Hi Daddy, Will You Please Give Me Back My Hands? This is the story that I won’t hesitate to tell / even if with a heavy heart I have to / and if this is a way to get to an abuserR… A CATALOGUE OF COLOURED PENCIL ARTISTS ON REDBUBB… If you are a coloured pencil artist I haven’t discovered yet, please make yourself known to me and I will try to include you here. Cream Coloured Cat Soon the world will be mine / Said the hamster to the cream / Coloured cat. A mouthful later / And the dream was little more than that. Jesus the Gardener – tending his sheep My dream of the love of the Gardner Christ Jesus – tending his sheep and loving us. FOR COLORED MEN ONLY (who tear themselves apart) WHAT THIS BLACK MAN DARES TO SAY!! The boar-bristle brush and your hair like an Autu… To Eric, with love – RIP Smoke is just colored air I can’t explain / why everything changes so suddenly- / like it happens with the sound of crunching snow / under my feet, / or one d… fusion Welcome Home / to the place / that is inviolate / to the place / where patience / waited graciously… / The timing is meaningless / It… Shards of Colored Glass Waves crash upon the shores of thought… / Rampant fire tasting jagged images with her tongue… / Rumbling, roaring spirits danc… AUNT LUCILLE’S OSTRICH (STEP BY STEP) I enjoyed doing the herring-bone pattern, so I decided to use it again for this new picture. Sadness Colored the Ocean Blue I sailed across, / The ocean blue / With my love who once was true. / He promised he would give me the world, / Instead he shattered my fai… Colored Season Life Seasons Of Life Reflection / Aww Joyous / Lovely Spirit Is She, / Filled In Expectation / Hope, Desire, Want, / Need… The Sisterhood Featured My Water Colored Snapdrag… Thank you so much The Sisterhood for the feature! ROSE COLORED GLASSES she is not perfect / some may say / but she looks at herself / in a different way / wearing rose colored glasses / her life is a dream / sh… How I create my images I start by drawing the image lightly in pencil on my paper. Then I work in reverse erasing the pencil and drawing the image in colored penc… In the purpur-colored darkness ..fear of being found / her mind have fleed up above the cities / far up in the mountain.. Multi-Colored Possibilities Reign Supreme I will decorate the dwellings of angels / From their clouds my paintings will dangle… Colored Pains The warmth of the setting sun / Slipped in through the glass ….. / ………………………&#… colored glasses why do you hide behind / your colored glasses? Sadness Colored the Ocean Blue The wind whispered in my ear, / ‘Jump out of the boat, sweet child, / For how could he not love, / With his lover so near?’ Colored teardrops. Salty colored teardrops / Fall from your face / They fell from you, Grace / With tender eyes / And a caring heart / How does a girl like yo… Rose Colored Glasses I see the world through rose colored glasses. / Despite of the life I previously lived, / in spite of my memories. / It’s easy, / to live l… Colored the Trees They traveled along from state to state / Time doesn’t matter when you don’t know the date The Distance Of A Journey We have walked one small path together. The Candy Colored Chronicles; Part Two: Ash Roses Leaf green eyes and blood red flames, / Dancing on her shoulders, / Forever weighed down with a thousand worries, / That now seemed as far … Suppose someone gave you a pen – a sealed, … Suppose someone gave you a pen – a sealed, solid-colored pen. / You couldn’t see how much ink it had. It might run dry after th… FOR COLORED MEN ONLY (who tear themselves apart) WHAT THIS BLACK MAN DARES TO SAY!! The Candy Colored Chronicles; Part Three: Silver … “It is no use, I’ve lost myself,” he cried, / His tears streamed silver into the water, / Carving small ripples into his … The Candy Colored Chronicles; Part One: Candy Col… I ride the waves of a crystal ocean, / That touches the pink mouth of my horizon, / One that watches but never sees, / One that speaks with… rose colored glasses i like looking through my rose colored glasses sometimes, / dont wana let the harsh light to hurt my eyes / put in my headphones / play mus… Rose-Colored Glasses Take away tomorrow / and I will have today / Rob me of my voice / but my words will find a way

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of colored writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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