little zephyr

One / new / leaf / appears / in faithful……

Clear reception

I listen, learn

Clear skies (Images Project #5)

They walked in silence for awhile, both listening carefully for the telltale whoosh sounds of transports overhead.


my eyes roamed to heart / I saw the sun blazed down from a clear blue sky / the garden blazed with colour / and in the blaze we go

Shine Again

the sun shines / and the moon rises / the light from both illuminate your face / when everything has gone dark / I’ll be there, to ho…

Crystal Clear

crystal clear aqua blue / in all its shades and hues / spray of the crashing wave, / the ocean, the beach, / the distant sea… / such a de…

Oh, Give Me a Tactician’s Heart

Oh, give me a tactician’s heart – / clinical and cold, / ably blessed to see the world / a chessboard to be played.

a crystal clear moon…………&…

The clarity of the moon is so crystal clear / on this very still evening of Sereness / Silvery moonbeams shining upon / the earths surface…

FREE (Repost)

The unfathomable water stretches out before me. / It echos forsaken memories of the womb. / I stand , transfixed by its cool depths.Ponderi…

Clear (Where no ones around.) ©

Clear (Where no ones around.) © / BY: Hector A. Encinas

Behind My Calm

Sometimes I don’t have much to say. / Sometimes I’m silent / to push you away. / Behind my calm is my hurricane. / I talk with …

This Creek

I sit here blessed / bare, immersed



clear, the sounds rise

i hardly heard your whisper, / but felt your sleeping frame, / shift, as you rested your head / on my arm. / in the smeary light, / the col…

She needs him and he needs her

She’s such a flirt, / He lifts her skirt,

Clear Days

I want to lie here forever. But I know that it’s getting late and I must go to bed. But I’ll be back tomorrow

a clear path

there is now a clear path / the one you heard was there / waiting for you to find it / in a fairytale / which you took as gospel / but by t…

“Purple Haze”…(becoming clear)

I have learned to appreciate the fact that beauty is so much deeper than how a flower wears a dress..

Clear Blue Sky

9/11, Remember our dead on a clear blue day…..

A Clear and Unmistakable Answer

“Words about God and faith are inappropriate in a public school classroom,” a senior in my English literature class spat out at me. “Why d…

As clear as day

It was in the way that you held my gaze / When I introduced myself to you / It was in the way / You repeated my name / Under your breathe …


I escaped execution / by straying from your side

Here me clear

Are you hearing what I’m saying? / Are you getting the gist of it all? / Have my words / Fallen on deaf ears / Is there another number / …

Clear day

Crystal / Precise / Peaceful / Perfect / Sharp / Shapely / Certain / Decisive / Effortless effectiveness / Such is the clarity / of the mi…

~ On top of the World! ~

Oh to be on top of the world / To breathe the air so pure / To feel the warmth of the sun on my back / Have the freedom of life to endure


I am Lying here all alone thinking about the last time I saw you.


God placed a soft soft pillow

It wasn’t clear

I walked up to a building to meet someone, wasn’t sure who was going to be there.

What’s behind the mirror?

You look at yourself in the mirror / “What do you see?” / “I see me”. / With a single glass tear / That rolls down …

To Keep My Testimony Clear (I Corinthians 1:6)

To Keep My Testimony Clear / Oh, God, please let me know, / If I should stand and go, / To keep my testimony clear. / How do I go about, / …

crystal clear chords

i can’t stop it now / though i long to turn a deaf ear / to crystal clear chords / of music washing over me


she was a gift from God, an angel that touched my life / I will always love her, and think of her wherever I go… / and whatever I do

The Activists of Today Need to be Clear

for revolution to ignite.

clear catastrophy

confusion in a clearing

The image made clear

Can’t be what others see? / In me I know it’s not of me / But where’s my clothes / You’ve hung it out to see / Not built to look like me / …

there’s nothing so lonesome, so dull, or so…

Well for all the greatness that 4 20 was, 4 21 has been pretty shitty. I had a rude awakening by my grandmother. Then I went to this class …

This Day.

On this day, / I bid farewell to the grey, / As the sky clears, / To this face of dried tears, / The birds fly and sing, / In the distance,…

On A Clear Winter Night

miniscule, shimmering luminaries / sparkle like glitter / through magnificent, dark sentinels. / stately, they guard my presence / as I gaz…


she was a gift from God, an angel that touched my life / I will always love her, and think of her wherever I go… / and whatever I do

clear form

cryptic a dialectic / this script is / specific / in it’s specificity / it’s electric / and a test / of the manifest / prede…

A Clear Head

A Clear Head / You can see forever / when you’re not closed in / by tudes. / Platitudes / attitudes / When the curtain comes up / and…

clear air

patted down, the hair rests / unkempt night time turning / leads the dawn into the day / where all creatures live. / some retire as i rise …

Black and White

If ever there was a sign, / Plain, / In black and white, / From you to me…

perfectly clear

Every single human being is born on this planet as the embodiment of Love, Itself / as You Are liberation / You remember this / .. / All th…

