50 Colour Pages

Simon wasn’t the most attentive kid in the classroom but boy; you should have seen him with that book!


Bear in mind when you’re painting a landscape that whichever blue you have selected as the base colour for your sky should be used fo…

Guidlines To Selective Coloring Group

Rules and Guidelines to Selective Color Group / Hello all and welcome to the Selective Coloring Group. This is a group created to hopefull…

Could a smile be remembered, even after joy is go…

If people can be remembered after their lives pass on, / Could a smile be remembered, even after joy is gone?

Colour Of Skin

What the colour is your skin / What the colour is mine / And what the colour is God’s skin?

A Unicorn’s Gift

A lovely green field now holding her view / On it soft dusting’s small red leaves wind blew

Review of the ‘Dale Frank’ Exhibition…

His works are like gigantic lollipops with rainbows of flavours for you to reach out and lick.

Hanging colour, creating a life wall

at the end of my day / when all my colourful plates / have been smashed / and their constituent pieces / mortared into a fresco / I won…

Cream Coloured Cat

Soon the world will be mine / Said the hamster to the cream / Coloured cat. A mouthful later / And the dream was little more than that.

only the shadows reach out

they simply felt obligated to save their place in heaven

Athens the colour on my tongue

Yes I had been starving for many many years …

My Own Makeover/Photoshoot! (Photos Here)

So on Saturday April 10th, my makeup artist, Kelsey Johnson ( www.muakelseyj.com ) came over and made me over into a classic beauty then to…

Colour me speck

“No I don’t want an eye patch!” to result in more snigger snigger.

Black & White

I saw myself / lying as if asleep in a / coffin made from glass / eyes closed and / breast ever so still / just like Snow White / before t…

A Sense of Sunrise

Sound: Water. / Building, crashing, reaching, sucking. / Constantly shifting darkness. / Gather – rush – retreat… Gather – rush – retreat…


Colour of my dream / eyes.. / hallucinations start to fade / there are many dreams / but there’s no sound / I can feel the wind / Un…


I am sure you will agree that it would have been a shame if I’d destroyed those little sketches.

war without end

I’m having enough / then why that kind of perdition / I measured time without end / I collected dreams without fear / All I did and t…

Mind Castles

Running down the rabbit hole / Going through the wardrobe / Finding that magic door

COLOURING YOUR WORLD (the power of thought)

I stared down through the darkened clouds at the twinkling lights below and then lifted my gaze up through the unbroken graduation of colou…


Some can see red, unlike me.

Identify your Fungi by Colour.

No fungi books or don’t know where to start with identifying the fungi you have found on one of your trips to the forest? / Then thi…

brief encounter

i came upon you by chance / as you danced like a spectre / in your flourescent suit / gaily amongst the overhang. / my morning askance, / r…

Happiness…..is back in style

Ruby red lips and yellow glares / Gumdrop buttons with golden pairs / And Orange me like a Pooh bear bumblebear / Flying without a care w…

“the dreams in which I’m dying……

“The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had…” / The sky is black above me; there are no stars this night, an omen of what I w…


my eyes roamed to heart / I saw the sun blazed down from a clear blue sky / the garden blazed with colour / and in the blaze we go

Pink is the Wrong Colour for Suicide

It’s been one year since i held the razor to my wrist (ironically encased in a benign Daisy pink as well – apparently my black …

~ Sun Symphony ~

On the edges of my mind I see white then yellow and red / I close my eyes and amalgamate the colours in my head / 1. UPDATE!!! ###

VIDEO PORTFOLIO’S [continually updated]

30 second video portfolio’s i make online to show off sections of my art.

Poppy red spills remembered

Blots on the landscaped canvas / Deserts or fields nobody cares / I picture artists’s palettes / Wetted up freshly mixed / Sticky tai…

Dying Colours

A poem to celebrate autumn


A 6 word story


I just sat there, sunk in thought / we need to sink our differences / the full scale of the disaster has yet to sink in / can we carry out…

“I started with a light snack…”

Why I had eaten the sky that day I did not no but more colours were to flow / Like slaughtered soldiers in a field I ate gold, cream and ta…

Colour of my soul

Loneliness is a friend / it’s always there with me / Deep down I know / This is where I want to be / Darkness is my world / this plac…


Beige. Unexciting, predictable and reliable. A non colour.

~ Colours in My Eyes ~

If I should go blind will I still remember / the colours of the world I have seen? / Will my eyes become the colours reflecting my memory;

Field of Colour

We’ll strive for the warmth / From the rays of the sun / With soft shades of purple / In the warm evening sun / Our green steams / Stand p…

If only they knew, said Melissa. Diane, where are…

Meanwhile, the front cover of the latest Sun & Health magazine, lying here, on top of my printer, is doing its best to attract my atte…

World’s New Horizon

I won’t sleep more / I’m carrying out a plan!

‘Golden Wings/dragonfly beetle ladybug and …

‘Golden Wings/dragonfly beetle ladybug and flutterby’ has been featured again this time in the “Colour me a Rainbow group…

My World of Colour


Odd To You

Sure I know there will be more but alas i’ve tried to find you / apparently you were just to good the softest creamiest / .

