Like many before him, / and many more will follow,

Queensland…Gods Own Country I’m Told.…

Queensland…Gods Own Country I’m Told / By Joe Mortelliti / But he forgot about Outback Queensland altogether as far as I’m concerned. / Thi…

Procrastination Killer! ~ Bruno Update!

I dragged them out and up there and then I had to drag them back home again. Their world of convenience forgotten for the beauty and true l…

Something Must Be Burning

Earlier this morning I’d agreed that we didn’t need to leave. Now that a second helicopter has arrived I have changed my mind. / ‘Brendan, …

Faded Barn

A faded barn / set back / from the road / unnoticed / except for / a photographer lugging a tripod, / a poet lugging words, / several nests…

The Great Pumpkin Carve

Thursday , October 23 , through Saturday October 25th the Chadds Ford Historical Societies Great Pumpkin Carve.

I live in the sun burnt country

land, sun. burn,

Victoria’s Alpine Region (Summer) – A…

Australian Travel Photography and Writing / Victoria’s Alpine Region (summer)

See the wounded country limp…

By the mobbed rule of ambiguity sssstutter / Of blames heard deafening mutter / Of the out of reach / And can not impeach / Lords and ladi…

the quiet country

i cannot speak of this / my voice was broken against / an acrid cloud of blood and smoke / and phantom limbs / wrong / a brother, a sister,…

Country Dancing – Rhythms Unleashed

With sensuous rhythmic movement of hips / she fluffs up her boa… it bounces in time. / He matches her mood.

Split The Wood

Wood chips shot into the air, / Like all those promises made, / He hoists another Iron Bark log, / To stand beneath the blade


Over the coast, heading out to sea, / all engines have failed, and fire burns free.

Australia Day Poem

…They made mistakes, and so they learned / What this country gives us must be earned.

Tourist Trap

I look at you with / Your cameras and trinkets, / Your bits and pieces, / Your luggage, / Your souvenirs / Your faces. / And I wonder what …

As i walk along a country lane

As i walk along a country lane / i saw a beautiful pink rose, / Reminding me of your blushing / cheeks, / The rays of the sun shining down …

~ High Country Calling ~

open up your heart to feel the magic of the mist / open up your ears to hear the mountains call

I fell out of love with my country…

I loved England, I still do, but it’s like the breakdown of any relationship. “I still love you, but I’m not in love with you any more”…

Bones of my heart

Come and see the bones of my heart / My ancient land, / I am here to see if you will but look……..

I Miss The Old Time Country

miss the white faced cattle and the race of old Gunsyn / Of gumtrees and the wattle blowing in the wind

The Morning Shoot

The grass it crunches, when flattened by boots, / fingers feeling numb, with toes following suit. / Diesel fumes drift, polluting the winte…

~ Biscuit & Blue ~

Biscuit & blue / I see you / left over from centuries ago

Discover Victoria – Beechworth

Beechworth is 267 kilometres or approximately three hours from Melbourne.

Just another day

Just another day, like any other day, nothing special, routine. / On this day, in a small country in the middle east called Israel, 400 bab…

Wind of Change

Buying their Pheasant and Venison, from Waitrose or another shop, / they think it’s killed humanely, without the firing of a single shot.

The Castle

Sentinel the gates; no prying eye’s

My home is in the country

My home is in the country, it stands upon a hill / I blew in on the wind, and I stay here still / The years have come, and the years have g…

Four Walls Of Grey 1971

I’ve watched as prisoners spat and cursed and walked upon that floor / The sound of steel as doors closed and the jingle of the keys

My Travel Map

Being out there to relax or to visit the most beautiful places in the world.

after you.

I will listen to the couple downstairs screaming and a dog cooing somewhere past the city. I will leave the radio on classical and listen t…

~ Mountain Muster ~

On a Muster in the evenings the Mountain Men would “Sing” to their cattle to keep them calm and close. It was here that our Bus…

Old Mick from Orange

I’ve never written a poem about Orange, a town out west of New South Wales. The main problem was that nothing rhymed with Orange.

Hurricane Honey

Here’s a love song / That’s more ’an likely wrong / When an arrow shot from cupid / It turned me into stupid.

Dedicated to all Veterans

We followed our forebears in battle formation / Ever determined to defend our little nation / In the air, on the oceans, at sea and on land…

Icy diamonds

………Samantha’s high powered job ensures that not only countries are supplied with fuel to keep their existence alive……

Still Movement

Everything appears poignant and alive and I long for life undressed and austere. Landscape bathed ethereal in days fade indelibly etches it…

The Auld Country

but all in all when the day is done / an ye dinny want tae be her son / i cant believe yeve grown apart / an scotlands nae longer in yer …

Report: What’s Beyond the Noorat Gates

It was late afternoon before we had time to duck around to Noorat and find the mystical gates. ‘Hold up! That’s them!’

How many more?

