My heart is parched.

miss nebulosity

I saw her in the sky; shaped like a cloud, she was laying on her back, without underpants, her legs spread wide open.

I drank from the clouds…

Listen to the audio recording by me here / I drank from the clouds / swam in blue satin / flew from the sun to / the crystalline mountains …

To Just Run

to run along a white trimmed beach with / little yellow shells buried half in the sand…

Purple World

Showing all the pictures of my Purple art work!

To Be Much More

At evenings dawn the clouds come to play / And like them we can glow and soar / Shining brightly in a single suns ray / We too can become s…


I felt, your love is so rare


These are the stories I wish to tell my children, / with campfire glow flickering in my eyes / and clear rivers flowing through my veins

Forget The Things That Made You Sad

Forget The Things That Mad You Sad, But…


but there’s always one, isn’t there?

The Soap Bubble – Episode 10. The Storm Clo…

Episode 10, The bad guys spring into action! what will happen to our hero?


Your eyes, / a sea / of sparkling stars / hold time / suspended

Watching the clouds……

Watching the clouds moving along in the sky / I saw poetry in motion / Listening to the twitter of birds in the trees / I heard a lovely sy…

Mud in your bucket

I just knew the clouds today were saying "Ahhhhh that’s better”. / ………….. / “Move out of the way……

If Only I Could See You

A lonely figure of a woman / Dressed in snowy feathers of white / Swooping, skirt swirling / Flying free and / Graceful as a swan, / Fleet…

Water and Clouds

water and clouds / effortless / sky / tiny subjects in my head / spectacle rush where leaves fall into the water / float then this false co…


Thankyou so very much to DAWN DAVIES & DAWNSKY for featuring ‘’ SPHINX ’’ this is truely a great honour. / So v…


Floating between heaven and hell / Flames of purgatory licking at your heels / Whilst the light from heaven is calling out / One so far, th…

it was written in the clouds………

Extinction, I saw it written in the sky! / Every one, / seeks the same things, / in life, / peace, contentment,diamond rings, / its all / w…

Hands like Clouds

If only to hear the morning in the pliable, ductile moments full of the scent of sex. / sounding sane and just like humans, just like anyon…


Offering libations of inspiration / To the spirit of freedom

light up the night

Clouds drift across our eyes.

…And all of a sudden.

Creating moments of life, love and every little thing that hung inbetween.


Here we left memories in the sand / Footprints of a carefree life

The Harpies

Wicked, were the tears the sails they made / Pirates disembowelled the rest flaid’

Cloud talk

it’s a sweet surprise / I like the way you hold your lips / soft on top of mine

when it falls

a great nebulous matter

A Walk in the Clouds

a glide / through iridescent softness / cruising through delicate cirrus clouds

clouds, glitter and pink ribbons in your cereal

you’ve found something good.


You always faught for what you believed / You were alot like me / Just like a soul in the wind

Fantasy Land Poem

Fantasy Land Poem!


they floated in red rainbows / and beautiful hearts / love was their answer / from the very start / dancing on the edge / of their very sou…

My Head Was in the Clouds Alright

Dream-filled balloons sailed away that day. / I noticed that you forgot / to tie a note on the end / of each string. / How will they know w…


Thankyou so very much to DAWN DAVIES & DAWNSKY for featuring ‘’ SPHINX ’’ this is truely a great honour. / So v…


the colour of my soul is blue, / teal to be precise / although that is not my game / flying and floating / somewhere above the ground / th…

A Thought In Silhouette

At twilight, I sometimes allow myself to sit on the edge of an abyss. / Silhouetted against the window of creation, / The universe as my c…

And God sings

and time stops / just for this moment / the world freezes / wind is stilled / silence reigns

Drift Wood 2

… I’ve decided / I don’t want / To be Water / He never gets to rest …

cumulus nimbus

no longer alone in the sky / my soul joins yours / two virgin-white clouds / swimming in inky blueness / feeling the warmth / of destiny on…

Among the Clouds

As I Dream, I Fly Away, Into The Sky….. / / Diane wrote this to utilize in her clouds photo book called “Among the Clouds”…

Do You Still Love Me?

That lovely smile / That I see / Is it still / All for me?

Fairfield Avenue ~ my first poem

More abstract thoughts / Up on / High breezes / Painting pastel strokes / Fast and slower / Eyes entranced by wing-feather / Cloud edge wis…

Night clouds

Vague like a circle around the moon / I feel your approaching presence / While I wait in this bed / Covered in natural awareness / My retur…

Always Hope

Despairing clouds assemble / And hide the sun away………..

a fedora for the fallible and terse

I imagine my complementing Horus to be the lover I’d like to drive through day, night and my most hidden places with, in a sleek Cadillac.


Waiting by the window / Surrounded by / yesterday’s sun burnt fields / tears held in a basin of stone / remainders of my raven wings


She turned to him and said something witty about cartoon clouds. It made him uneasy.


Hidden in these shadows were the demons that they had all tried to push aside. They were not welcome. This was not the time to indulge them.

