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the morning has gold in its mouth I wanted them in places I shouldn’t even be thinking about this early in the morning. i heard you take your coffee black now remember the / milk and sugar days / we’d chase each other up the stairs / picking up dust on our bare feet / and / run till our lungs begg… our.. 50Things we Love . Jazz They call her Jazz, / like the music, but / She’s always been / more for the / rhythm and blues Orbiting Space and Coffee Cup Rings My Grandmother / hummed songs / to no-one— / to darkness, / to anyone / while circling / the rim of her coffee cup / with three crooked /… COFFEE How about baby me chino over a Cappuccino / Or perhaps a manage a trios with Frappacino The Yellow Thong …I stammered, it’s just that..” I turned pale feeling nauseous. Should have kept my mouth shut… Parsnips and Olives…. If you were to see me now, crossed legged in my chair / Just crawled out of bed, pj’s on and ruffled hair / I’d offer you coffee, breakfast… I Swear All I Wanted Was Coffee, a Bagel and Cream I fumble with my purse / For shiny new nickels and dimes / The cost of my regular / Coffee, bagels and cream / I see I have time / For li… whip it I held the coins just over her hand. ’You’re going to have to come and get them,’ I replied. As I watched her fingers, wa… In A Coffee House Moaning from her rigid lips, / to get what she deserves, / monotonous… On Childhood When does boyhood finish / And an adult life begin? / Some seem to think it happens / When he finally “gets it in” The Battered Leather Jacket. I sigh and breathe in the musky, dry smell of the marketplace; jam doughnuts, coffee, leather and cigarettes Confessions of a Coffee Machine It might be a cooling planet made up of sporadic earthquakes and volcano spasms, but that still doesn’t account for the popularity of… Soul Scars My fingers find themselves tracing from his collarbones to his hands and grasping themselves there as if in prayer. All I Wanted Was a Cup of Coffee….And I End… “It’s never just about the coffee.” Big Pretzel – (An Adelaide Story) The coffe stank. Instant decaffinated granules drowned beneath overheated milk. / “Decaf’s not coffe. It defeats the fucking pu… I want to watch you sip your coffee in the morni… I’m well aware of it. / I’ve become a greedy little green-eyed / damsel in distress. / But do not worry, baby. / I’ll fig… Morning Cup His plan was perfect. He’d spent months polishing it, weeks buffing it, and the last few hours making it gleam. There had been fear, … Two ravens a cup of coffee and a plum… i wonder, / what they talk about / under fluffy clouds / clear blue sky / sitting on the wire / two ravens / beauty undefined / just a simp… since you left. I knew somewhere, a cigarette was touching your lips. you who are gone from me. you who my hands no longer know. Just keep walking When times get tough, it pays to just keep walking. Early morning wings (I) “Excuse me miss.” A low, seductive voice called. “I couldn’t help but see you watching me, you seemed to be my only audience.” He grinned … Waking Up Emma For breakfast she takes lithium with apple jacks, and I am always hoping that the shape of her mind will change into smoother places Soul Food Cafe? Does she judge my painted nails and ear decorations? / Or does she really see that I too am searching for God in the gentle light of this … Coffee Shop In truth I prefer the shoes. The Barista I couldn’t stand the coffee in town until ‘The Hedgehog’, the café nearby, hired Kwan to increase its floor staff from one to two, and now … Lime Green Lipstick and Contemplation. “What colour lippie babe?” I teased her, walking back inside. / There was a silence on the other end of the line. “Lime green.” She lied. Just between friends “Your problem,” she whispered,” is that you’re like a Javelina masquerading itself as a house cat. The CH one (language alert) (Mature) Stranger I am walking down town Jerusalem as I do every morning, heading toward my favorite coffee shop. / Suddenly, I hear a voice from a radio in … coffee, vallium and always yours perfect… / i sit subdued in numb, morose irony / sorry for last nights