I’m not Homicidal “I got me the prettiest little fucked up bitch in America, and it’s all my fault. Guess that means I gotta fix you, huh?”… Tyler Durden: Anti-Hero of the 90’s Tyler Durden is the archetypical male warrior who is strong, self reliant and courageous and is glorified by the “Fight Club” culture becau… Club 46 Gerringong and Shoalhaven Heads Wineries … Come along on a tour of three of the South Coast’s best wineries with a group of fun-loving people who know how to enjoy life! Circle Dance with Gratitude What on Earth is a Circle Dance, might you ask? In order to know, of course you need proper training. First and foremost, you have to have … Ode to Fight Club I am on a road to nowhere Goin Out Riding home on the Northern Line feelin hot and sweaty, / no air to spare, people are gettin petty. a ‘drop’ of the good stuff -Penfolds … Come back soon, we miss you / Your “Geeze Louise” and like / The way you toss your vowels around / Your dictum and your skite … the club (Mature) The good saint. The good feelings. The good news. ……as well as some lucky ladies getting to sit on the saint’s lap and others getting a big hug from one of the good fun en… The Bubble Club the bubble club The Club “Knickers & Lace…Fallen from Grace” Sedona Gun Club: Second Amendment Protecting the … On a living room bookshelf, rising floor to ceiling, ranges an arsenal of literature from Friedrich Nietzsche to Dante Alighieri, David Sed… The Plank Lane Working Men’s Club Trip to S… I followed her on all the rides until my tickets ran out and then I just followed her. Tribal rites at a 21st Century dance club Games without frontiers / No names, no hang ups, no fears / In Armani and Gucci, intrepid cave dwellers from Pablo Escobar’s S &… taken (Mature) Club 57 A solitary sax / Plays smooth, melodic jazz / Beneath cool, sapphire mist / Within a heady…smokey haze / Blissfully unaware / Of patr… If We Ponies Could Talk If we ponies could talk, we’d tell you some things, / No saddles, no headgear, no snaffle bit rings. A Good Night (Mature) In The Woods Humans often treat animals so cruelly … but what if the roles were reversed? Thus, “In The Woods.” :) http://www.redbubble.com/people/georgieboy98/art/… To the kind soul who bought a card of my photo above, very many thanks. I am thrilled. Peter Crisis Club VI – My introduction to DSLR photogra… It was Phil! “Phil! What are you doing man? There is a Lion out there! Get back in your tent you fool!” MELBOURNE DRAW CLUB :) <<<<<<<DRAW CLUB MELBOURNE>>>>> Promptus Fructus I opened the door quickly, casually, as I always did. My feet finding their way over the threshold without me giving the order. Club Jesus Hurry! Hurry! Come one come all… Welcome to the Club But try to remember, suicide is nothing more than extreme weight loss The Underground (Mature) country club blues “… I want my planet back …” / said god… / “… and the math … is coming… " Preternatural teaser winter is coming and the fires inside me are being stoked for the coming five months, I can feel it burning in my gut, my head and my heart… sunrising…serie XIII !…was featured! sunrising…serie XIII !…was featured! Article on Lions Club teaching about flags From This: / February 23, 2009 /   / The San Manuel-Oracle Lions Presented Flags for First Graders Feb.12th @ 1st Avenue School, and @ Mou… Club. Desription of a club live at the star club there is a few in things in life that i have to use extreme and i mean extreme caution with.a few is obvious like the devils brew and a lin… South Melbourne Life Saving Club Calendar My friends at the South Melbourne Life Saving Club are building a new home. / All profits from this calendar will go towards the club, to h… San Manuel-Oracle Lions 2 18 2009 San Manuel-Oracle Lions 2 18 2009 / Only a blind man could fail to see what the Lions Club has done for the poor, and, in many cases, the… The Stunt Tree, the Clay pit and the Cave Club. A… This is the start of thinking and the end of growing. What We Need What we need is some John Wayne justice / Marshall Dillion and even Festus / We need “Here comes the Sun” / And less stress on everyone Man Hands there’s so much space Good Morning Redbubblers Was Feature Thank you so much Buyers Club for the feature. Very much appreciated and honored. Big Firey Sunflower Was Featured Thank you so much Buyers Club for the feature it is such a honor! the Danger Alley Jazz Club it was one of those places / where the typical smoky atmosphere / only added to its appeal / the craggy creatures / who lurked in the darke… Half Beat… Flat The studio was grey when I arrived / Not a beat, just pitch black / In my head it appears / Let’s finish what we started / Covered in metro… Success: The Things You Own Begin To Own You Our Great War’s a spiritual war… our Great Depression is our lives. We’ve all been raised on television to believe that o… Starting My Own Line of Shirt Designs and Club