The Circle of Life by Sarah Taylor (16 yrs) I often find myself gazing out my window, oblivious to my surroundings, watching the crystal clear water roll up the sand, it’s what … Circle Dance with Gratitude What on Earth is a Circle Dance, might you ask? In order to know, of course you need proper training. First and foremost, you have to have … Girls IN MY CIRCLE When I was little, I used to believe in the concept / of one best friend. Pella Ahes (Cornish for ‘Further Along̵… through the trees dappling your perfect body in a moving kaleidoscope of light and shade. You made almost a silent entry into the sea. We s… The Woman See the woman. / See the face behind its age. / See the beauty of her form. / See the way her way becomes her. / See past her once taught s… Paw Prints in the Sky A tribute to a sweet buff Cocker Spaniel, Stedman, who lived life and loved living. Circle of Life Here it goes again, / The wave of regret and hollow pounding, / that hole has not filled in yet, i try and fill it but it resounds with ech… Recovery Comes Full Circle Through an Art Exhibit… Purity is a celebration of life and experience, a journey of recovery and discovery held at Box Hill Community Arts Center Gallery. The Circle Rainbow An arch is the shape which we commonly attribute to rainbows, but did you know that the true shape of a rainbow is that of a circle and not… The More I See You the more i see you, the more i want you / the more i want you, the closer we get / the closer we get, the more i love you / the more i love… THE CIRCLE OF LOVE So the prince set off right away on his trusty steed heading towards the tower with rapid strides. This would be so easy he thought - The Endless Walk a cold rain pours / Soaking her to the bone / she lost her shelter / Panic seized her deeply / Fear clutched at her heart / she was walking… Drawing a Circle with Cubist Writing (1) Shadow of a wound / Wound , black and blue / Blue as an old song / Song of childhood / Childhood of ashes / Ashes of grandpa’s cigarette / … Circle of Life … to live again Her son saw her looking at the little mark on her grandson’s finger. A huge smile came across her son’s face. Had he remembered the secret? exist within the walls of reality We were on the point of giving up / what’s the point of all this violence and racism? / what’s the point of all this boundaries… Lost in a circle. I went for a walk to have a word with myself / and got a little lost, so I have now gone to / look for me. If I should return before I … a Circle of Childhood “Laughter is a reminder, the past, large trees provide shade, place / Days of old nourish days of tomorrow, Remember / Never forget, … Drawing a Circle with Cubist Words – 1 Shadow of a wound / wound, black and blue / blue as an old song Choir Belt Once on a night of a thousand tongues Circles I went down to the beach last night / And drew a circle in the sand. / I don’t know why I finished the circle, / Or why I ever began.… The Seventh Circle This is no one’s condemnation but your own; / it is, you think, what you have earned, what you deserve; / and no one – no judge, no jury, n… The Universal Drum Circle… …all hearts beating as One. in the circle I wish that I was with you now, / In that circle that grows all around you, / As gentle as moss, / Sweet as a beard of candy floss. / Where… About The Artwork: I paint with sprays and work with a method that I have developed myself, which has to do with layers of colors, masking, and creating textu… The Circle Birth / Play / Age / Highs / Lows / Death Circle of Lies – TTST17 In a chat between her frustrated friends it was decided Mel needed to be wound up a bit. Get the anger out and move on. In Vicious Circle Of Friends I see your life in still frame / Photos taken down the street, / Words written / On my old familiar screen. / In the land of comments / And… One Hope – Drawing a circle with words (2) Hope like a dark bird, rises / rises in my green eye / eye like the ocean, waiting / waiting for the next tempest / tempest wild in a fadin… THE HOLY CIRCLE Light a small fire of sweet grasses / and the fragrant sap of trees. / Its smoke purifies the mind as soon as it arises / from the hot coal… Circle Nothing moves / In a straight line: / Not the sky / Not air / Nor the current sea— / Contained in a sense / The circle not free / Just eter… Circle of empathy The women gathered as if silently summonsed hopelessness is a circle on paper strips your epitaph disintegrates…right before your eyes a covered spit wad…the sentence of uncertainties accelerated A circle of surpearlitive Passions We are forever bound within / a circle of surpearlitive passions / of a higher consciousness. / Enter my body through the window’s / … To Die Beautiful… I saw this poem coming out from the cocoon.What’s a butterfly life, so natural and what could be her last wish…written in the m… We Can Only Circle “I can’t,” I whisper; she bobs her head… The Circle of Pain The Circle of Pain / Last week I received an email from my 12 year old daughter telling me that she does not want to see me and that I shou… It completes a full circle. Story number 100 ……………………………. well who would of thought, a 100 stories in 6 months …… Circle of Love Around, around and around circle in the sand… what would you believe to be true? / a sun in the sky and the color of blue? / check to see what time it is… / and is this time a tru… inner circle sex addict i know about the places / where your body resisted the water / and where it did not Questions Why can the heart be so complete / And so ripped apart / At the same time? / How can something that’s in halves / Be whole? / Does a square… Full Circle, Life I was awakened to memories / when I was five / I did not understand the term / “To be alive” / I had not yet / experienced much… The Circle Coming from the exit / Leading to a new entrance. The circle of life Coming to the age of understanding / Seeing the reality of our existence / Knowing what the circle of life is all about / I look to the ch… the Circle Many minds one thought / one thought changing / the history of time Will the circle be unbroken. Will the circle be unbroken when we all decide to fade / Will the love we have continue