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Last Confession Thinking about what we used be, what we used to do, how u made me free / Tryin to come up with a plan, to make u understand / The touch or … Confession of a Forgotten Friend The city of Springfield has been my home. Thirteen years had passed since the day I left and moved to New York for college. Eventually, I f… Confession #0337- a love you won’t understa… I gave You my heart / You would have never grown / Believing in You to keep it safe / I had to make a decision / Away from harm / I wanted … Confession How can I put onto paper / What I cannot talk about / I want to share my experience / But I don’t want them to feel it / How can I te… From the Darkness by Mark Prime O! MACHINES OF BLOOD! (Head-Lines) Haiti: 200,000 feared dead / Where are your ancestors? / When will this throbbing subside? / Why do the talons inject their ago… My cat (confession) by TarasKokovsky No sin left by Enrico Martinuzzi Confession #0534 I sat here. / Under the shade of an oak, / And watched. / That’s when I saw it. / An autumn leaf. / Catching the sunlight. / Falling … After the Confession, From the series: A Moment with God by Aditya Swami Confession Zero by Mark Prime Confession of a Band Vocalist Make some noise, Orlando! / Wow, you look good tonight and you’re so energetic. I’m glad you had fun as we rocked this stage and you totall… Unremembering I wish I had held / to moments more dearly ~ / to songs that were played / on the breath of a sigh. I Must Confess Confessions of a young husband on his deathbed. A Meer Confession. don’t return the love i gave, / just let me enjoy my age. Votive Deposits by artgraeco The Enchantress’s Confession This heart’s a thorny bud, / A Rappaccini rose, / Breathe not the dense perfume, / Lest midnight take you down. Confession of a Secret Lover Dear Regina, / You probably don’t know my name but once you see my face, I know you’ll recognize me. We used to pass by each other in the h… "Confession Reflection" by ScoutDaddy70 Best Walk home by iamgale Confession I thrust those iron bars to my heart open / to welcome Filth and Dirt and Death The world by iamgale Confession. by Nathan Doran Confession by Maria  Gonzalez “Confession " i am at Starbucks on 9th avenue / order grande americano / bigger than yesterday / sitting in the window side / melting the sun into me … Where is our joy? by Mark Prime Confession By Mouth- 01 I don’t close my eyes when I pray or bow my head. Why, you ask? Well when one prays, they’re talking to God. We are to show God the utmost … confession by matt ucar Afraid by confessioncards thank you advertising: a copywriter’s confe… Thank you advertising / Thank you word-plays / Thank you briefs / Thank you Hanes / Thank you ideation / Thank you for making ideas idiot p… The Confession Those words you uttered… love message by demonique Confession. by Nathan Doran Confession of a lost soul by kuteness7 ۞»♥Romantic Love:Listen to My Heart Clothing & Stickers♥«۞ by Fantabulous Mercy (Part 7) Epilogue: The Confession I’m much older now, and have found a way to wrestle with my own demons Benedict XVI Confession Chamber (detail interior) by hgorrill would you be my boyfriend yes or no? by mayatut My confession I wanted to spend this day with you / Would have been a dream come true / To share Halloween with someone I love / Was a dream worth dreami… Taxi Cab Confession by Andrew Lee James Benedict XVI Confession Chamber (detail exterior) by hgorrill Shalom Peace by t3ck13 About the spoken Word of God by ThomasKostiuk Hello Carol - Breaking Bad - flash forward by StefanoSimoni Face to Face, Heisenberg VS Hank, Tread Lightly by StefanoSimoni Serial Killer - Happy Valentine's Day Card by Liam Liberty Tyrion Lannister by Brinjen the confession by DMEIERS THE CONFESSION OF ST. BERNARD by stermixalot Confession  by Bogulka the confession by DMEIERS Fishers of Men by t3ck13 Peace of God by t3ck13 My Child by t3ck13 Father's Wisdom by t3ck13 Let My Spirit Fill You by t3ck13 Avant Garde Addiction by seeligo confession by adriscoll congested confession by sbatiz Do you know how much I love you?.. by Nataliya Katsman Egg Custardy by BeamOn Kneeling/Confession -(070413)- Digital art/touchpad/Harmony by paulramnora Confession Of The Woods II by Taylan Soyturk Love you deerly by StudioRenate Confession Bear  by A2DreaMI5 Yogi Bear California by A2DreaMI5 I just wan to say... by demonique My Presence by t3ck13 Spirit of Power by t3ck13 My Path by t3ck13 I'm no superman but I hope... by mayatut In line for Confession by Adam Northam Purity - Food for Thought - Mature Rain Lilies by Navigator will you? by demonique knock knock by demonique Last Minute Confession by WJBies THE CONFESSION OF ST. BERNARD by stermixalot Insanity Wolf Cinnamon Challenge by GrimDork Insanity Wolf Slenderman by GrimDork Confession by KumoriDragon Valentine's Card by Olga Altunina Insanity Wolf Runs Into Ex by GrimDork Yook Sungjae by KatiBurns Confession by Jean-Claude Dahn Confession  by Colin  Laing Confession #27 by newbs Confession #11 by newbs Confession #44 by newbs Confession #36 by newbs Confession #21 by newbs Confession #17 by newbs Confession #26 by newbs Confession #9 by newbs Confession #25 by newbs Confession #61 by newbs Confession #29 by newbs
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