wi… myspace.com/alchysu House Lost in music, / I make my way through the crowd. / Short skirts, / Tight T-shirts. / Fluffy Boots, / Glow Sticks. / Whistles, / “Make some… “Club Bunny” featured in “Put O… This is such a cool feature!!! This photo reminds me of an old Playboy Club photo with one of the beautiful club bunny’s posing for t… Tomatoes Tomatoes Tomatoes Was Featured Thank you so much for the feature Buyers Club. Very much appreciate it. Featured 2,3,4 club Thanks so much tothe moderators Shane, George and Janine for the feature of Chris Vermeulen in the 2,3,4 Club. / Awesome !! The Club The erratic throbbing heartbeat / Of the beast that I am in / Resounds inside my body / And crawls upon my skin / Its bowels are filled wit… Please Visit My Animal Friends at The Mob Fan Club - / I have five great buddies who have their / own Redbubble page please go check / them out. / = / The Mob Fan Club / - …club lingerie sunset boulevard … all legs eatable asses and tasty curvy tits…nothing and everything is revealed…hollywood midnight sunset boulevard Club Dead: Opening Act Few people see this place. Fewer still come in. / Perhaps you are curious? Or feel like you want to be in here? Diet Club Andy was a militant vegan, recently made reduntant from a health food shop. When he told the Job Centre this fact, they immediately found h… Dance Pub is noisy / And too crowded, / People jostle me / I feel on edge. / Club is noisy / And full to bursting, / People dance, / I join them … Club Dead: Main Performance Me? Well. Everyone knows me. / No idea where they met me but everyone seems to remember me from somewhere. Dive Lines the reader in stitches. He could write modern romance or modern short story, but he could not describe women. Club Dead: Closing Act After a while, we talk. His story is like mine, just a little later and much faster. / The piano plays a while. Jazz club Music fills my ears with colors / A blend of so much wonder / Red pounding drums / Blue clash of cymbals / Green blast of trumpet / Clarin… Marketplace The music throbs, / the pulse of an immortal beast. / It strains for the chance to devour her. Mixed Media I don’t know much about anything, / but I do go to an art school. / I’ve been learning about the trends / and ground breaking m… The Lift Club “He sensed the presence of a new elbow in his side before the door slammed shut and the engine revved. As he turned to identify the i… Song in the Dead I lift my bow before I even know what note I’m going to play. Then I know. I match their key and gently play a long slow note with them. The Club for foolhardy dreams / you suddenly have no need / now that you’ve joined The Club… The night club crawl global nations all one under sex strobe / do the night club crawl ,do it all / get your body pearcings done for free THE GEEBUNG POLO CLUB by A.B. “Banjo”… It was somewhere up the country in a land of rock and scrub, / That they formed an institution called the Geebung Polo Club. / They were lo… Lookin At Me Do you want to whisper your love into my ear / Do you want to sip your drink and let me taste the poison on your lips Don’t join our club 4 years gone along my way / I say my fate go into play / Grabbed by a cold pale hand / My heart went from warm to bland Night club buddha dancing shirtless A Pool of Sparkling Blue It’s gone now, replaced by a large and numbingly boring RV sales center, two acres of asphalt covering an area that was once a beautiful po… Comedious Commentarious :Drama Club The man asks his friend," why does Hollywood have so much pull in Washington D.C. My View of the OPTI-MISS Club 1st Act Nowhere to go, 2nd class of the day, / sitting near the screens. / All that I heard was a squawking noise, / a loud high-pitched screeching… The club I know a club, the kind of club, one’s proud to be a member of, / where boys and girls, do dance and play, the countless empty hours … The Squawker’s Club 3rd Act Thrice the same, each time at the screens, / never noticed by them. / Each time I listened to their squawks, / cryptic as the most perplex… Get your Body on the Dance Floor Don’t just stand there / Let the music fill your spirit / Don’t be scared / Take her hand, make her submit / Hold her close / I… a baby seal walks into a club… jagged, splintered, heavy blistered weight, hanging from buckled knuckles, / oozing innards, fresh and moist and warm and pulsating, squirm… Thursday Nights Eager hands holding cheap beer and dollars, / hungry eyes bleeding desire as they holler, for their favorite stripper. / No better way to s… Club of Lost Kids Love is essentially about to possess, which is, in turn, emotionally dangerous. Mothers who are addicted to children wish to see them often… Fight Club (Mature) The diamond, The heart, The club, The spade. The diamond, The heart, The club, The spade. / None of these promises should have ever been made.

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