Cold Feet I sit. Still my thoughts as best I can. Johnny Cash walks the lines of my mind. Hours somersault across the walls then fall beneath the … Abandoned I woke upon a still cold night, and shivered in my silent room. Between my tears and quivering, I heard a door click closed afar. The dread… Why did the chicken Cross the Road? That’s … Why did the chicken cross the road? / What came first the chicken or the egg? / The Evolution Versus the Creation Debate Could a smile be remembered, even after joy is go… If people can be remembered after their lives pass on, / Could a smile be remembered, even after joy is gone? Cold Feet, Flashing Lights: The Men You Shouldn&… Cold Feet, Flashing Lights: The Men You Shouldn’t Marry / “To my wonderful husband – / and the motley crew of boyfriends / that prece… cold fingers and toes mind amputated / fell from power / While the cold war began / the pilgrims fell to their knees / over the edge of the cliffs / under the … Melancholy Engulfed in the ice of melancholy, / sadness dissects my joy / into sections of discontent. / My aching heart stutters and / craves for d… glacier a place in the sun / but the time has a real chip on it’s shoulder / A pale wintry sun shone through the clouds / it seemed, that sun… Natural and Edible Cold and Flu Remedies Yep, it’s here, cold and flu season. If you don’t like taking all those over-the-counter medications and want to start kicking … moth an icy half moon / curls silver / in my palms tonight / where are you? You Get That… Do you ever feel glum / Like the world’s closing in ALWAYS HERE & IN THIS COLD WORLD ALWAYS HERE / i am here – i am there / sometimes i feel like i am everywhere / for him, for her, and her, and them / i am always here… My Tears Are Your Rain Written during a rain storm in which I imagined that the rain was a sad woman weeping for the one she left behind. Cold Summer The cold kisses on my bare hands, I first thought was light rain was actually snow. How to break two hearts I have my heart in my hands, ready to give it to my husband, whom I’ve always trusted, wanting him to have all of it, and I am blindfolded … Under Cold Stars Under cold stars / We devour eachother / Cannibals / With flirty eyes / And hungry lips To the known ends we are (WARNING! Deep Poem) Excited as Doom giving a toast –“To inevitable pain! / Lest the poor wake to think … Cold It was cold. The gypsy has stopped running In a time of hot and cold, of sweet and sour, a young and hesitant swig, a hated taste of bitterness, a desire to annihilate the pain, the … Eastern Star Were you a guardian angel who kept watch over the helpless mother and Child ? Let’s not talk about the cold. In the play for today, do we really know who is reading who’s line? Bruised Summer waiting to heal in the cold of Wi… Cannot foresee which season comes first Cold solstice in May where december stings like pinches / on a lost rib cage / summer warmth edges off like mist / almost like beetles / plucking backward / on… The Fly His head was aching and the buzz seemed to be growing in intensity. ‘It must be the wine!’ he thought but he knew it wasn’… Adam & Eve “I’m getting you drunk” SHE BLUSHES She blushes sweet sincere and chocolate, / prismatic in her character / reflecting her soul off every spectrum / and direct into my boso… In the Cold © In the Cold © / By: Hector A. Encinas don’t touch me i’ve stitched my heart / with white thread / it bleed a little / each drop of blood / reminded me of the lovers / that broke my hear… I want to be just like you… I want to be just like you… Simply put, a mistake That night there was a snow-like rain, but still, I wanted beer. I bundled in my largest coat, which was stashed between the vacuum and a … COLD COMFORT It’s cold tonight, / chilling to aching bones, / marrow / frozen in time. Untouched and Unloved But what if you fade and die, / before love comes to dry your eye? war without end I’m having enough / then why that kind of perdition / I measured time without end / I collected dreams without fear / All I did and t… The Day The Music Almost Died 48 hours before Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper were killed in a plane crash in Clear Lake, Iowa, they, their bandmates and … Wrinkled Bark Against the Cold Wrinkled bark against the cold / Roots long, thick and old / Drive deep into the bedrock Burnt Out Heart Fragmented / Iced / Untouchable cold. Falcon: The Story Because my littlest kitty cat is a cat with such a dramatic start of life, I thought it would be appropriate to make a writing for him, my … Cold as Ice She came out of the spare room with a suitcase in tow. “I hope you know this has everything to do with you, I need to get on with my … First break. Light has spread across this vista / But not through our skins Cold Sheets and Dead Leaves I present your memory / with a twenty-one cigarette send off Winter Solstice ..She breathes on me, and within my bones, / Whispering her evilities, and seducing my thoughts.. Cold Season Shivers. / I’m cold. / Goosebumps sneak up / Covering my body entirely. / I listen to the wind / Oudside, howling through the trees -… Eternity this moment is eternity Cold why / is / archoo / it / sniff / that / (cough) / sniff / this / all / archoo / always / sniff / (honk) / sniff / happens / (honk) / sniff … Have you ever felt the cold my dear Have you ever felt the cold my dear / when the light goes from your eyes / Have you ever felt the chill of fear / when your heart turns int… haiku poem Cold rainy summer / Leaves me yearning for the haze / Of childhood beaches. Snappy learns the meaning of thanksgiving My dear and wonderful friend Snappy Dave, asked what thanks giving is. I then sent him some information on the holiday, which for those of … Ice Age – Naked Water Sprite In Swedish folklore Nature was animated by spirits. / They were not hostile, but could be tricky and / dangerous… You needed to be ca… Icey Passion (Mature) Cold Water I leant against the wall / As the cold water / Soothes the white hot heat and