Girls and Women

A girl is stories, A woman is truth

Context is all

The question: Is there no such thing as truth?

Between C**t and Saint


Dinner With Fighting Fish

Be patient. First we have to drive. The fish are already there.


…that is a weapon.

Across Space

I am the tear that brings into being

Now That I’ve Found You

For someone…

the Key

You think you might have the answers to it all sometimes, but do you really know what the “Key” is?

Boa Constictor Logic

Living is like pissing in a hurricane really


Split open, the seeds fall out.

I Bought A Tshirt

And it says…

Carnival In The Wastelands

‘juicy bits’? ‘lure readers in?’ I’m sure they do.

Tree Of Life

It is with regret I carry an axe in my hand

The Beginning

I woke up with a resurrection… / It’s not about fucking which seems really popular.

Wasted Words

6 word story.

The Ultimate Liar

Oh yeah, ‘the juicy bits’: I am the ultimate liar, because even I believe my own lies, if I believe anything at all.

My Eyes For You Will Never Die

We will meet and hold in the dark


Short attention span? Simple answer.


6 words of truth, it’ll take you 10 seconds further into the future.

The Freaks Are Out

topsy turvy features wordplay, excess, parody, inversion and the grotesque.

Infant and Human and Mortal Are We

Come to the funeral of we are all born here / Attend to lost lives, which gives meaning to our hands

Broken Again

I thought I was stone, but now I am glass

The Waste Of Time

I was walking out the door when l heard the crash so l switched off the radio. The signal went dead about this time


The moon is waxing and I’ve not yet found the skeleton keys to the universe

Time and Change

A small reminder to how powerless we really are.

The Golden Angel..!!

had heard of this angel / who swings the wand / and changes things around / I walked to her with a storm in my head / the golden one as the…


Sheep nailed to the wall/Blood draining in to cups


The spirit you conjure / Can will itself to create anything / To spin the verses of our bodies into existence / To bring back the silence a…

Low Definition

We live our lives in low definition

Thief Of Light

I hold my eyes in my hands / as witness to what I can only see once

I am

I am me. / Who are you?

Stasis Angel

The pain in your belly / is your birth

Amputated Wishes

Be careful with that axe…

People Should Be Dogs

Language warning

Skin Of Shadows

Your skin is shadows

The Lightning Hunter

There I was… / huddled beneath a metal awning next to a picnic table made of the same on a warm southwestern night.

My Pins And Needles Collection

Teeth chattering, Hands clapping and laughing

Who We Want To Be

Mellow whispers search through the trees

Flack Jacket Fits

Five 6 word stories walk into a bar

Letters to Chris

It is in the way you know my history / As though your very feet have walked / On the soil that I have walked / It is in your powerful prese…

Plane Crash

Screaming wings disintegrate in rushing air

Inspired by a Chris Perry piece

I guess it was back around thirty years ago. Driving across this country looking for somewhere to live. Living in a VW, camping out. Checki…

Seven Days – Monday

Alice had been sitting on the bench for twenty minutes now. She had come here to post the envelope she clutched in her tremblings hands, bu…

My Son

My son Christopher has opened up a redbubble account, by the name of ‘’ kite ’’. / Although he hasn’t added a…


I have found out some wonderful things about my son in the past few weeks…..He is 14 going on about 25…LOL…He is a very u…

Chris Clark’s Bonny wee Tuchie Burdie

Wee tuchie Burdie traw law law

T0PSY – artlink review

Swinnasen’s prints, punishments (being banished to the corner, writing lines) strike one as sanctioned madness

Seven Days – Sunday

Chris approached the empty bench with mixed feelings.

Seven Days – Tuesday

That strange, albeit friendly young man whom she had encountered yesterday. She wondered still what his intentions were, and why he was bac…


The new set of Vinyl Toys has been added to the Art of Chris Brett Fanpage / I’d love to hear what you all think of my first few atte…

Seven Days – Saturday

Chris had appeared out of nowhere it seemed, as Alice had been so submerged in her own thoughts that despite the fact that she was on the l…

Seven Days – Wednesday

Chris plonked himself down in the space on the bench next to Alice, right where he had sat the last two days. She turned her head to greet …

The Anglican Theory of Jazz [For Chris P. Parr]

I went out on a limb, I went out on my own. It’s not a rumour, it’s academic to the core. You see, these weeds will not suffice to witness …

The Adventures of Willy & Chris: Out to Sea

“Willy, can we go on an adventure today?” Willy was always taking me on the best adventures.

Seven Days – Friday

No words passed between the two of them the whole time they were sitting there. They sat in an equally uncomfortable silence, each one want…

Chris Waller lecture

Got to have a point to start the line / Figure it out / What shape shall it take / The design / Is the principle / That works / At the emph…

Seven Days – Thursday

Alice was acting somewhat out of character today, as Chris couldn’t imagine that shy girl he met only three days ago, talking so pass…

First Night

Wake up. Wake up. It’s time to wake up. / My eyelids peel back and moonlight stabs at the revealed pupils, drowning them in white pai…

The Story of Stuff

The greedy are makin’ money fast, / Makin’ things not made to last. / And they lie, lie, lie / So we’ll buy, buy, buy. / …

UK Task Force on Peak Oil By Chris Nelder

Governments will be forced to intervene to maintain critical levels of oil supply, and limit volatility. / Rationing measures may be unavoi…

I Bought A Tshirt, Too (Thanks Chris)

I bought a tshirt that said “I design tshirts” / And now I proudly wear it all the time

Chris – Return to Sender

Stay. Wait, go. / Be gone. No, be here. / I want to be alone, / but I need you beside me.


BFF Ice is the new band from the Philippines that has four members: Dane, Lei, Noreen & Christalyn aging 10, 11, 10, 10. They sound GRE…

Review: Tales From Under the Bandstand. Bluecoat,…

This review highlights the need for more of the weird and wonderful in our dreary society.

Why There Is No Hero In Greek Mythology Named Chr…

I wish I was like one of those warriors in Greek Mythology that could look a cyclops in the eye and smile. / Maybe even say “cheese…


Days of deep sadness / Now faded to… / Moments of deep sadness / Non sensical / I do NOT understand / You had barely begun to live / …

hey chris

glad to hear about everything,i’ll write and send e-mail address

Chris the traveling chef

Instead they caress.

A chris are friends. jones spokesperson concurs w…

<br><br>Utilise necessary FootwearTo slow down specific frustration linked to MTP pain, Most notably hallux limitus—The i…


A flurry of ash. / You should have seen the way the shots were fired! / Tracer rounds were everywhere. / Then there was the snowstorm. You …

Dearest Chris.

Dearest Chris what could I ever say / To make you love me like I love you. / If I could only just have something / To tell me what to do. /…

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