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Nature’s Green Is Gold by Robert Frost (a c… Nature’s first green is gold, / Her hardest hue to hold. / Her early leaf’s a flower; / But only so an hour. / Then leaf subsid… My Own Makeover/Photoshoot! (Photos Here) So on Saturday April 10th, my makeup artist, Kelsey Johnson ( ) came over and made me over into a classic beauty then to… Gramophone. The night is dark, / The white is blotted, / Scars from age, / But still a timeless classic. / Years of hypocrites, / And fashioned drama, … A Classic Race My first memory of motor racing was a car rally in Mount Crawford Forest…I knew nothing about cars, even less about rally drivingR… if only we could be forever…- ancient poeti… “When is the brilliant moon coming?” / Holding a glass of wine I asked the dark night sky,without knowing which year it is now … A PURE CLASSIC! I got this off my email – hate doing the whole chain-email thing but this is just a classic!!! / Oh where is a damned brilliant vaude… conviction I shall love you without exhaust / Holding tight, no mind for cost / Even to fake a million smiles / Or to converse in awkward styles / Bu… Classic tale of a lonely woman A spinney, old apparition who haunts the bar. Blue From the corner of my eye, / I saw blue. / The color molded into the shape of a classic car, / Bright and vintage, / And my eyes flicked t… beloved immortals one by one reborn beloved immortals one by one reborn…love found love lost joys and sorrows The Day After is being featured on Zombos’ … Hey all, / Be sure to check out Zombos’ Closet of Horror ( and The Vault of Horror (http://thevaulto… DANDELION (CLASSIC HAIKU ) Into the unknown SUN (CLASSIC HAIKU) Rise to warm the earth / Inspire our hearts minds and souls / Set so we may rest / 9/10/12 Six Word Story Mama Cass Without Mama Cass Thank You for being Featured in Classic Cars Worl… 1967 Pontiac GTO ‘Black Goat’ is one of my favourite drawings, im so happy that it has been recognised and featured in the Clas… In Memoriam for my Dad; Ralph Thomas Domo Remember me when you see a blue, / Gently gliding by, / With shining chrome and angel wings, / See me smile as I drive, / When life becomes… Another Feature in Classic Dars World Wide Many thanks / For the feature / Link / Host Needed – Classic Artistic Still Life &… If you are interested in hosting or co-hosting this group or possible one of the other groups I have saved from being abandoned please let … I AM A SIMPLE MAN Daylight / Brings my dreams back, / I stay rich / With all I have… / My sweet home.. / That’s more or less the same, / The same… gurzoontite !!!!!!! with the classic Bless you too [Video] Consequence, Consequences, Consciousness, Classic… Consequence… / Our love / A result / Or effect / Of what has gone before / It was never / Of no consequence / It was always / Consciously… Adenauer 300 There must have been a time when it was a real car, / An active car, a stylish car, not meant to be a family car, / Drifting down the stree… “Proud to be an American” featured in… Many thanks to the folks at “Classic Cars Worldwide” for featuring my work “Proud to be an American” Model A Ford o… “”……R… Check it out here classic poison classic poison 6-16-09 ricardo perez jr / That’s that catcher of the average dreamer / The miracle maker / I wouldn’t sell it… Opening the Letter and Revealing Secrets The most important reason to watch “The Letter” is the legendary Bette Davis. For those who want to become familiarized with her work, this… a little classic erotica? [Video] / and how SEXY is your ZODIAC? / [Video] The Writes of Long Ago We were schooled on verse and etiquette / On verbs and nouns and predicates / We grew to know the masters / That had written long before I Have Been a Wedding Photographer for many years… Out of the ordinary lighting techniques with my photographs Classic Beauty – Like Hedy Lamarr My hands soft / Gentle to the touch / My fingers trace / Slowly your body / A chest rises / My breath races / Your classic beauty / Like H… Hand Trap – Soft Cookie i can hardly appreciate the sky everyday as i should Soliloquy of the Dead and in the brief light of day, / upon my face it came to stay, / a dark shadow spurned by naught, / ’cept the the conjurings of thoug… the classic Roses are Red, / Violins are Brown, / The more I takes Pics, / I likes our Town. classic animals [Video] Classic Nude …Billowy clouds against azure. / You can almost hear the playful / notes of the flute and strings / plunking from the lyre. / At a c… Immortals by Tune The classics never die / They inspire and aspire to a new high / They set my foot a twitching and swinging / I am but a humble servant of t… Poem to my Will With dreams only present in the past / Is my warrior -will now waning / With nostalgia my companion / Through all my life remaining? 1001 Tales of the Deep (Part 1-5) Part 1: Oil Hurts the Innocent / Larry the Squid was on fire. B1|S1 The King Against the Chair of Torture (#1) “Murder them!” Cried the young child, taking out a long yo-yo covered in blood, “Decapitate their heads and dispose of th…

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