the clouded stories from the corner table You always know when I’m lying. An Alternative Route from Bodalla to Cooma We couldn’t go past the beautiful All Saints Church at Bodalla. / Quoted from the Eurobodalla Coast Tourism Website / This historic c… The chair in the corner. The chair in the corner / when you have written / ten thousand stories / ten thousand more to come / for a twenty dollar bill / a life long… Poets Pen……. This pen shares smiles, secrets too. It tells it how it really is / Words of love, animal magnetism, words of loss, pain and gain Just around the corner A few years ago, / as i was pondering,my mind, / searching, / for lost time, / I met a psychologist, / not for my mind, / I met her online,… CALMING CORNER Calming Corner where I sit / I can think and I can knit / It is so wonderful to rest / I love this corner the best / With my cats at my fee… The heart bleeds and hides in a corner of darknes… pain regret sorrow I saw you on a corner (Mature) thanx for the features groups- dark cabaret, back… Thank you all for your time and effort . Often times I find out after the fact so it was nice to catch it this time!! Thank you very … heaven is dancing in the corner of our room dancing Spring is around the corner Old Man Winter / Yes you know your name / It’s time for you to go / My finger tips are frozen / And my toes are just the same / Zero and b… Just around the corner A broken heart will not stay broken. The pain can seem almost unbearable but it is in the mist of this pain that the truth is found and in… Out of the Corner of Your Eye Well fuck that. / I was brave once / And I fell so far From some darkened corner in my mind… From behind the monuments of lives past / Watching her every movement from afar / Night after night in solitary observance / Like my emotio… The Corner Coffee-shop The heart has / Infinite planes / Chambers yet unheard; / The soul feels / A universe of journey; / The spirit— / In and outside the box si… Passed by the corner of a blind eye © Passed by the corner of a blind eye © / By: Hector A. Encinas Corner Kicks It was generally believed she lived on the corner. Not that anyone really knew. It was just that, when the locals discussed the matter, t… The Men on the Corner This younger man is a go getter and has a very gentle and kind soul. Life would be sensuous and exciting with him. HUDDLED IN THE CORNER She could hear some kind of slurping noises and the rustle of movement. No, oh no. She froze like a statue, fearful of making any movement … Doors I walk the deep dark corridors of my mind alone, with angry clouds barking their threats at me, like the predictable chorus of a well known… WHEN DEATH COULD COME ROUND THE CORNER The only category, / Which welcomes every one! / Afro, Asians, Caucasians, / Barbarians, / Presbyterians, / …. / No need to present y… “Colorful Flower” was featured in the group The B… Thank you corner of Irrapatana and Axehead on the way to another job / at the corner / of Irrapatana and Axehead… / courtesy waves for courtesys sake / just to say g’day … A Lonely Empty Corner… Once upon a time, so long ago now, / We sat there for hours just laughing. / A table and two chairs, / Love deep in our stares, / In our ow… FIRE & ICE He went out every night … mandolin in hand / Everyone knew the Mandolin Man / Francesco sat on the corner…with an open case / S… The Corner Store We ate the mints right away, / because we were afraid / of what our fathers would do if they knew. Featured in the Beginner’s Corner Group Lone Cherry has been featured in the group.. woo hooo / lone Cherry A FORGOTTEN CORNER It was forgotten / The steps and all / No one came / No one at all / So beautiful to see / But all alone / Except for me / I stand there … Michael And The Pet Store Santa Was featured in … Thank you so much Beginners Corner for the feature. Very Very much appreciate it. Michael does too! The Masters of Amen Corner The 18th man is stooping at the 19th hole / Praying to the God of a Thursday’s Mole / Waiting for a stroke of luck / To iron out the … Get comfortable at Cosy Corner and take your time Even just sitting for 15 minutes can give us time to relax and prepare On the corner of Commerce & Losoya Downtown San Antonio I look out the window of the McDonald’s while I bring the Big Mac to my mouth for a bite. Darkness shields my vi… Painting Myself In A Corner My heart is crazy, / It wanders for love in all the wrong places, / But i guess everybody has to go through these phases, / And this love h… self-portait, painted into a corner I do not want to live in this world / and I don’t want to kill myself / I don’t care for the in betweens / so, I guess I’… STOP COWERING IN THE CORNER Where hurt and pain cannot harm / The sensitivities of a tender heart Poem. Life Cafe, LADY IN THE CORNER Is this her special time / when she can be just she The Dark and Dingy Corner Ahead there is a corner that I haven’t come to yet / But knowing that it’s closing in is filling drenching me in sweat Thank you Beginner’s Corner I would like to thank the Beginner’s Corner for featuring my photo fly girl. / I am