Download illusion, Upload Life and Universe…… The pen was mightier than the sword, but silicon chips / can, and will, upload all / Megabyte, Kilobyte, Gigabyte….. / Minute, Second… Computer problems and features Hi all! I had to go to a neighbors house and barrow they’re computer, Had to take mine in and drop it off, was having some major prob… You Are My Addiction Listening to me, as I rant and rave / You always follow my lead / In return you show me amazing things / Beauty to see, eloquent words to … AS YOU STAND As you stand / We swirl around you / You stand strong, firm and with purpose / We yearn to cling to you / To be part of you / To be blessed… THE ROAD TO VALHALA Come travel with me down this dark lonely road / The is the road to Valhala / A road littered with 50 million corpse of young brave men / F… Confessions of a Red Bubble Addict Here I sit on a Friday night. / On this lovely Red Bubble site. / Just one click of the mouse was an instant hook. / I just opened some pic… her status was busy…. (M+ / R) (Mature) System.Reflection. Computers can write poetry. North Tower It was up to him to complete the mission. Failure was not an option. Personal Hiding These are memories that I can not change.. Would I want to? They are who I now am and from what I am made. My Photography Gear I am using a Nikon D90 with several high quality lenses. A Short Essay on Computer Viruses and Anti-Viral … Computer viruses are, like their biological namesake, programs that infect your system and multiply. Computer illiteracy Deep frustration, sudden enlightenment, deep satisfaction Before You Turn This Computer Off As you shared something so personal with your words it made me angry, / Not because you were honest about it, but because I felt your pain … Personal Computer Defrag between my ears to shed some light / Clean up the disk I like to call my brain Computer Problems Dear Friends, / If I haven’t answered any of your comments to my pics, it’s because I have a problem on my PC, / So can I take … juddarwin 13 re written SWALLOWS PREVIOUS anza… in the still pagan/ edenic bush where bird still laughs at man An alternate definition of computer pseudonyms FOR ALL THE COMPUTER USERS A BIT OF NECESSARY INFO / A little bit of Rural Aussie culcha….. / LOG ON: / Adding wood to make the ba… Psychic in Cyberspace … and he is probing manfully for that one essential but improbable fact, that microscopic mechanism throbbing sweetly somewhere… BANNERS Raise your banners / Hold them high above your heads / Tell them I am coming! / To conquer, not be conquored / To give life, not to bring d… No Kand Do " Hopelessly, he tapped the keys and clicked the mouse. His eyes flew over the display, looking for a way to contact someone. But of c… Looking into the depths looking into the depths / of the water / reflections rippling / in the sun / I stare, mesmerized / recalling times / long since gone R.T.A. – Really Taken Aback! “But I&#… No. I had not paid! The screen told them so! / . / I was surprised at how easily my mood swung from friendly chat to tears somewhere, in… Programmer’s Blues A programmer’s mind is but genius working / How can we stand those checkers lurking? FROZEN LADY AT THE COMPUTER… I showed her my skateboard… / She wanted to know if it was difficult to ride… The Devolution Of Pop ( Music? ) As I have always suspected..  / Pop music has become louder and less original At the click My head is slowly digitized / facts replaced / and filled with lies / vision blurred Goyder Nailed It on Horse Back… and no computer m… Goyders Line / By Joe Mortelliti / On our first south to north crossing we ended up camped at Batton Hill in the North Simpson Desert, Nor… Computer Problems Hi Everyone…just a quick note to say I’m sorry for my lack of viewing and comments lately as I’ve been having "inter… For those who believe, and for the children in al… his site has been used by my family since my first grandchild was little. (He is now 18) Every year on Christmas Eve we pull this site up a… Cyberitis Sentient simulation became man’s greatest creation. The deepest manifestations of a lesser god…/links to bridge the cells of my cell… New Computer My apologies for not replying to your wonderful comments yesterday. I was all day installing a new computer along with all the extra things… Computer lingo for Hunting and Fishing people Computer jargon, such as: / Hard drive – Any time ya gotta put the 4×4 in low range to climb over rocks and logs to git to wherever y… UPPS………THERE WE GO AGAIN. To use a computer is so simple. That’s what I thought, when I at last started. My son was so kind to teach me the main things. Happy New Year and all the very best to my RB friends. I am so sorry but my computer crashed a week before Christmas and I still don’t have it back … Opps. Dam! Where are they now? Lost? It seems the fairies are floating around in my computer somewhere, Internet Dating For Me…. So was this internet dating stuff about ‘marketing’ yourself, or was it about being in the right place (internet dating site) a… The Journey the palette is 3 times the size of Earth Art paradox Is a stroke on canvas the same as a stroke on a computer pen?.Are they one and the same?.This keeps me awake at night,well just a little; /… static…static…static info flows brainy brains explode…nonsense ripped paper cuts…bends flat sheets of steel Ridiculous Speed & Transdimensional Computer Galactic Thesaurus: Ridiculous Speed / After inventing ”Ridiculous Speed Drive”, / generally all speeds over 1000 times of lightspeed, / we… MY COMPUTER When I am on my computer, I feel free / Free from the abuse of the world and others… WHAT A DAY 2 FEATURES ! What a day its been,but very productive for me, i have just baught a second hand computer that was a desperate sell for the previous owner … Foresight separated by nothing/ but the cold warmth/ of a blanket and silence/ tap, tap, tapping away/ at the unsaid Haiku (5,7,5) Your mind can expand / / radio broadcasts tell me / / All you do is just… / / ---———————… Nothing Is Sacred The being didn’t think of himself as an “alien.” He was a citizen of Paeros, the second planet of a fifteen planet system with a blue… Death Ain’t What It Used To Be I’d like to say that my kids play a lot of computer games but that would be a fib, given that I don’t actually have any kids. It’s me, okay… Newspaper killed the Twitter Star After a time of yelling repeatedly at friends getting louder each time we finished playing Pictionary on the weekend. We were in high spiri… Programmer’s Blues A programmer’s mind is but genius working / How can we stand those checkers lurking six words…picture/doors/ hallway/ books/ co… Sometimes the dullest picture evokes in us the sweetest memories… I recall the one of the doors my friend had in her hallway. When I… TALKING TO THE COMPUTER I don’t want to be a little black ford escort, a wooden indian woman, a rabid dog, or a little girl sitting on her daddy’s lap … Love is a Binary Language Oh beautiful One that will follow me, / When will your heart be devoted? / Will I know for sure when we meet, / That our love will be hard … LOSS – – – – by Ell… This 55-word story is one of several tongue-in-cheek stories I’ve written with the goal to publish them as a collection. They are all in my… who taught me to do Computer art? Tina Fascetti…..Here she is in two guises / One she is still doing the art thing and very very well I bet with Saatchi and Saatchi i… Love note to a computer, unrequited. The house is as quiet and silent as the eye of a storm, / And the mountain of dishes in the sink makes me feel quite forlorn. / And the war… SORRY HAVING COMPUTER PROBLEMS SORRY EVERYONE HAVING COMPUTER PROBLEMS REASON FOR MY ABSENCE YOUR FRIEND TOM hey! my computer my computer is / holdin’ me slowin ’ my work / namore! poe, no more! / gi’en a toshiba…. / … a̵… Computer with Terminal problems " – (( Hi to all / I Hope your well / My Computer is having a fit / Might be the Moon Cycles " – )) / Im attempting to save art files … Test Enshrined in the grace that silently befalls / Almighty power in his hands, entombed for eons / With centuries unified to each tear the wor… Computers Many elderly people and sometimes even younger folks are completely afraid of computers. In reality, however, there is nothing to be afraid… Hurray My P.C. Is Fixed Thank you all of my great friends for your support and great ideas on how I can back up my picture files. I put the memory card from the c… This Magic Screen This crazy screen / is the truest in all the land / …like a scrolled papyrus, / …a magic wand / …intercepting rays of lig… A system recounts its current operation Of modules built to cope with  / Errors handed back in run time / By other disparate rationales / Themselves reacting to dischord Next up: A sequel to Super Alphabet? This was a demo piece that I did in a video for SCBWI – WA / Check out and the video at: / Cybersex and Hindsight I am, as you are, amazed at how we clicked as we double clicked / For one night, one glorious night. A sexual textual interface Get Your Garden Going On Just like a keyboard…computer nuts. / Sink your fingers in, and your mind, / Pecan trees, Chestnuts, there are all kinds of nuts, / O… The Written Additchcan Run to the computer / write- write-write UPDATE ON MY COMPUTER STATUS Come Tuseday my computer problem will be fixed then i can get my pictures off my camra I cant waite I have been fighting this computer fo… I’m From I am from Wonderland / From hearts and souls… I am having some computer issues and will be off … and I will be off line for a few hours or days. / namaste / (also visiting my daughter and her husband for a few days) Found In A Computer Magazine Under extreme circumstances, / This could lead to a disconnection….. Dormant by James Bryron Love Probably just the effects of stasis wearing off" he said out loud. / “John are you having difficulties? Do you require assistanc… Asiatics Inc. It’s not an oasis / but / oat oats / on a / saint sat on satin / scan scans scantily / while L I F E HEALTHY MIND – FAIR ENOUGH Adventurous Disappointments all in a haste, all too busy to excuse themselves, some carrying shopping bags, some carrying cardboard signs, some carrying cameras, all c… IMMUNE She sat there as she always had in front of her computer, and she cried out why? Why had so many become ill and died. She, after all, wa… Logic Circuit Life is Logic. / Logic knows. Logic is a rock. Logic will always explain. / Life is made of Beautiful Love. / To look at the trees, the flo… you don’t understand, i NEED pie. a work in progress, trial and error, all (what some may say…) in the name of science and betterment. funny and infuriating to be hit … E Hoeveler commenting Immo Jalass Elizabeth Hoeveler commenting Immo Jalass recent artwworks

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