on a known comfort horizon I cast the first stone / against my skin / I willed / the absolute soul bloom / I ventured into unchartered stone age territory / my c… IT’S TIME I have roamed this shaking Earth / but for a little while, / walked upon her skin / like scattered dust Twilight Moments Serene is the twilight hour / when I wait for you to wrap me up / in wordless conversation Ready to Die… His life had been a sad story; a senseless existence decorated by fabricated hopes and dreams. Psalm 666 (Mature) I couldn’t make you love me I cannot make you love me. / I can’t make you love me. / I couldn’t make you love me. / Lionel has a new mantra. / He felt like he was livi… The Adventures of Lionel Glibshovel He wears no man scent when he shares my bed. / He smells like fresh thought and clean slate to me. Lionel, a Partridge and a Lemon Tree Lionel asked him to get it done as soon as it could be arranged. / “Get rid of everything” he added hastily. / He took a long time to … sun and a way of life the frogspawn went, and it took / days for me to notice. / i had once been so keen / to see, / the fresh evolving. / i placed my hand down… Comfort in Demons. I remember living that life with you. Not so long ago, the no-sleep, no-mercy, go-get-me-a-beer life. The getting ready, the party-life; t… Open wicker Lionel took his lanky arms folding them around her. / She felt cozily coiled up in the warmth of his friendship that knew the true subst… DARK KNIGHTS Little comfort / walking on shattered dreams / barefoot and naked. To Dogger Beaten and Broken you came to me, / Downtrodden, without a home. / You were left in a back yard / With no shelter, / Tied, with a heavy rop… Lionel Our Master Chef Lionel examined the burn on his wrist from being careless near the hot plate. / A neat smart burn. / The kitchen was not tidy. / He w… COLD COMFORT It’s cold tonight, / chilling to aching bones, / marrow / frozen in time. Creature comfort Tragic as an abbatoir Axel The gold in your hair / Is only a hint of the wealth I have in my heart / Because of you / And when the wind blows through it / It’s as if … King Lionel Shortcomings Her drought formed taunting dry word crusts in his mouth. / Chewing such tasteless thoughts over stimulated the empty hunger in hi… Moonlit Fantasies The hour is late / The house is quiet / occasional soft snoring / moonlight shining on my bed / Darkness disappears / The moon regressed / … No platitudes for comfort Give someone something to hold – they’ll use it as a weapon. WINGS OF LIGHT Wings of light / unfurl, / stretching / from a lifelong sleep THE PASSING ~ A Poem of Comfort Every man has a different notion of life and of its passing - / For some it is a splendid voyage full of precious memory, / intended to be … Soothing comfort to ones Eye’s and Soul Tis a garden of shimmering rain drops / flourishing with life / which one cannot see , / Unless you really look deep / beyond the surface … seeking stars like so many other dreamers / i am more comfortable / in moonlight turning whiskey into nothing there is a comfort / in talking to you / a warmth I still feel / despite my own misery LOVE AND SUFFERING You were a slow flame surrounded by an azure sea. / The roses you once held to your breast for strength / became my kisses, ruby raindrops … pannekoekliefde ek wil / kaneelsuiker / wegsmelt / in die warmte / van jou hart / vir gure dae soos diè / se soetonthou / © Jan J van Staden Rest, My Love Rest my love, rest with me tonight / Let out a breath and a trembling sigh / While I stroke your hair / As tears come falling from your eyes Comfort Zone Addictions This is a piece of writing from my mother, Joan . She wrote it a few years ago and to me it seems very intuitive. / What is it that makes p… An old hat’s comfort… An old hat’s comfort is shaped by the wisdom of the head. Smoke is just colored air I can’t explain / why everything changes so suddenly- / like it happens with the sound of crunching snow / under my feet, / or one d… the perfect place i find when i am easy / where i am is just another place / but then i am a dreamer / making worlds in my own head The Comfort of an Aged Love I couldn’t read you. A verse unknown. / But here’s our story. And how it’s grown. / Now our book has pages yellowed. / Th… It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas! / A time for solidarity, / love and peace. / A time to bring comfort and joy / to those in our need. Morning Calls The Reluctant Riser Soft and hazy, / Fuzzy edges. / In creeps dawn, / It slowly wedges, / Through the heavy door of slumber. / Morningtide has called my number. Photo Tips – Comfort Zones Believe that in photography as in life people seem more intent on living in comfort zones than taking risks. When a camera is pointed at pe… Praise be to GOD!!!! Prayer….works!!! / GOD is truly AWESOME!!! / Answered Prayers!!! / Thank You to my RB family & friends!!! Lullaby I’d sing softly to you / As time collapses in sleep / Gently closing eyelids / And dreams emerge from the deep Home It’s time for you / To come home Angels Heart She Listened / To My Troubles / She Listened To / My Cries… looking to land afternoon shadows / spread slowly / across the landscape of my life Odd Comfort The normalcy I now claim / strokes me with a nurturing / simplicity that once would / have repulsed me. Comfort Food … taste of tears… In the Stillness In the stillness, I wait / How long till I hear your voice? / In the silence I wait. / Eager for the voice of the Lord. / You are always wi… LYRICS IN MY HEAD! Bits and pieces of lyrics of songs / listening to OLDIE BUT GOLDIES STATION ON THE RADIO!!!!!!!!!!! I put weight on I put weight on / You ever put weight on? / I never put weight on / When I was a kid / No matter what I did / Never put weight on / When d… NIGHT SKY WONDERINGS AND WANDERINGS… When I pray I almost feel that I am with him… a perfect day i nap on the couch wrapped in a quilt, / free from thought, effort or guilt. Naturalistic Observation © Emma Young 2014 The happiness you know with her / Is different to that which you knew with me, Comfort from the unknown Unbeknown to her / There is a guardian who / Stands behind / Shielding her / From some of the harsher / Realities of life to come… Home Baked///Home Page///Home-LESS Can we do more than we say? Big Issue being sold, day by day. / Are we sitting pretty in our hearths of gold? Deaf ears to listen / on sto… Diane I dreamed about you, talked to you, heard your voice. God bringing me comfort and peace. Love Cries Peace Not Hot Sweaty Nights / Beneath Covers / Beneath Sheets / Is Not Love, Not Love / For Me Could It Be?