The Owl and the Pussycat by Anna Shaw Colours of the Sea by © Linda Callaghan Mystical Adventures (art & poetry) by Rhonda Strickland Mystical Adventures II ~ NiLhsa Eermat (art & poetry) by Rhonda Strickland When Rainbows Melt Into Bubbles by Elaine Bawden Fairy Flowers  by © Linda Callaghan Angel Flowers by © Linda Callaghan The Big Haul by dosankodebbie Joey the Kangaroo  by © Linda Callaghan Hide and Seek  by Rhonda Strickland Dewdrops and Tears by dosankodebbie Farmyard Friends  by © Linda Callaghan CHILLIN' AT THE LILY POND by © Linda Callaghan WHO GOES THERE? by © Linda Callaghan LITTLE ROSIE PIXEL (A Children’s Poem) She danced like light could sew a picture / Through the needle eyed Does a Lizard Have a Gizzard? Does a lizard have a gizzard? / Does a goat have a throat? / Do bees take tea with their honey? Sweet Osmanthus and the Hesitating Breezes by dosankodebbie The Rainbow Cocoon by Elizabeth D'Angelo SEA BORN AND LAUGHING If I was a fish I would tickle her ribs — / flash and twirl, spin and drop — / through her seething, salty, sanguine soul / until the stars… SEEMI DANDERGRUFF AND SPOOOT “Seemi dandergruff and spooot, / in plastered, petit fumes and crinkly foil,” / so said the Pasty Wickerwop / who splashed green mustard o… Love Candle Love is like a candle, blowing in the wind… Fairy Tears Amongst the buttercups and daisies / Afore the early rising sun / Is where you’ll find wet fairy tears / Glistening on your lawn. Gabrielle’s Poetry Collection 2002 – … The poetry and musings of a young girl…. Bloom Like a flower, we have a time… 'And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon' by Bridgeman Art Library Mrs Hannah’s Hill Right up at the end of our street there is a great big hill / Where right upon the very top a lovely house stood still A Stranger Land Daisies drifting in the air, scattered far by wind’s sweet breath. / Children rolling down the hill, laughter ringing from the thrill… CASTLES IN THE SAND THE WIND RUNS DOWN THE BEACH AS THE SUN BEGINS TO SET / THE ENDING OF ANOTHER DAY THAT WE WILL SOON FORGET / EXCEPT FOR THE CHILDREN ON TH… Jumper Caught on a nail / Snagged of ply Fire Robin Plans Xmas …perhaps a juicy worm…. When the Willow Whispers The willow’s wisdom / thousand years or more / What does she share? / What secrets does she store? / Whispering answers / moving with the… The Darkenbog If dusk mayhap should find you / On the road ’ere it gets dark, / And owls hoot more often / Than warbles the meadow lark / And up ahead,… Mr. Nibbles goofy poem for my grandkids about a cat. let the imagine run free and laugh lots when you read it to them! Cinderella Syndrome by Whimzwhirled Raindrops Raindrops on the window / Drip,Drip, Drip A COW COUNTRY CONSORT which crowns all the crazy cow folk / with the fine fragrance / moo mother’s make all the more milk warm / and little calf delicious Piggy Wiggy I want a little piggy / with a piggy button nose / four little piggy feet / and a twirly piggy tail / I’d call it piggy wiggy…. THOSE SHOES!  by monikablichar ONE FER ALL AND ALL FER BOOTY! “Ahoy there me matey’s, / able seamen are ye! / Let’s hoist up yon anchor / and shoot straight fer the sea! / Keep yer eye out for Britis… HUMPTY, THE KING AND JACK! If Humpty Dumpty had eaten  / A golden brown toasted cheese, / Cheese would have glued his egg shell / Through his sweaty pores you see. / … Garden of Graft  by dthaase THERE WAS A BEAR There was a bear living in the woods, / All alone I heard some say. / And he would look up in the sky / To pray for friends with which to p… E T “DID” RETURN My little girl’s heart was breaking, / Watching the movie E T at age three. / Tear drops down her cheeks flooding, / Had moistened the thea… BABY BEAR’S TEA PARTY Grandma, I have a great idea! / Let’s have a tea party if you please. / I would like two spoons of sugar, / And maybe a spot of cream! / Oh… SUPER-DOOPER-POOPER-SCOOPER! Into every single life, / A little poop will certainly fall. / Don’t worry, It’s just fertilizer, / It will help your plants grow tall! /… THERE WAS A YOUNG BOY A Parody to the tune “There Was An Old Lady” / There was a young boy / Who in his sweet youth, / He spit out a tooth, / Yes he … “Lady Winter” ‘Lady winter’ / came-a-calling / riding bare-back / through the air. / In a cape of / snowy white / she galloped MRS. DUST My very first teacher from Kindergarten / With the name of Mrs. Dust, / In her first job right out of college, / Was too young to show much… A BUNDLE OF JOY! More precious than silver, / And value above gold. / The worth can’t be measured / Of the bundle you hold. / No treasure on Earth , / Could… SOMETHING GOOEY IN MY PANTS There’s something gooey in my pants, / So uncomfortable that I cry. / When I get big and you get little, / You’ll understand this by and… SUNRISE SUNSET KIDS! Don’t forget the sun screen son. / And please watch out for sharks. / Remember to have lots of fun, / But be home before it’s dark! / “We… God is Fun God is fun and snicker snacker joyful. / Joy is cart-wheeling, cloud jumping happiness. / It’s totally twirly fun to be free and happy in G… Love Letters And next was J , who said “oK! / L take my chance with M” / and bravely asked if he would like / to go out for a spin. / "… THE RACE CAR GAME! Go Dancer, Go Prancer, Go Donder, / Hey, wait a minute, Jack! / It’s Go Doc, Go Sneezy, / Go Mater, Go Mac! / Get down on the floor Gramps … haiku & whimsical verse w/illustrations CLICK HERE Detail, Boy Angel.  From Winken, Blinken, and Nod by Barbara Sparhawk chair by dthaase Ladies Salon by Duncando Sheriff Sam by dthaase The Owl and the Pussy Cat by wippapics "Pray, Miss Mouse, will you give us some beer" by Bridgeman Art Library The Cat and the Fiddle by Bridgeman Art Library An illustration from 'A Frog He Would A-Wooing Go' by Bridgeman Art Library Walking to Mousey's Hall by Bridgeman Art Library Bye, Baby Bunting by Bridgeman Art Library

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