Blue Eyed Gypsy Woman Her crystal blue eyes sparkle / with the verve of life / reflecting the gentle rawness / of her journey that has / sculptured the woman … Purple Passion Her body tilts back into him / opening her breast to the universe / She reveals an open heart / in order to be close / She risks raw / to … Collaboration amongst all of my friends from a fractal………. / Here is "Give Me a title ":http://www.redbubble.com/people/picisa/art/2945567-6-give-me-a-… S Factor Yellow butterflies tango in the Autumn Sun / Open chakras energy luminous / Goddess Rising / Shapely curves / Silky moves sensuously st… What Is The Warriors Dream? What is the warriors dream.. / Not of anguish but of peace sensitive A delicate round water droplet / traces the curve of a fragile green leaf / during its journey the droplet stays full / but leaves a trai… YES Yes to sun on my back and breeze on my eyelids / Yes to shadows that reveal the light / Yes to living fully not partly / Yes to breathing i… Abandoned Alone now. / No one here. / You left like a thief in the night / while my body was still trembling / from where you had been. / A Red Rose … The Sequined Saint You say you’ll never be an angel / When your time is nigh / You don’t think you deserve to be / A divine being in the sky Sensuality Touch me with your sensual fingers / through the layers of blue pleasure. / Look at me with your sensitive eyes / that know the murmurs of … I Am What I Am No idea where this came from – I just suddenly had an urge to write something! Enjoy! Beyond Life – By Keith Williams & Us… I can’t see / so i’m denying reality / faith a mere formality / belief / I can’t see! Captivated By You Captivated by the way your eyes / focus and see me / Delighted that you are present / here right now / Ignited by the feeling that you hold… The Judge and the Jury MarkezzAckui … / all the laughter / and / chitter-chatter / stopped… / at the site of my dredlocks, / or maybe it was my loose jeans … Phoenix immortal Mass of red and gold plumage / blood of supreme incessant immortality flows within / Only I alone can reign stronger / a fortiori / than th… ARTISTS COLLABORATIONS ~ Expanding on Yet, there’s always the beauty / Of so soft the sound leaves here Reflections Tree shadows falling across / Clear blue waters of the river / Reflected on the surface / Mirror image of inner peace / By the river, I sit… Held in the Crystalline Palm In the crystalline palm of pure majesty / I am as child / My soul earthed in wondrous quietude Garden of Love I had a dream sublime / that danced across my mind / I saw giant flowers in a garden tower / above two lovers dancing, / There was sun flow… Storm The exquisite pleasure, / shining like lightning; a transient treasure, / now lost in the grey cloak’ed clouds. Moonchild Lonely moonchild, dancing on the colors of the evening. / Quiet dew drops, landing lightly upon the darkened flower. / a collaboration --- Paper Princess Paper Princess dancing / In her paper world / Painted in diamonds / Sapphires and pearls / Paper roses in a paper cup / On a table scarred … W to the power of 3 Waiting / Wanting / Wilting / Lost / In your face / Sold / For a taste / Gold / Such a blur / Cost / Such a price / Spread / Just like butt… Grace Humanity and Join the World Poem Come here to go and Join the world poem Frail a meaning now / too relative / to pass you by Inspired by ’Day’s Past And Long Forg… the cry is heard all around / town folk feeling smug / as a bug in a rug / no more hard work / no more getting up at 4am / to milk the cows… Out of the Cosmic Rain A place where I can shield you, / protect you, / envelope you, / bathe you with my love, / and keep you safe; / out of the downpour… /…

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of collaboration poem writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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