Pleasure and Pain by Artnepo The Regal Beagle by CaffeineSpark Mirrored in Pink by cdwork Chrissy by Shannon Paskaruk The first decision of the day by scottjamesprebble Walkies by scottjamesprebble Chrissy Poses For Photo by sedge808 Chrissy @ the Beach by Garry Hannah Up, Up & Away by KazM C - the Letter by shirtchef Verry Merry Chrissy............ by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon Chrissy by katiem My Chrissy present to all Red Bubblers and Diana-… Water your blidy plants outside Chrissy... Christopher Tietjens by wahnwerk Xmas Tree Window by KazM Floral Masks by cdwork Kitty Rock by Sacha Whitehead Not a happy Chrissy Missy by Denzil Chrissy by LynneHerry Chrissy Hynde by Brian Carr here's a chrissy card for you all.... by vampvamp Chrissy "artist" by Daryl Gordon Chrissy Cat by NomadicGoddess Chrissy by dalsART Chrissy by TimChuma "Out of the Shadows-Jenna's Secret" by Chrissy Siggee by Debbie Sickler Rest Brightly When I think of you, this is what I see- / An angel composed by the earth’s creativity / From your back, beautiful wings expand / You hold … The Love of Two Lost Souls (Pt. 5) This was where she belonged, and she’d risk her own death to be with him. Winnie by alittleelf When Faith Becomes Backwards I walked on the ocean and flew through the sea / I wrote my name upside down and put the one that broke my heart next to me / I solved the … Jecia's Old Flame playing with my Chrissy friends (Issy 5) by jeciaissy Our Purpose as Humans One day I began to see- when I placed my blessings in front of me- / That I cannot be clouded by negativity / I know this world has been br… Call it a Testimony This is my life in summarization ' Rebekah' by cdwork Itching For A Change by Yuann Wang Hear Me by Yuann Wang Pleasure Ride by Yuann Wang here's a chrissy tee for you all.... by vampvamp Brenda & Don's Chrissy Card 08 by bombamermaid Chrissy 01 by Karen  Securius Thin Skin (Agape Haiti) I am biologically insufficient / Because the advice I have been given for the past 18 years has been pretty consistent / I’ve been told my … Serious by Tyler Rowell Chrissy by gigglemonster My Once Upon A Hope My once upon a time has not begun / It will start when I watch the rising sun / With a princess by my side / Swaying along with the tide / … The Sweetest Dreams Call me pathetic, call me what you will / But I’m in this for more than the thrill / I want someone who makes me smile / I need a gir… Here Kitty Kitty by TingyWende Jai & Chrissy Watercolor by Joseph G.  Zacco Pohutukawa- New Zealand Christmas Tree 2 by cdwork An Artist Against the Arts Hundreds of poems have flown from my chest / And yet I cannot pinpoint a single one as “the best” / Or any that make me feel relatively at … Don’t Be Constrained “The earth is 71% covered by the vastness of the ocean/ And 100% of your life is spent dancing with the axis in constant motion” Rain Dancing I dance in rain and for rain Chrissy by cjmisme I Call Him Santa “Veteran. Need help. God Bless.” / Reads his sign, he is wishing God’s blessing on us / Even though he is the one living … Open Mic, Open Heart There is something poetic about persistence The Artist Inside It’s like the poet in me says things that the person in me never understood LGBT Movement – Spoken Word They say there’s a shred of truth in every lie / but there’s no justice when a kid CHOOSES to die / Call it a bad choice, a bad… My Truth I want to change the world through understanding and outreach Chrissy's Addiction by Tasha Null 1. My Fucking Life. (FICTIE) My fucking life. / Some girls are happy with one little thing. I want more. I expect more of life. I want to get everything out of my life.… Supernova by Chrissycope Chrissy by SharonD Ticket Booth by Tyler Rowell Day to Day Day to day it all feels routine / One more morning, one more scene / Day to day it’s like a play / Opening night, better know what to… Lil Monster Magnets - Bangs by Chrissycope Lil Monster Magnets - Chewz by Chrissycope Lil Monster Magnets - Shakes by Chrissycope # Little pink flower. by MelanieChrissy # If you're alone. by MelanieChrissy Happy Day The weightless feeling caused by roller coasters. / The sound when an earthquake is growing closer. / The shaking hands of the sick. / The … Follow I will not send you a love letter / You deserve something better / I will not write you a simple poem that rhymes / You’ve heard it a… When the Ocean Crashes As the ocean waves toss us I ask you never leave my side / As the searchlights glow I ask you, for now, to hide / As the world casts their … Cliché Chrissy Card by hatefueled High School Dirge I am so sick of high school- Just drama and synthetic emotions / Personalities so fluid, the entire quad resembles an ocean / I don’t… Chilled Hearts It’s chilling to know you were not meant to go / You left on your own accord / Love should be a flower, / you used it as a sword / It… Chrissy Deco Echo by Donuts Earthy by Tyler Rowell I Feel Art – Spoken Word Art is taking everything inside, regardless of the reactions, and personifying it- Giving it a beating heart All the Hipsters in the Hood Say “Swag!R… The other day, / someone used the saying “I know it like the back of my hand” / I asked if they were a hand surgeon, / They act… An American Dream An ocean of pearls gleam / A box holds all of her dreams / Mascara stains her finger tips / Blood red is smeared onto her lips / A white po… I Want You to Walk Away I should have said what I wanted to say / I wanted to tell you I miss you, that I want you to stay / I wanted to take your hand just like b… The Game of Fate Let’s play a game / I’ll introduce myself if you tell me your name / I’ll give you my number if you promise to call / I&#… Pool by Tyler Rowell Chrissy by dalsART Power of Art He picks up his guitar and presses pedals that lie at his feet. / He adjusts the knobs while the drummer taps out a simple beat. / There is… Back on the chain gang by NikkaPotts The First and Last The first time we spoke, it was a symphony. / The last was something like the beginning of Bambi. / I’m not writing to you out of cliche, a… A Splash of Color (Sunset) Sunsets are overlooked and underrated. / They are labeled as common because so many people are mistaken. / Sunsets allow the sun to rest pe… JOY TO THE WORM by Dropkickjaxx Miss Chrissy by dalsART Frangipanis for Chrissy by ValerieSherwood Chrissy posing on a chair by M16A271 Rocky by Tyler Rowell Caution: Models At Work - The Painter by Jeff Zoet Chrissy by Al Mullen Window Pose by Tyler Rowell Own It by Tyler Rowell
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