to be for what we all have made daydream in a circle don’t write off / my writing up / on what’s going down / in here / the reasons / for the seasons / are perfectly clear / a perf… A time for everyting…. die,kill,laugh,wisdom,time,activity,love,understanding,truth,facts,life………….. Beyond the looking glass And Alice doesn’t live here anymore / Commended to dust by subliming age Circle like insects Circle like insects In The Circle (Mature) Be With Me Here am I; / Bringing a circle that I try / To shake loose from – Lord pry / It from my heart no matter how I cry full circle home that soulful sorta music soothes the pillars-of-pain away / of those daisy-come-darts in my heart, oh yeah… the new day smiles / my f… Circle III We will not forget you: / You will be the only one with a pulse / Dinning on the feast of the dead. Milky Moonlight – Samhain …Sweet lark sings / Harvest brings / Tisane of rosehips / Evening chill nips / Lover’s bloom / Brightened gloom… The Sacred Circle The sword of truth is shaper than all the false words of religious leadres. This Island Earth -or- They Came From Beyond Space …Like land and legend, trove of buried facts… Within a circle of time within the blasphemy of / the worlds politicians / travel at the speed of light / within a matter of seconds Full Circle Uncharted territory / Needles dripping mind / Like a sewing machine / When doth a butterfly come to? / Diverging pain / Providing relief / … The Ph of Water, 666 or 616, 306 in a Circle, the… All named and a number Time What can you say, about growing old?, / like a big willow bending branches so low, / touch the ground for the very last Time. The circle “How long must / I wait?” / “Eternity / Is like the universe:” / Harumph! / Why ask / What I already know… / Expand and Grow / Expand and … Sweetest Circle… There you are my dearest star / Rat of a character you certainly are! / Attracted the chase by way of face / Truly a place I don’t gr… full circle From the long gone night / That turned to morning, from our / Feeble, fresh attempts at naming / The ambiguous era / Between days, / We hav… Full Circle I got to thinking , like I always do inside those moments that I hold when I get to thinking like I do. It’s just the way my mind seems go,… Empty Nest, Coming Full Circle Prepare for the rush as you remember and rediscover / The unquestionable love and respect of one to the other Hot Potato ..they’re waiting to argue that later Here I feel like I am stuck in a time warp / That is both moving / And stopped at the same time / A movement of non-movement / A non-movement of… The Second Circle of Hell A timely despair do we all underlie this feeble skin, this wretched corpse, that we fall hither simping by the blood thirsty wrath to come … String of Pearls Unspoken “words of appreciation” Full Circle I guess they call this full circle, / I asked Dad as the sky turned purple, / Grew up and survived being a teenager, / Even became a truck … The Circle Completes Itself Every word of disobedience / comes with a cost. / Ceaseless wounds that never heal. / Forgotten words never shared. / A wor… Full circle. “A growl- / Grunts of animal lust…” Writing Around The World The Best I Can “i’m emotional” The circle …Each line brings her closer to closing another circle of her life. / She is happy now… silver circle I am silver circle, / life universal, / I tread with winged feet, / to a rythmic heart beat, / I am a fish in twilight, / gliding in cool f… Round Time is round, stars are bright, waiting forever to help you see, / Turning cartwheels to propel foresight, clearing snow paths in it for m… One Hope – Drawing a circle with words (2) Hope like a dark bird, rises / rises in my green eye / eye like the ocean, waiting Seagull My own coffin walking. / Temporarily cometh my emotional full circle. / Talk, talk… adverbs, nouns… talk… / Squeak bray the clowns… Full circle Tired / He lay down to rest / His fine bunny fur now / Matted… / In the haze of the / Heat / He had an epiphany… Circle Of Friends Traveling with gypsies with horse drawn wagons in Ireland The Spiked Circle A circle has no end and that is how long I will be your friend. Karmic Circle A love freely given / Bubbling from the depths / Of a caring soul / Like a refreshing spring / Giving strength, sustenance / To a wonderou… circle dance i believe / i’m dancing in one long / continuous circle / a never ending cycle / of everything / yet nothing / at the same time̵… The Circle of the Roses The truth about some roses… Twisted circle Gather round, come & see / Is what’s here -really me? / See my art, see my skin / Where do I end or begin? full circle “Algernon Blackwood at your service.” / At the desk in the foyer Beatrice squirmed; he was repulsive. / “What is it you are here for Mr. Bl… ‘Been and Gone’ I drew upon my many scars, to orchestrate this map. Plotted out a path to take me far beyond the stars. Reaching Across. Our bodies fit so perfectly together / I almost lack the need for thought, / our bodies and minds intertwined / could create their own fore… The circle Is all of life a passage / as we’ve been told before / Is it just a hollow hallway / that leads us to death’s door? “MAY THE CIRCLE BE UNBROKEN…” August 15th 2005 B… They rolled him out into the center of the room and we gathered around him one last time, making a circle of bodies pressed close and arms … Closing the circle She is sitting by the lake / paralysed after the stroke / she had been feeling secure / in the forest / but now she sees the evil / come c… The Ancients & The Magic Builders propose that magic was used to build these structures in the time of Merlin & Arthur & as recently as the 15th Century & possib… ‘Full Circle’ Cut off. The enemy is everywhere. / There is no fight now that could ever get me home. / Right knee planted in the sand, / rifle in left ha… Caught in a circle Caught in a circle / For ever turning / Around and around / Caught in a circle / When will I be free / Free of this longing / Free of this … The Circle The words of the mind cannot easily capture the images of the heart. / The heart cannot easily capture the essence of the soul. / But striv…
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