Reap What you Sow

And life was special. / When these two couples were together / John Black was contented / the sunset fading in the West.


a blank canvas…

Feels like pain

The metal barb releasing it’s black ink into the maze of colour,

October Rain

A poem about my two favourite things

The Rainbow of Feeling

The rainbow of feeling. / RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, INDIGO, VIOLET

Collaboration with AlienVisitor

Bubblers are wonderful collaborators – check out what AlienVisitor has done with Never Too Old

Butterfly Mask

The room was cold. It tasted like blue on the tip of Fran’s tongue. Blue splayed out in delicate tendrils to cover her face. In another tim…


Ingredients Mixed / All Combined / In the Melting Pot / To be Colour Blind

Anything Is Possible With Paint…

…paint a lover


For those wrongs committed / on summer hell fire days.

Icy diamonds

………Samantha’s high powered job ensures that not only countries are supplied with fuel to keep their existence alive……

The Panacea of Life is Music and Colour

she sighs a palette of autumn and poppies …

About The Artwork:

I paint with sprays and work with a method that I have developed myself, which has to do with layers of colors, masking, and creating textu…

As Time Falls Apart

Drifting through infinite space / Pastel bursts of colour abound / As galaxies bud, blossom, then wither away / The mind expands in radiati…

migrating to the (un)known

“before dealing with the (un)beknown …”

Beige Rainbow

Beige walls, carpets, linen. Everything was blending together and giving me a headache. How could anyone stand such blandness? / I caught …

Colors of the Wind

Painting with the colors of the wind / conjurs up the sights / of humming birds and bees / not forgetting the beautiful / colors of a multi…

Colour Capture

Red bubble

Nebulous Desire

The nebulous desire; the shrugging of labels; the delicate discoveries.

Fings Wot I Lerned!

Having rounded the 60 mark in July 2008, I wish I knew back when I was 40 some of the stuff I know now; probably true for most of us. Here…

Colour the World … Colour my Life

I prop up the canvas / Stretched / White / And empty / Leaning into the easel in silent readiness / I look through the brushes / Pointed …

Confluence of movement and colour

Soaked through / Parched dry / Covered in / Fine red dust like / Talc. Cicadas / Deafening; their / Love song telling you / What you alr…


the colour of deceit is / darkness

falling just like love

In the pouring rain / she’s gonna walk on by / falling just like love / ’’you’re the sunshine in my life." His…

PollyChrome’s sculpture

Fairy Pollychrome and she used powerful magic and went to great wavelengths to create a beautiful Sculpture of many colours

Every Colour Is U

I paint a picture … / nothin is angelic as u. / I look at kids laughin… / no one laughs like u. / I look at a full moon all it&…

the girl in the snow at christmas – by vamp…

In the cool glow upon white snow the little girl lay / making her snow angel feverishly she did play. / Up she jumped dusted the ice from h…

Technicolour Black

But the black is still choking her. Thoughts coiled tightly in her mind, pressing harder.

Artist Dance

I need colour, the stroke of the brush, the passion of your focus


Fairylights fill the tomb

Colour me

Colour me / with the sound of / an orchestra

When the Colour Comes Back

Your taste, salty and real / Your smell like bottled rain / Your laughter like the song of a Raven / Your face haunts me day and night

Sun Symphony [first]

On the edges of my mind I see yellow and red / I close my eyes and amalgamate the colours in my head

The colour of dreams.

The recipe for happiness used to be a simple one. / Juice of a mango running down to the elbow mixed with just a dash of the tongue. / Buc…

Lampedusa got a feature!!!

Thank you to the Hosts of Colours of Water to have featured my picture / Lampedusa / What a feeling!!!!! Always exciting to get a feature&#…


the crisp billowing blue of the spinnakker – it sets my course.

colour me this land

Colour me obsidian like the sprinkling of stars in the night sky / The stars that sing out in echoes of light from millions of years past /…

I colour in George van Raemdonck’s illustra…

…memories of being read to in the attic, where my bedroom was and with searching for the original (Sans Famille) books, beside the R…

Salt colour

I’ve pulled out an eye / in attention replete, / I’ve eaten a bug / and beaten defeat.

Just My Opinion

Aint got much money / Dont drive a perfect car / I’d give away my possessions / Cause’ they dont help you get far / My skins no…

The Underground


Autumn Gowns

Alzarian crimson / With lilac showing through

true colours

I had a man, no, that’s not true, he had me – if this is a dream, Never wake me up…

What colour are you?

You find notoriety I find despair, you see blue skies I find no air

the sphere of a technicolour gasp

scribble all over me

Colour therapy

color Therapy


From one / Many come. / Like an echo / Continued in time;

A horse of a different colour

I am a coloured person,And I’m called “white”- maybe it’s based on the colour of the soles of my feet, or my tongue…

Did I tell You?

Did i tell that you’re spring of my life / Did i tell that I’m the painting of your love / Did I tell that you’re my sun…

Colour Counterpoint

From the satiny darkness of a violet tunnel / Emerges a gentle flow / Of mossy orb and golden path / Quiet meditation on the / Harmonies of…

no colour

on those grey days / when the taste / of broken dreams / is strong on my tongue

Cacophony of Colour

A cacophony of colour in brilliant rich delight / All singing with the joy of final throes…………

the end of days (poem)

until we go into that last embrace / there is no knowing what it will feel like / until we show up at the gates / there’s no knowing …
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