… An Unknown Comfort. All together / or all alone… / which one / could it be? / Could it be / possible / to be both… / simultaneously? / And if it&… Angels Cry… Light , Protection, / Holding Comfort / The Angels Do Cry… Dear MUM I really did find comfort in thinking there is something better than here, a place where you are, because where you are is always a better … A letter of Comfort Alas, it is far too painful to let go of a love so completely. con spirito (tell me tomorrow what you saw…) Because Southern Comfort and reality dont mix. (Mature) The Sounds of Comfort Driving across the moon / Weathered Roads and tethered wheels / Ice-cream Bells of rolling rhythm / Ring like warm ice sings, like real / … Painless Sacrifice (Mature) prayer XII For a moment rest your head on me, / And for a moment let nobody be / An empty place in time. / For the ones that we don’t see / Anymore, a… Too close for comfort Across the small distance you are a million miles away. My Lady’s Estate The ghoul inside my head, / sleeps in a mansion / in a king sized bed. / So I guess you could say / that she lives comfortably, / but my d… Why I am… for I am with you until the end. / eternally, I am your friend. my perception Emotions run deep / flowing through my every being / burning with affection / that flows like lava through my veins Gardener’s Hope: Green Comfort My garden doesn’t know I got divorced today. She’s a twittering fool of high notes in green and background notes of red. She s… Lost feathers of an optimist The hour hand wacked me / On the head again / As I dallied in the moment Namaste I wonder… / Where are you from? / Who are your family? / Is it comfort you seek? / Do your ancestors speak? / Though I see you / And write… The boundaries of known reality Because of my existence, my reality came into being. / Calmness the number one sign that everything is OK! scene from a winterday strange consolation Comfort and Peace… May I Kiss You / May We Ever Love / May We Ever Hold / To Each Others Side A Comfort Walk A Comfort Walk / Yesterday I walked myself for a comfort walk, / So I went to the city windows for a quiet talk. / I gazed at the reflectio… Seeking … Jumping into a sea of confidence… / That is what I seek… / Flying above the vast clouds that fill a beautiful blue sky… / That is what I as… Holiday Invocation I no longer dread the Holidays, they now bring no terror, grief, abandonment; I struggled with those for far too many decades. comforting my friend For while you’re true to who you are, / serpent’s wish tall poppies fall. Comfort Slivers of passion / Fragments of bliss / Moments of heaven / Memories to miss / Phantom’s touch / Mirage’s kiss / The past esc… FAITH OF A CHILD THERE IS NOTHING AS MIRACULOUS / AS THE FAITH OF A CHILD / THEIR SPIRITS PURE, INNOCENT / AND MILD / THEY LOVE OUR LORD IN A DIFFERENT / … THE SECRET PLACE There is a place I like to go / A place where only angels know / In that place I am at peace / In her arms I find release / A place so rea… Heart & Soul On a cold winters night / when the wind howls outside, / I lay in my bed / wishing you here by my side. / The rain on the window / mirrors … Have wings thy heart For comfort’s face is false… Seeking Words of Comfort Oh Lord, I find myself so troubled today again and you always know, / Wish I could reverse what I have done wrong or hardship it has bestow… Abigail – Home is Where the Comfort Food Is There had been an awful lot of clattering going on in the kitchens located on the main floor of the girls’ section of the school. Pot… Sweet I need sweet dreams / But sweet rots the bones The Need Of Comfort Without Pain Emotional feelings can bring us moments of grief, / Yet it might not be the total dose of pain all at once. / In between the times of sorro… a friend wraps around me in silent comfort. the night is here again, / the whisper of a subtle friend, / the shades, drawn down on the day, / left to sleep…left to think, / agai… I UNDERSTAND He was about to discover an aspect of her personal life that was very private and a little disturbing… God of Neon, Empress of Water There I stand, naked and / alone. / My figure amidst a colony of empty buildings. / All around me reel the indignant shadows of civilizati… Chimera Enfolded. / At ease together. / We are one creature. / A chimera of / thoughts / warmth / touch / A beast of vanity. / Eyes meeting eyes /… comfort like i see the oils swirl across the oceans skin / so i see the blue beneath the black / beneath the brown / beneath the end of time as it … COMFORT IN THE WIND There will be music / Notes strung together / Like the tears it’s meant to thwart ON YOUR RADIO-LINMARIE55-SHOW02 HERE COMES SUMMER / LET THE SUN SHINE BRIGHT / Here comes summer / Drive in movies every night / We will go steady everyday / you rock in t… Glimmers of hope The candles we light in honor of your name / Reflect the brightness you gave to our lives / Burn away at the darker side surrounding / Givi… The Day the light went out of the world. I believe you are in the brightest of lights, in the greatest levels of heaven where you belong out of this God forsaken place. I Have Not Left You (adaptation) I am the whisper in the wind, / And the warmth in our sun, / The dark hues of the night, / The laughter in times of fun Only One Gun to your head, I pull it away / Sitting down next to you, there I stay / Wanting to comfort you when times are hard / Knowing I can’t do…
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