High tide clouds,low hanging stars

Come sail with love. / We may free our self’s of this world.. / This tiny boat might not be much. / But I promise it will hold…


There is a sense of doom before me / The sky is changing from sunny and bright; / to dark and foreboding. / The heat from the noonday sun …

Awakening Change

RELEASE the past…


floating / high above the ground / where the air is thin / and the world is far

Broken Clouds

The devil and the / Deep blue sea; / I remembered / When you said / You couldn’t / Swim without me. / You had a foolish mind / But spoke s…

Fly with me ………..

come fly with me / catch me if you can / for i will catch / you first

The Memory Of Storms

The great summer thunderstorms of my childhood / Seem far distant now. / Perhaps another young memory / Distorted through the filter of…

I Threw My Dreams Into The Sea

I threw my dreams into the sea / Hoping they would rise into the clouds / And shower upon us like rain / Dripping with love, falling with h…

in dreams (poem)

the girl / who / woke with a vision / of a sky blue with clouds / that went on forever


I have been so busy, very limited time for Red Bubble so I got up extra early to catch up and I find out that I sold a calendar. “Ex…

don’t be afraid

so fly me to the moon

The Interior of Clouds

Someday I’ll write you back, / answering your questions / with rain ink and a lightning / fork nib. The interior plans / of my skull …


but even the moon / cold as it is / weeps to see the coming of winter

A Gift of Creation

Dark and mysterious / Fire at night / Lift now your vision / And breath in the air / Drink in the beauty / As stars fill the sky

Morning clouds

I danced / On the tips / Of the early / Morning clouds / With you


INTRODUCTION / “a fully enlightened One……..He, by himself thoroughly understands, & / sees, as it were, face to face this universe…….Th…

Sky Worship

The sun was setting in front of me / Bathing me in His warm golden light / I watched in awe and fell to my knees / As the mighty sky held m…

Spring Joy

new life whispering…vitality beckoning

‘Just Seeing’ dispels dark clouds

The peace you seek is nearer in abundance….when you begin to “Just See”!

Raining Tears

The rain gently falls, doing its pitter patter dance upon my window / the sky is dark and dreary / The heavens have opened and released its…

In my dreams

Close my eyes, your essence feels me, / Safe and warm, we rule the world, / Outside the world is dry and cracked, / But in here all is blue…

Christmas delights!

Clouds garland snow capped mountain peak / Icy snow butterflies melt kisses upon my nose / Puffs of warm, moist breath balloons billow out …

Dream to Fly.

Once upon a time there lived a boy who wanted to fly. He spent his days imagining ways to leave the ground and soar in the clouds. He thoug…

Portsea HDR Featured in ‘’Going Coast…

Another feature this time in the group GOING COASTAL, Thanks so much to the group for this feature its a great thrill to have this featured…

Better Things

The days are growing darker, / The nights are getting colder, / The sun hides behind grey clouds, / While my heart grows ever harder. / The…

I am Searching for You

I am going crazy for you / As i run my fingers / Through my hair / I shake my head in / Discontent / Which cloud are you / Drowning in.


She stands on a cliff / Head held high / The posture one of majesty / Towering above the still waters

Sound of….

I stood above the clouds overlooking the dusk / but not high enough to touch the moon / I loved her eyes I yearned for her touch / and the…

Head Clouds

Get a grip now / I can see it in those eyes: / see past me. / Little trip out / and it’s going south / I know your mind’s racin…

The Lost Art of Cloud Gazing

I just say “Stuff you”, and continue to do what I like. I lay back and listen to vintage Pink Floyd


Let me dance / Do not stop me / I want to dance / I want to throw my arms on the wings of the air / The same way birds rely on the unseen /…

if tomorrow never comes

…so what can i give you to last till tomorrow / when all that i have here is just for today / i’d offer you something but all i…

On waking

A cotton candy sunrise …


imagine the unthinkable / where the red rain burns through / and the scarlet clouds brighten the sky / the seduction of women / destroy all…

Pylons at Dawn

A psychedelic mixture / As to the clouds they reach ……….

Passing clouds

A brother, a sister, a friend in you / Or parents so treasured and dear to you / A life may cease in shape or form / But love remains after…

Good Ol’ Canada

Geese call / As I walk / In this / Placid / Tranquil / Place


A peak outside and off I am. No signs of archers today.

Drift Wood

I wish I were water / So I could evaporate

The One in Review

To be like these clouds; they roll on, they roll on…

roads and clouds

We are as pilgrims to the lucky ones / In mirrors we see we feel we are / Partners one and all / Today we share like roads and clouds

among grey thinning clouds

i have passed the 5-0 / i have seen the high water mark / i don’t expect the answers / to come as easily anymore…..

Soul Searching

If we have no dreams…… / With no purpose we are adrift …


give me your hand / i will save you / pulling you / from the grasp of evil / to the beauty of light / i will carry you upon my shoulders /…

Allure Me

I like the way / the cigarette caressed / between your desirable lips / dances with the words you speak, / as if your vernacular / has a rh…

The Clouds in The Wind.

The rain battered down like the sound of guns, heavy and loud. With the mixture of the roaring waves of the sea, my ears were flooded. Larg…


For as my eyes see outward / My mind’s eye sees within - / The chambers of my heart / Is the place to start

The storm

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