Confession by rippledancer Purple Wedding Confession by waywardtees Dave Grohl by SMalik I've Got Another Confession To Make... by SMalik j'aime denis no.4 - je ne t'aime (close-up) by jaimedenis would you be my girlfriend yes or no? by mayatut confession on the rooftop... by mimi yoon Sasquatch has a confession... by Daniel Harvey Confession by Pascale Baud Mexico alls i'm sayn - Saul Guards by StefanoSimoni Ponte San Michele by Mui-Ling Teh Confessions Of Grace by Naomi Frost Because.... by Scott Ruhs Confession by Denice Meyer sweet couple by moryachok Teddy Bear and Bunny - The Confession by Brett Gilbert Universal Order: Ma'at by Aakheperure I believe by PhotoAmbiance Secret Desire Transformed by Antaratma Images Healing Prayer  by Bonnie T.  Barry B/W Confession by rosalin Confession by © Kira Bodensted I Swear to God I Was Pissed by taiche Confession #5 by Nicholas Poulos Peepshow by Chad Michael Ward Confession by Monica Blatton Confession #12 by Nicholas Poulos Confession #3 by Nicholas Poulos I <3 YOU by teammartin My Confession by rosalin Calendar I've Got Another Confession... by Laurie Search my name is Walter Hartwell White - confession - heisenberg by StefanoSimoni Graveyard Confession by dEMOnyo The Hardest Confession  by limerick Grey Wolf by Brinjen My Confession... by myrbpix Angela Lansbury (Jessica Fletcher) Murder she wrote confession. I killed them all. by King84 Viscious Circle by Antaratma Images Confession #13 by Nicholas Poulos ...this is not a confession. this is worse than a prayer... by ptica It has been a long time before my last confession… Please forgive me for I have sinned….. Yesterday was the first day I wasn’t on the bubble for at least several hours…R… Suicide Note My tears fell. That was something new / For I hadn’t shed one tear for you / Speaking to me from beyond the grave / Asking forgiveness, you… IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHO I AM, TREAD LIGHTLY by StefanoSimoni Forest Confession by Denice Meyer Confession II by Jim Ferringer Happy St Patrick’s Day – XXX Limericks A priest has sadly confessed, / That shagging young boys is the best, / If they’re in the choir, it makes them sing higher / I am tel… A Confession Yes, creatures have visited me from another world and all that sort of crap. It’s no big deal to me anymore. No one sticks probes up … All I want to do... by Olga Confession by John Douglas Confession by joanw Confessions of an Ex-Christian My high school pastor used to rub his nipples while he prayed. It’s Because Of You (dedicated to Darlene) I now know what it means / To really love and really be loved Holy Trinity Catholic Church by RatManDude Confession #7 by Nicholas Poulos Cross by Madeleine Forsberg I Have a Confession to Make by Rusty Gentry Confession Googling your name when I’m bored at work. Lost my nerve . Confession time by Georgi Bitar My love affair confession I think I’m in love / I have a new romance / My new partner has me enticed confess by Nicole W. Taiga's Confession by Ashl3y Sweet Couple by moryachok I To Hell I do not want any of my sins forgiven / When I alone the only one to blame Yes, I am by Nicholas Poulos Confession by Alan Taylor Jeffries Art At Fourteen... by Fuschia Confessions in the garden by Moon Black fool’s confession dissembling is an art of mine / i do it often / i do it well Confessions of a Fungi Hunter (freeform poetry &a… I don’t know their names / but I know where they live / and I know when they come out to play / usually on a sunny day / when the rain / ha… A Couple (Poetry) _Today I came to see her again, / Knowing that she is standing still on the bank / Alone, facing toward the sea / A habit she gets used to … Most Beautiful... by Fuschia The Confession by armusik privy confession by chookshedflambe Confession #14 by Nicholas Poulos CONFESSION by nonarom Confessional by Peter Maeck Confession: I used to be a woman by Jo Conlon The Enchantress’s Confession This heart’s not meant for man / Nor beast, if truth be told The Confession. by - nawroski - A Confession Forgive me Lord for I did sin / And while I did I had a grin The Confession by Teo Zirinis Catherine Howard: Confession without Compassion by Alma Lee 1 Timothy 6:12 by Theodore Kemp A Confession To The Creator by Vince Scaglione The Mighty Power Soul B vs the Unsolicited Confession by Blueswade congested confession by sbatiz I love only you by fuxart dying confession. by tweek Confession of none Faith and trust. Sounds like a law office. Like a sales pitch. Like a love salesperson fighting to keep the door from closing, trying to un… I Have Sinned by Peter Maeck Confession…. I lost my virginity to a vacuum cleaner!!!……….. coward’s confession i sit alone, / afraid to dream, / afraid to move, / afraid to live, HOW LONG SINCE YOUR LAST CONFESSION ,,,,,,,, by Sean Farragher My Confession by anji-marie SWEET JESUS’ FACE Words came slowly / As if strained / Her body old / Her mind drained / There had been hard times / Through her many years / Weeping and sad…
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