When Words Attack

…solid gold nuggets of chicken pot pie in the sky is “Blue Suede Shoes” are made for walking and talking on the phone calls out to ot…

Clear as I Can Say, My Rant of the Day

You’re pathetic, indirect, and out of control / so why don’t you trip and fall down you’re own rabbit hole,

here life is clear

Here life is clear. / We play our Abbott and Costellos. / Our twenty ten, / She makes it amazing. / Her care / unannounced / to the suffer…

15 Divine Vision: Looking out through the eyes of…

I view what yet has thus begun / I view the birth of every sun/son / Pure god mind; I mage in ation / Truth, I see, I am …………Creation

“Clear my mind”

My thoughts form all week / I have to renew my mind / Body and spirit / So that my soul can / Be at peace with my / Higher self / Happiness…

Claire n Clear

Claire n Clear / Claires are clear / And fair as the air / Sweet as pears / They care and are rare / The voice; charming and soothing / The…

Clear message

Do not ever be confused / About this one thing / I love you / It’s not poetry / It’s love / © siki dlanga / 06/05/2011

Just To Clear Things Up A Bit

George A. Yesthal / Our foreign policies, especially those governing our involvement in the Middle East, are in shambles. For once I (sort …

Clear Direct Blue

“Your father arrives with the moon” my mother says as she turns to look in from the balcony. I am in her bedroom, watching her …

clear bright dark sharp night

on this clear bright dark sharp night / there are many people who love you / so many kilometers away / but some just seconds / you make the…


This music / inside my soul / directed / in and at me / is this what I need? / singular focus / time to gather / towards / propel / recon…

clear light

The absence of all colour / is the whole of them all

clouding the clear

Another sip… / just, to evade the edge, / another smoke, to compliment / the ever nearing chasm. / And, I dont know / if it’s m…

Perfectly Clear

Every single human being is born on this planet as the embodiment of Love, Itself / If You want liberation / You remember this / … / …

Heart Vs Mind

Until i die my heart will love / Until i die my heart will fear / Until i die my heart will care / Until i die my heart will be clear / Unt…


shine or outshine? / illuminating or blinding?

Clear Absense

Slowly, she crouched into a pounce position. She took in two deep breaths, and eyed the rim of the pool. / Suddenly, she sprang up, racing …

Stop terroism in the world

Please join hand agianst terrorism and clear it

tethering tide

i’ve sought out all the / petty salt watery tears, / but light does and can glisten on the other side, / question is will you let it

Time For Some Sanity And Clear-headed Considerati…

George A. Yesthal / I am really torn on this whole refugee issue. I feel sorry for them and admit that much of their sorrow and trvail is d…

Empty or Clear

But this time the mirror is too clear, the stark reality deeply humming in my ears, / reminds me of the fact that many times there is no di…

clear blue skys

Clear blue sky’s on a hot summers day, / children’s laughter echos as they happily play. / The sweet subtle aroma that fills …


With silence, comes clarity. / When it is broken, in the chaos of sound, / freedom will kiss / with softly cold ghost lips. / Lie to me a…

Got it loud and clear

You know why I am so hard? / I learnt from you.

Clear my Mind

Clear My Mind / The day is swirling a constant stream / and I am everywhere else but here. / I am twelve I am ninety years old / clear my m…

Clear the Way

Eventually I reach the dirt, bruised and torn / The stillness shocks me as I look up

Perfectly Clear

You have made it perfectly clear / Pushing me away.. / Losing you is exactly what I fear / You need a loving hand / Someone to hold you clo…


…watched the yes dart across my vision in clear, bright letters. But I rolled the word away to the back of my head…

Clear Green

I have spent many hours / Balieving i am a dead flower / Not worthy of your Affection / Confroming my self destruction / Pulling myself out…

old age draws near

like glass shards in the rain, clear clean / pain, awashed with fear, as old age draws near

Peace in the Hardest Times

Its these moments of calm in which we can clear out minds / And deal with the most struggling times ahead of us.

Clear Acne Up Quick With These Tips

Congratulations, you got your first pimple. Welcome to being a teenager, as this is most likely the first of many. This article will explai…

my mind space is clear vast and empty

“How is your mind space?” you ask / “Clear” I reply

Crystal clear.

You cry / But why? / Do you hurt? / Or is it / Tears for me? / Tenderness, on tender lips / Of heaven high above / Arms reach down / With l…


cloud and sun

The Clear

Music has never been this clear; he thought as he pulled out a piece of paper and a pen.

I originally submitted it to wikiquote ’ A …

And now I see somebody has created this T-shirt with the above caption without notifying me. Please somebody give me the royalty for this. …

‘The Transit Measure [iT.1]’

Far above and well below. / Dark as deep and clear across, / pressing forward through waking light; / to permeate our dreams. / I was lande…


We soared into the firmament, to chase the fleeting dark. The dice now thrown we surged forward, away from breaking dawn.

Earth Song

The sky once blue, has since turned gray, / The water once clear, has been polluted away.

Love’s Blindness

Sipping multicolored fires, Love’s lamp burnt clear / Beneath my eyelids, a hidden light which made / Warm ashes of my eye’s la…

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