scorching / Caused by your touch and tender moments shared … warm thoughs on a cold day I need the strength of you / To tell me one or thousand / Beautiful things / Like how laundry hangs on the line / Or how the sun has grabb… In the morning I know… I wrote this in the autumn of my senior year of college after having just spent the summer in Boston. Inspired by Janet, a very pretty and… The tale of Cold Duck and Hot Rabbit …a timely tale about a ‘bunny’ … Icicles It’s quiet / No words just shards / Dripping from my lips / Like icicles / Falling down Weary Of My Winter Body My body feels like a sacred, lost,hallowed hall. With windows thrown open, the curtains shreds of gossamer fabric, flailing, and wipping. E… Smoking outside I could almost feel your lips / brush the back of my neck; / in this daydream, I’m aching. / So I had to reach back / each rough spir… To Dream a Dream of Peace……… ferocious utterance of moving time / yet so slow a drunken frenzy in cold and hot hot and cold, / cold and hot, Unforgiven Cold marble tiles. Short, hasty breaths. / I haven’t moved for hours, not since I fell. Driven by imperishable need, but I missed yo… The Lover’s Cry I stare blankly at the frigid snow, / Wondering why it was you who had to go. / My friends that care try to make me smile, / When deep insi… not today the wind whistles through the hollows / plucking spider webs like guitar strings / glittering notes cutting through warm flesh / blood blo… Its cold on a warm day outside the asylum “can I have / your old welding book,” he asked…. / “of course / every poet needs one,” I replied…. / “you can have it,why?”I asked…. / “I g… define the missing in the middle of the cold winter night / his soul quivers facing wind’s bites / he keeps walking despite silence / face downs, hands … Inside From the moment you step inside you wish you hadn’t. The door behind you closes with an almost inaudible click but you feel it within you l… The Cold, Hard Gray of a City We build / From the inside / Out—our cold, / Hard gray / Of a city; / But all warmth / Not entirely / Misplaced nor / Forgotten: / Aloft, … Glass Feathers I found a feather as I walked. / So white and clear and pale and cold, / … / --- / … / A line of feathers lay forsaken, / Snow … Cold Target They were all expendable, but that did not mean they were suicidal, and the longer they stayed in the open the greater their losses. Reachi… Warm, Cozy Fire For the body that’s desperate / Against steel gutter’s grate / Is no different from yours, / Just separated by fate. The Stillness leaves me cold …. ‘twas a Winter’s eve / stillness nestled / amongst the fallen Autumn leaves / rustling with a gentle swish / the silence held m… Feels like pain The metal barb releasing it’s black ink into the maze of colour, To the known ends we are (Same poem In First Per… Excited as Doom giving a toast –“To inevitable pain! Lest / The poor wake to think …” Missing summer? The seasons are changing, my love / your love for me, my love for you / frost at my feet, snow on my skin / why did winter arrive too early? Empty Mailbox (The Cold Box) what you haven’t seen, what a sob story Airconditioning…. I don’t need airconditioning… On Cold Nights On cold nights, when no moon rises Cold Hands. It has been so long, / since my skin stretched, / and my arms ached, / my legs trembled, / and the heat of the moment swallows me whole, / … Why my hands are cold As if they were fireflies stuck in a blue blanket too high to touch / And I wish I could have kept you in a jar IT IT’s deep and cold, IT never ends. / I sometimes feel IT against my skin. / Unable to see what’s in front of my face, / IT suff… Home This place is small and cramped / yet somehow it feels like home / just you and me / and these concrete walls / If these walls could talk /… Strength haiku — cold fear of loss… a dark cold footpath WOWEEE my picture A DARK COLD FOOTPATH has been featured in the INFRARED PHOTOGRAPHY GROUP, i am so pleased :-)) and would like to thank al… Keeping Warm Goosebumps rise up from my flesh. It’s cold outside, and the windchill puts us well below zero. I shiver as I fumble to get my key … Diamonds Sit down again and please restrain your hot and heavy hands,… “A Cold War” “I know you didn’t, and why you won’t be able to say anything!” / “I really don’t know why I’m here!” / “Do you love me?” / “I love you bab… Still Movement Everything appears poignant and alive and I long for life undressed and austere. Landscape bathed ethereal in days fade indelibly etches it… Winter Warmer Listen up, I’d like to say / It’s really freezing cold today / So I thought I’d write this down / Turn the picture of this frown / The frow… Mare Frigoris I stare at the remoteness in your eyes / And find nothing but diamond dust the reasons behind the winter blues Every word has its meaning… / and a glimpse into why i’m me… / But it all sometimes will get a jumbled, / In the flow of … December Eve The first night it was cold enough / To see my breath / Rhythmically exhaled from the emptiness / Suspended before me / And then / Gone The Cold/Flu from bed to armchair, from armchair to loo / and back to bed with darn all to do / the wife brings food and water and chat / as I lay there… Haiku / tribute to Michael Jackson 13/07/09 Moonwalker alone / With the stars all aglitter / Shimmery yet cold…….. Fate’s Cold, Grim Hand The wind whipped on a frosty night, / The stars and new moon darkly bright. / The village slept beneath the chill, / Though snow remained u… Cold Tea You kindly offer tea as you finalise your packing, / I suggest peppermint in an attempt / To amend my liquored self abuse. Cold As there he lay cold upon the pavement with barely a pulse / She fought tears as the paramedics watched him start to convulse / Suddenly me… A LOST FRIEND I saw you last night, friend. / (How long’s it been? Months? / And what ossified, what paralysed continents / Has your mind traversed in… White Plaster Mask Streaks of cold / Race through my face
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