there’s charcoal on her dress If she goes out to dinner, go to 4. / If she returns to the hotel, go to 5. The Origami Girl The origami girl does not live her own life, / others live it for her. / Others choose what color paper she’ll have. / Indigo for moo… no longer twenty-one they evade me / those words of yesteryear / when life was simple / and my heart was pure / dancing in the green grass / smelling each rose… choose your own buddha If she takes the bait, go to 8. / If she glosses over this provocation, go to 9. The Giant Super Market They will advise you not to waste your time / studying the labels on the back of every god Always choose treat Jason walked up the footpath with his usual swagger, his mates lagging a few steps behind. He leaped up the stairs in one bound. / “I… choose your jailors well… for some, the inner beauty is the prisoner of the outer beast ~ I choose you ~ It’s not hard to do what’s right / when love’s the guiding light / It’s not hard to let go of dreams I once prayed … choose life! grieving / back to the known / familiar / morning ritual / cup of tea Steady Through the Middle (Mature) I choose I choose favour / I choose fire like love / I choose faith like life / I choose to breathe / Rather than to suffocate / I choose love again… Choose.. Choose openness over defensiveness, / Magic over manipulation, / Purity over toxins. / Choose simplicity over complexity… CHOOSE ROSE PETALS When faced with the decision / Remain sheltered from the storm / Or chase rose petals blowing in the wind / 11/5/13 Choose Your Heroes Wisely Choose your heroes wisely, / if their words hint of inspiration / fate’s hand tilts toward assassination / and you and I will have b… Choose the Way Find a place, find the space / The space between your thoughts / Holds all the power, Open up your heart / Choose the way that holds most l… Choose Carefully Your Game: The Lost Music of Swe… A boy for a ward will show no disdain, no shame, but the man in the back tacking tricks with his stick really should carefully choose his g… Every Dose Of You You are my drug / And my drug dealer / Only dealing when you choose / I ache, I crave / Needing a fix / A fix of you / Always wanting more … HIS Meaning Of Love Lord, when you say you love me what do you mean? YOU CAN IF YOU CHOOSE IT Can you re-find the power of language / so you can say your soul in such ways / that trees recognize you; / that birds somehow stop singin… choose happy; it’s contagious! what choice have i / but to try / to make others smile / for just a while / maybe that could / make them feel good / instead of all bad / o… LIFE ORIGIN Who prompted those fish to walk? / For that matter, / gave them the tongue to talk? Choose Me? Will you choose me? / I purr through chain link. / I’m begging inside, / Please love me, just think… Don’t walk ..choose a freakin’ door! Waiting I know that life tides out, never to halt / weather to live or die I choose; / even if I except nothing- its not your fault / even the sea … It’s your ride There’s no stopping / Once it’s begun. / Do not look back / Reach forward / And embrace the unknown. / It will be… / All possibilities / Al… I choose to stay My mind is racing  / My heart is pacing, pumping  / Adrenaline through my veins.  / Tumultuous emotion swirls in an ocean  / Of anger hatre… CHOOSE WISELY Knowing that the end of days had come, I wondered “why was I spared, or was I forgotten?” Choose Choose / The charub / curly locks she was born with / framed her face in a moment / of determination / and said at one time I was desperate… ‘Compassion’ compassion is not stupidity. / some have chosen not to choose; / let them stay, as they are… / you do them no good to share their emptiness… You didn’t choose this-it chose you.. Don’t feel like chasing after the world today / you didn’t choose this / it chose you, / that entity in you, / it knew.. / You… fuel not fears …the choice machine wont work when fueled by fear, I choose to be here. My life is mine. / I can take it away. / Right now. / If I wanted to. A Test I gave you a test / It was easy / Multiple choice / You choose / No possible wrong answer / Except you didn’t answer / You didn’t make a c… Plunged and Stumbled Your mind I find ready to confuse / Blur mine when it’s on snooze / Plummet into a swamp outside / Claim I am free and ready to subside Choose it makes too much of a / difference. / caught between two me’s, / stuck between two thoughts. / choose one? / easier to say / rather… He did’nt choose me You’re in love with her, it’s plain as day. / I need you like a lighthouse needs a bay. / I plead with you, “Make your ch… How to choose the right on-line business I have a online business where I sell 150 different products. To make this decision it was really hard. I was always scared of gimics and… the life we choose fuck living, breathing and seeing to believing / only doors open to their screaming and stagnant tears / drop the bottle only to pop the pi… Choose your idols… Mimic the effects of another’s charisma, / it doesn’t hurt to try-if you see it, / and you dig it, / then they have something … Given a Chosen to Choose Vote Ignore the warnings and they are back / For a moments distraction will bring their Hells / Names forgotten more eternal heart ache / Brings… Choose Your own Adventure, Baby. At long last I meet the Guarantee. / To explain: some time ago I did a short TEFL course. This course claimed to have, through their agenci… Choose Me As A Friend Life and death Is it wise to choose the path of least resistance? This takes practice. It is human nature to justify our actions, in our own mind. It is easy not to lie to others, not so easy, to not lie t… the day u choose 2 ignore me the day you choose 2 ignore me / was the rebirth of / the aspect to indulge above / the essence to that of love / only because / my words… Choose wisely Would you accept, an offered hand, / Extended out to you? / If you were given, brand new eyes, / Would they serve to change your view? / T… How & Who To Choose So how then / Should I choose? / Lap lunch on wooden bench / With two week holiday Of These Four Words, Which One Would You Choose? Perferation / Pretend / Pear Tree / Pumkin Seeds / My Answer is Pumkin Seeds. We choose what we learn Beauty in cacophony and in harmony / and I did notice their devilish and altruistic elements, / moving by / in the rush of sensation. / Cl… Choose I’m asking you to choose. why did you have to choose her? But when she came along and took your breath away, / I was devastated and didn’t know what to say. / I spend my nights crying, time a… None Choose To Hear None Choose To Hear / Blackbirds herald approaching night, / I think of them captive along corridors / Of screams, none chooses to hear / W… “what do i choose over you” june 23, … you choose matter over me / & i’m still dying happily / but sometimes my stomach drops / like falling off of mountain tops misanthropic specters choose jiff though the lights coming through the trees have a creepiness about them, there is also something strangely romantic about it. at the same t… You love all fruit. I love apples. …if you could only eat one fruit / for the rest of your life, / what would it be?? / That’s what i wanted to know. Follow the Beat This time, the road is harder, / Yeah, this time it’s going to hurt, / But, you have this one last chance / To prove what you’r…

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