On daily basis these soldiers / meet challenging situations / Proud are they / to be deployed / Facing their missions / on behalf of the…

Mrs Cransky

Daylight slunk gingerly into the cabin. / Mornings were a careful affair, here, where things shuffled. Where dark held it’s silent, w…

Near the Missouri

“The house stood over there,” / he says, / “We had no electricity. / Our wash was done by hand. / We butchered a hog tha…

Entry On Seashells

still sets nature under a thick blanket


..embrace a child for mothers eyes, but babies know and so they cry

Almost a vagrant

The copper was a typical Aussie type that was common in those parts, tough, tall, lean, tanned, short back and sides hair and a long straig…

The fire

A fireman in full kit, / jumped the fence not / knowing it, / was a longer drop on the other side.

The Farm’s A Very Lonesome Sight

the hogs they are a squealin’ / cause they miss you so / the cows won’t give milk / the corn it won’t grow

The Morning Shoot

The grass it crunches, when flattened by boots, / fingers feeling numb, with toes following suit. / Diesel fumes drift, polluting the winte…

I’d Cross The World For You

Eyes trace delicate silken lines. / Kiss you in my beaten mind. / Long for so much more than a… / Blank. / Page. / And / Blanker. / …


To the kind soul who bought a card of my photo above, very many thanks. I am thrilled. Peter

Melancholy Memory Lane

A walk down memory lane at the Warren County Fair…

A day in Gods Country

I love it when the sun Shines / and love it when the wind blows / I love it when the rain falls / and love it when it snows / I love the mi…

~ Only the Country Lane Will Weep ~

No debts no bills to leave behind / only the country lane will weep


he was a devilish old man / with a white beard growing long / a guitar on his back / singing a country song / writes his own music / some …

America the brave?

Hope I’m wrong

snow falls in a new country, and you have forgott…

he will always remember you, like the bare outlines of a dream from which he still believes he is waking.

Eerie Afternoon

fierce winds / roar / dust descends / until the eerie / afternoon / ends

My National Anthem!

Happy Australia Day !! / In Joyful strains then let us sing / At the top of my very melodious voice I will always cry my pride! / Advance A…

Old Country

The midnight hour was passing as the Boeing747 lumbered off the runway, amid light snow, from John F Kennedy airport. Not long after take-…

Long to Wander

in my minds eye remains the memory / of soft green velvet blankets / covering the hills and valley of my home / the sun is shining a brilli…

My Baby

My baby done left me tonight and took my best car!

Back into the Darkness

If only she could jump out of this page of her life and onto another one.

the lucky country

It’s Sunday at 11.30am on the street with all the car wreckers. A man sits on a plastic chair on his front lawn.

Thank you for the purchase/s October 23, 2011

To Unknown Buyer/s / I hope you enjoy your purchase, and I appreciate it very much that my images are enjoyed enough to purchase. Oh joy, j…

Featured “God & Country”

I just realized my painting & poem are featured today for the “War” group. What an honor on the week-end of Memorial Day, w…


A moody woman called Superior / Lies with thunder in her hair.. / May her dancing never stop

Wild Cattle from Wallabadah

Poem dedicated to my father: John Brooker 1925-1984 / He bought me up working on a cattle property. / Influenced by Banjo Patterson. / Wall…

The Fly Fisherman

The hunter he stares, as the fly floats along, / as a Blackbird nearby, sings its cheerful song. / Closer and closer to the trout, gets the…

began our country anew

So sing of the courage that renewed our land / remember the ethic of lending a hand / for look at what has come from so few / those convict…

Country Affair

Children in the country are suposed to be safe from the big city life. We’re suposed to get excited over the simple things that the c…

Why Black Dog Country?

Firstly, to be more complete, I would like to explain, the name is Black Dog Country Estate. BDCE for short. / Why, you ask? / Well it star…

You Were The Gambler

We sang “The Gambler” all night long, / drank our two bottles, of bundaberg rum / Just like we used to, still brings a smile / Coz…. “We we…

Thank You, Country Bumpkin!!!

For featuring ’Nature’s Artwork’. / I love this group for many reasons… it lets me showcase my rural home life and …

country club blues

“… I want my planet back …” / said god… / “… and the math … is coming… "

In some country

In some country in the past / before I entered this impasse / I was different from today / in nearly every single way

I want my country back

I want my country back / They took it from me / Oh my bad / They took it from you too / I feel like I wake up / And I’m in a different lan…

Where my soul lives

I live for the High Country / the wide open plains in the sky / where you can clear your mind / and do nothing more than just be!

have you ever;…..?

Have you ever been so drawn to something or some one in an artistic manner that you feel that compelling urge to go back again and again?? …


Beautiful blue flowing water / reflects the sun with a glow.


Down A Country Road / There will be treasures along the way / Treasures of perfection / Magnificence of the day / Green trees gathered toge…

Hunter and Hunted

The hedgerows and copses are no place to hide, / Reynard can smell you and time is on his side.
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