so humbled by this because the photo involves the… Thank you Beginners Corner I want to thank the Beginners Corner for featuring my work…. / I am so honored and humbled by this. / Thank you…. / Bill Thank you Beginners Corner I was goofing off…which can be a dangerous item and made a mistake…I thought I made another mistake by posting it, but apparent… Early Morning, Corner Store It takes her almost a full fifteen seconds to notice me standing opposite the cash register. It’s early, maybe 8:30am, and both parki… What do you do when you are baced in a corner This the question I asked everyday. Right now I am busy with raising my kids and a career but what happens when you are old. I feel someti… Woman in the Corner …and the smoke goes all around him as she disappears. Out on the corner. life flows and weaves, like the blood that courses through my veins. / I see new faces and old, but it’s the consistent heads that i have g… Darkness Home to your fears, / their hiding place under your bed, / behind the door, / around the corner you didn’t check COWERING IN THE CORNER In fear of rejection / Criticism and despair / Yearning for genuine love that seemed rarely there / In memories of yesterdays gone by Around the corner of life So far no luck… / But life turns around so fast. / A breath is so short but yet so important. / A word can change the irreversible. /… cowering in the corner seems to me we’re two women / hating in the wrong way / each of us cowering in corners / in our own pathetic way… Little Corner Of The World Bee’s buzzing, flowers dancing, birds in every tree, / So joyful is the day with nature running free. / Dew left over from the morn glisten… The Corner. we find rest. we find shelter. / we walk past. Little Corner i’m just fine in my own little corner / while the world bustles on around me. / i’m just fine in my own little corner / while m… please visit my little 3D carbon corner of Heaven… The Corner Of Your Mind Lie across the pillow in the corner of your mind, / As you become deserted, slowly wind will die. / Let me be a mentor to the middle of yo… The Man In the Corner His thoughts strayed to visions of how the girl would react, how upset she would be, how she’d hate him for taking her dad… You Then you let me looked upwards to view a tower / While you danced me with such magnificent power / Driven us in flame to state of dehydrati… little street corner particles of air surf / chinese and thai waft / green man walk A STREET CORNER SERMON TO SURVIVE IN TODAY’S WORLD The Man In The Corner Never speaking / Nor spoken to / Eyes surveying / Not reacting / To the small / Laughing crowd Corner Sitting alone in the corner Thanks so much The Beginners Corner for feature. Thanks so very much for featuring First Kisss. It is quite a honor that I really appreciate….Pam Corner Of. i / can / see / you / see / me / . Around the corner This time the corner is a bit further away, so I am trying to walk faster and faster, so I reach the corner quicker. / I do not want to be… Dusk from a Corner Window Again, the flashes near and far: they daze, / give weary comfort. Superfluous and beyond / hopeful penance – I foresee disaster. When… Thanks so much The Beginners’ Corner for f… Thanks so much for featuring Song Of The Sea. I really appreciate it and I feel so honored to be recognized…Pam The Corner Swinger Game On The Corner of Her Eye Out of the corner of her eye, / She sees him smile at her. / She doesn’t want to believe the facts; / She pretends its a friendly ges… Thanks so much The Beginners’ Corner for fe… Thanks so much for featuring The Beautiful Swan. I really appreciate it…Pam from this corner knee crossed over knee / ankles tangled like loose ribbons / dangling off the sticky oak table / in the back booth of a smoky bar / angled … Thanks so much The Beginners’ Corner for f… Thanks so much for featuring Beautiful Beauty. I am so grateful and I feel very honored…Pam the corner I see you every day / I walk by you every day, you ask for change to spare I say sorry and walk by / I don’t give you much thought until th… I KNOW A CORNER I KNOW A CORNER / WHERE THE DRUG STORE IS ALWAYS OPEN / 24 HOURS A DAY / I KNOW A CORNER / WHERE THERE ARE THESE WOMEN / WHO KNOW WHAT GAME… And in this corner……. I have put my boxing gloves on / I am getting ready for a battle / My pads are on / Chest protector in place / Mouth piece in / Let the gam… Just around the corner… It’s just around the corner…Almost upon us. In just a few more weeks, the warmth will creep back into the days; the hours of su… Find me in the Corner. Opening a window to the shortage of words. / Shunt your thoughts. / Desert that feeling. / It’s too late to return something that was… My Sunny Corner Word Heritage Listing Work And Re… It was late May and it was Friday afternoon, i worked at the head office of Greenpeace Australia i’m a Campagian Manager for NSW, Maria & the Street-Corner Abuelo. The tarnished man’s fingers clasp / her hand like sandpaper / manacles, / tearing like the cuffs of / Campos at Ponce (he thinks), / rough …

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