mistakes… / i love you girl and yet i pissed on your et… Cafe Smiling froth lingering on Mona Lisa lips credo prove me wrong Warm Love Coffee, like love / Can be bitter and burning / Or rich and sweet / It quickens the beating of the heart / And warms the belly Mystic Tattoos (II) He sat back, surprised, “how did you know I had ink?” he looked down at his work clothes, which covered each of his mystic tattoos. She b… Whales and coffee The whale said to me / ‘_you should hop on on my back / I’ll take you to sea and we’ll never look back_’ / I said t… at the bottom of an empty cup salty black coffee Coffee and Me © All my friends drink coffee, / but for me I don’t. / They say come on you’ll like it, / and I tell them I won’t! / The aroma is quite nice,… Coffee Coffee Coffee shop blues? I feel a glimmer / of hope, / as I stand here, / nervous as hell / on a cold October night, / reciting, / to a few, / what some consider po… A cup of coffee. and the kangaroo decided to jump on the bonnet, and, as I didn’t drink then, I was the only one sober, who could drive us back to Bou… Death Breath There’s nothing on this road. / You’re away and you’re alone, / fast asleep while you’re at home. / I’m awake… The Mayan Shamen and the Black Cat Although Absinthe is a European creation, that doesn’t mean that the Mayan Shamens weren’t using a thurjon containing plant in … If Only… For I am made of cellophane / I am looked through like a window pane / But if you took one little chance / And gave me just the slightest … in pairs Two cups of coffee in our hands, / Two hearts beating in time, / Two smiles, meanings the same, / But one love to last a lifetime. / Two vo… Next to a Window. A small pale figure lounges across it’s pillowy expanses, she’s small and always has been with long white blonde hair and piercing blue eye… Silver spoon and cheap coffee Silver spoon and cheap coffee / The smell, / of cheap brewed coffee / fills the room, / the communal spoon / sits there, / waiting / for … Peets-Studio City-3 PM-Of a Black Hat & Straw… Riparian breeze, soft burble of a brook and the emotional stillness I so treasure. You walked by again. Sidewalk Devolution Steam rising; spirit shapes / Evoked by barista magic / Wormhole to simpler times Early Morning Haiku All-Day-Long I stir and I stir / insoluble irony / into my coffee Coffee Shop Affair He held the white container with two hands, delicately, as if it were pristine, holy, relishing the heat. The chalkboard in the coffee shop asked “What animal would you most love as a pet?” / exotic……simple…..companionable…….protector / I̵… In search of the elusive coffee shop early on a C… the streets / are dark / maybe even dank, / a little rain, / possibly climate change, / who knows? / maybe god! / bless you Kyoto? / so al… A Long Awaited Arrival. (Mature) Cheetah In The Urban Jungle This time round, the prize – / Is a blonde that caught my eye. Drinking you A wise man once told me / Never eat food that’s been cooked / While listening to Morrissey. / And if you get this you’ll understand / Th… THIS IS UNEXPECTED : Chapter Eleven There are two categories of men she was attracted to; there was the kind you would consider having sex with but would never mate with. / Th… you are not the lyrics to my melody I will take my skinless pear and eat it with brown sugar / And drink my coffee wrapped in my cloak of clouds some peace from over the fence She was often thankful that a beating heart was in involuntary action, or she might forget to do that too. Coffee Dare I find myself having coffee with you one day. For you said it cannot be true. Ever vigilant… I remain standing here, cup in hand… If only… He orders a second coffee, and something decadent from the counter display. Caffeine and chocolate. Both ‘c’ words; like ‘… The Butterfly dance Hours pasted, candles made their way down on the floor with us, as did chocolate, a ginger cat called Bert and soft moonlight. whoo hoooo Featured ‘’ WOW ’’ I’m truely honoured to have this piece featured in the ‘’ All Things Coffee ’R… Sticky tape to mend broken bones I’ll keep you safe.’ Putting the photo in her breast pocket, she pats her heart. Daily Commute the daily commute / morning fog slowly parting / for drive-through coffee Untamed serenade’s to Violet The fingers on his left hand alternated with his mouth. One held a cherry as the other held a lit smoke. Coffee FIX In this slick city of coffee drinking freaks (who are constantly taking leaks!), I often feel a pang of wonder at how many coffee casualty&… Toys From Above In the false glow from the city, I saw blood pooling around her, tracing the grout in the tiles, painting a grid away from her body. NaPoWriMo #29 Local car lane to be turned into musical / Local actress to perform in bus lane; drivers outraged COFFEE: HISTORY of the BREW Our culture runs on coffee and gasoline, / the first often tasting like the second. / Edward Abbey Mud I will always fail at something and sell off all my tangible assets. I am staring at my coffee which is not my coffee at all. How The One-Legged Race Horse Defied The Laws Of … Sometimes you’ve to to take the picture off the wall to clean it, before you can truly appreciate it’s beauty. The spilt coffee It flew about my head, / Confusing every thought, / It nonchalantly walked around, / The rim of my coffee cup, / Helped itself to a bit of … Sitting Sipping Coffee I sit sipping coffee in the company of others, / Who likewise, sit in the company of me. / Each avoiding looking at any of the others, / Fo… A Coffee Dream When I slept I dreamed of justice / In the mission charity line I spoke with others like me / we had our dreams stolen by ruthless , cleve… The number that you have dialed… She nods once and pulls the velvet cocoon tighter around me tilting her head a little and chewing her bottom lip Ode to my coffee cup Ah, a moment to sit, / To smell the brew steaming from my cup. / To halt and let thoughts of nothing hold sway Coffee and Roses There’s no truth in advertising you know. / I went to therapy to find out where I was going / and all my therapist wanted to talk abo… The Petal’philles Chapter VI Familiaritas before I felt the pain I tasted the blood. My eyes so focused on his watched black irises which darted from my eyes to my lip, Pt. 1 Waiting, Pt 2 Things you think about in a c… “I waited all night but you did not come and I had to drown my passion / Poison ocean crashing the shores of my spirit / Rising sun b… THANK YOU, ‘ALL THINGS COFFEE’!! ‘QUIET TIME’ / THANK YOU, GROUP MODERATORS, FOR CHOOSING THIS PHOTO TO FEATURE IN THIS GREAT GROUP. I LIKE TO JUST PAGE THROUGH… It Was Over Right then I would have killed to be carefree and unstained by situations like this. COFFEE ANYONE? oh my…. Catching Up Catching up / Over 10 o’clock coffee / With a friend / I hand’t seen in a while / Talking about our / Busy lives / And memories… Without Coffee. NOTE: i think if i’m really honest i’d have to say most of the reason why i’m doing this is to experience pain, to know t… Surfacing “How long do we have?” She whispers in my ear and kisses my neck just below where her words touched. I gulp. / “Twenty mi… Cube World The hum of my laptop as it sits there in front of me, someone’s chair creaking just a little as he rocks back and forth, a scrolling … ALL ALONE. All alone except for / The dame sitting across / The way drinking coffee / Her lips ready to sip her / Hands holding the cup / Her fin… The Corner Coffee-shop The heart has / Infinite planes / Chambers yet unheard; / The soul feels / A universe of journey; / The spirit— / In and outside the box si… Kiss Me in the Morning Cup my face like coffee / And drink dreams from my eyes / Read the Braille ridges / Of my hand with fingers blind The 70th Birthday… Down the stairs I walk – carefully – got my red, peep-toed, three inch, high heeled patent red shoes on! Got to be careful at… Coffee Shop Psychiatry It was all might be’s, it was could of’s that where hurting me, the what if’s. Hurt Your laugh poured hot glass / In to my heart COFFEEHOUSES do you remember coffeehouses / the smell of pot so clear / whispering your poetry / everyone listening intently to hear / the coffee strong… To Live A Dream For me…… PHOTOGRAPHY has been a wonderful journey of self-discovery….
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