Our Legacy by Varinia   - Globalphotos Sometimes I Make Bad Choices  by jerasky Consequences by R-evolution GFX Prepare for un-forseen consequences by strawberries Consequences will never be the same! by erinsmith1989 IDEAS have consequences by Rene Juan de la Cruz In Memory Of Her Skin an eye was trying to see internal bruising / she shuts her eyes / the candles shed a soft glow on her face / pleading eyes.. / she shed no…  Brittle wishes... Sinn (pastels) by pauldrobertson Elephant Butte Lake State Park New Mexico by derekmccrea monkey advice by regina Consequences by Katarzyna Wolodkiewicz You dun goof'd! by erinsmith1989 color consequences of confined love......#7 by banrai once no scars.... fatal attraction by banrai Consequences by ZugArt Consequences by David Weber She Hadn't Thought About the Consequences (Print from a Mixed Media collage) by rhianana Letting My Guard Down “My stomach churned all shades of green / My mind replayed the whole sordid scene……” Avoiding Consequences by ghastly Suffer The Consequences by DreddArt Addiction (a continued involvement with an activity despite the negative consequences) by Carol James Consequences by Benedikt Amrhein Elephant Butte Lake New Mexico by Sheila McCrea loss of face... by banrai life interrupted there you are / half asleep / but mightily enjoying / that first hot cup of coffee The Common man walks off a bridge, again, Florence, Italy by buttonpresser Choices by BlueMoonRose Supernatural Selection. treasures abound within and without KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! by Mariam Muradian Calendar The Elixir Of Life by xzendor7 the consequences of dreaming in black and white with color - the tee by mhkantor To boldly go... by buttonpresser Fracking CONSEQUENCES! by TeaseTees ACTION by Yago Follower by terezadelpilar~ art & architecture Moviebarcode: Le conseguenze dell'amore / The Consequences of Love (2004) by moviebarcode sensitive consequences by chookshedflambe Unintended Consequences by Brian Gaynor Love and Its Consequences by Laurie Search The Loop It does no good to say “Forget,” / what is experienced burns in the brain. / It does no good to say “Move on,” / wh… When Dream’s Sleep. to have dream t while you were not asleep. duckfrog - frog, duck, funny, cartoon, cute, humor by fuxart ANOTHER MENTAL ESCAPE when you are falling towards the earth you look funny / the force of the extremely strong wind pulls your facial features up so that / you … beached tanker..... consequences by banrai Litter has Consequences by Owen65 finally.. meet the fire serpent... the choice to enter doth have its consequences by banrai Eternal Consequences by Glenn McCarthy Hell by OneMultipleCode I fell asleep (Mature) Consequences by missmoneypenny Hell and Consequences by omey trying to save face... by banrai RESPECT RESPECT IS A BASIC REQUIREMENT OF LIVING…AND THE RIGHT TO FOLLOW ONE’S OWN CONSCIENCE… face off... by banrai Consequences by terezadelpilar~ art & architecture Woodland of Consequences by Immy Smith the consequences of dreaming in black and white with color by mhkantor the consequences of dreaming in black and white with color 2 by mhkantor duckfrog - frog, duck, funny, cartoon, cute, humor by fuxart Consequences by joanw "A Period of Consequences" by Patrice Baldwin Weight Management Please! by Mike HobsoN Consequences by Kounelli The Department of Unexpected Consequences “How in God’s name did you know that?” Mr Johnson exclaimed. / Malcolm Fisher tapped the abacus. “Calculations sir: that’s what we do." FIGURING OUT WHICH DIRECTION figuring out cramming the same shape in / maybe when i apply myself i should lie more / when i do come upon the answer after so many failur… Choices & Consequences 101 Welcome to my Orientation here in Limbo. / Do try not to be distracted by the Yum-Yum Tree. / It may have lovely Ganga leaves; but it’… Consequences of the same I by dominiquelandau Consequence, Consequences, Consciousness, Classic… Consequence… / Our love / A result / Or effect / Of what has gone before / It was never / Of no consequence / It was always / Consciously… Unintended Consequences (Politics 2014) Light can only reveal / Where there is outward / And inward substance, / Eyes to see / And heart to know— / Darkness the beginning / And e… Consequences You are my love sickness; / I savour your foul taste like putrid wine. / My damaged nerve endings provide pain, / Like you’re a hard-… Consequences of the same by dominiquelandau consequences by WILLIAM DAVID GARRETT ACTION 2 by Yago Consequences to live another day (Mature) A Few Less Parents Will Be Left To Cry When you stuck it to your body or wrapped each kilo in plastic / How could you not have realised this could all end quite tragic The Consequences of Disobedience There are, I am told, rules. Guidelines. / A set of instructions as to how to do it. / Do what, I hear you ask. / Well, how to write poetr… sez’d grand theories boom time: they so that is why they / have / elimnated / the / use of grand theories / i / said doing it again! / was / that what i was doing?! / . / . / … Eternal Pusuit. The shadow of condemnation haunt’s my soul There are no rewards or punishments in nature onl… spill your guts to a total stranger / tell them all your secrets / and they might let you out. consequence of new things…PART 3 So she went to the public bar with her friends, / And had about 20 shots. / She would party until the end, / And began to go with some peop… The Indy 500 at Warp Speed by kenspics serious consequences by Gerry Daniel consequences of time by bonnie712 Lilies And Thistles by Nancy  Vice Digital Aftermath Abstract by Alexander Butler M Blackwell - Unforseen Consequences... by IWML Actions and Consequences Good actions bring good consequences / Bad actions bring bad consequences A PRAYER TO RECOVERY (Mature) no consequences I have realized so many things / about myself like self / indulgence            / and the gratuitous worshipping / of so many sold gifts.… Consequences? CONSEQUENCES? / © / Harry James / Prologue: / Sally Geyer took a bite of the wholemeal cheese sandwich she had prepared that morning and wa… Grave consequences!! by Gary Heald LRPS Hallway of horrorible consequences by ragman Truth or Consequences by Michael Chomick CONSEQUENCES OF FORM  by ANTHONY NEWTON Consequences will never be the same by DrunkGamer Tepee-Truth or Consequences-New Mexico by Desertwayfarer
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