Shhh Little Girl, Don’t Cry Shhh little girl, don’t cry / Cover your ears and block out the sounds, / Of Mamma’s screams and Papa`‘s shouts. / ItR… Cry Rape (Mature) My Mum has a Bum! I hope you’re sitting down now / Cos I think you’ll be quite shocked . . . I did it I did it … / My mom … well she’s gone now / so the story can be told Young Nudes not so Black and White. In writing Child Pornography my motivation was not so much about Bill Henson and his photos as it was about beauty, freedom and innocence. … Little Girls Without Fathers A Mother Who’s Trying So Hard / And Filling Both Shoes… / It’s The Little Girls Without Fathers / The No Father Truth…. BOYCOTTING Warner Brother’s Chernobyl Diari… Hundred of thousands of children were expose to radiation and many were born during the last 26 years with deformities and cancer because t… a letter before dying I stand before you naked as the day I was born. / Remember how I told you I peed on the doctor / when he called me a “Porky, little thing!”… The Child Without No childish games, memories or laughter / No little girl’s things, to remember years after / Not learning the skills to be a good mo… Everyone wants to fuck me. (Mature) no more hiding under the bed Tears flow / from a pain / that is still / raw. / How do I / protect and cradle / that which no longer / fits in my arms? / It burns / in … God Can ride in the Trunk ! Remember the e-mail? I recieved an e-mail about a teen girl who was experiencing dating and car joy-riding. When she took off on a date her Mom`s words were,&qu… Inside Out On the way to school, I listened to the music and nodded to the inaudible missing beats. I could see my mother’s eyes in the revision mirro… evil vs. good – a child waits ugly greed’s, degenerate behaving / beautiful deeds, gracious giving Generation Abused I lie awake at night my eyes squeesed shut / I pretend to be asleep / I hear the yelling and the noise / I bow my head and weep / I hear th… Monster What made you into the monster / who made me go so wild? / Could I have stopped it? / No,…. / because I was just a child Lessons of Challenges a realisation that came to me recently.. My Butterflies Butterflies eyes saw the world reduced to ashes / Their eyes would never again be graced with vision of a beautiful dawn / No matter what w… Immerse yourselves in Jesus, God will do the rest. He was hammered into the rough wood of a cross / Don’t sell yourselves for dinner and a movie / You have the highest value You Are My Addiction Listening to me, as I rant and rave / You always follow my lead / In return you show me amazing things / Beauty to see, eloquent words to … The Old Goat Tree Little ones please listen well / This is a story I must tell. / To help to keep your sanity / When walking past the old goat tree. Battlefield A woman can shape-change “FEATURED” Me and Dolly Marie ME AND DOLLY MARIE / True Life Adventures of a Baby Squirrel / In celebration of Dolly Marie / the cutest and most entertaining little crit… Stepping out whispered voices / from dark places / daggered looks / and twisted faces / bonded / in vitriol… PUT AN END TO THIS NONSENSE. This has been my last comment of a discussion at about the Conflict in GAZA, I’m so pissed with peoples inability to realize … The Zodiacs for a comp called Zodiac13!!! Echo of Forgotten Laughter …………in the dusk of my years POEMS FOR MY CHILDREN A POEM IS A RECORD, JUST LIKE ANY OTHER RECORD / THE PEOPLE WHO HATE ME AND ABUSE ME SPEAK SARCASTICALLY OF MY PICTURES AND RECORD PLAYER&#… A Cloning Of My Car it was a Policeman and the officer said / without paying for your petrol? / Police station …. and its you! ~ Faraway Eyes – my Christmas wish ~ ☼ PLEASE ALL OF YOU WHO READ MY WORDS / GIVE ME THIS CHRISTMAS WISH / PLEASE HELP ME HELP THEM! ♥ She Cries Your Name Come home to me my children / I am so lonely now. / I crave your sweet attention / Any time that you will allow. Venetian Blind the mere fact of being poor makes such children criminals in the eyes of the police / and we are sitting on the table / discussing major is… where are we where are we / swinging somewhere / between the gates of heaven / and the blistering heat of hell / dancing on the cusp of the moon / or di… War on Wane Wayne, the wicked Wicca Witch of the West, Wasted a Wagon in a Ward….. “The Little Old Wise Woman” …and there was that poem / which once rocked her head / Frightened by words / that collide with the ends. What Do Dogs Dream? Once upon a time, / Or two times it would seem / There was a little dog / Who lived only to dream. CHILDREN THAT WORK The intelligent boys soon realized they were not being treated as menial servants but as fellow humans – and above all as children Delusion – desperation the change of season, it undermines her core / the torments of the damned / never ends / Clairvoyants weeping silently / The life had fa… Promoting Music and Art for Children Make 2010 a childrens year instead of a year of taking away. / Is it not time to pay attention to the future? / Our Children are the Future Selfish Longings (Art & Poetry) I learned happiness is just a word, / When other things come first. / When my hopes and expectations / Became a long forgotten thirst. Let me Pray i am covered in prayer / the Lord makes me a living prayer / i asked to be His Incence / to be spread before the Throne / of God as ashes /… War (Through the Eyes of a Child) This thing of war, so foolish and sick. / The smell of death, so smoky & thick. / When some become greedy and selfishness rules / Men f… Nicely on the Planet Far The gift? / Her name was Nicely. / No one ever saw her twice. The Legend of Glootz and the Amazing Hiney “Wouldja like to touch it? I like you. You’re the only one I would let touch it.” That Child Within….. At first I was vapour / And then a cloud / Then reappeared under a magic shroud  / A child adrift among the  mysterious stars / Gravitate i… Emma’s Garden The little glade in the forest was where Emma liked to come to think. Surrounded by waist high hollyhocks in a broad semicircle, with the g… roses on the fire – children has killed by … let stop that fire / stop the War please! Fate I just heard a dog / barking in the street. / I’m back to reality, where / my fate, I have to meet. / As I lie here mindless, / I’ve switch… I’ve Learned I’ve learned that…. He Never was my Brother… It was during this time that we discovered “The Gingerbread House”. It stood in a woody thicket on the south banks of the river. Burying the Bunny We’d noticed a very ‘sleepy’ bunny laying in our yard a few days ago. Naturally, when we walked up and saw the glazed over eye; we knew it … Beyond those tracks The introverts are travelling backwards for my dad’s funeral / eulogy / elegy He is dead. / My dad…’ revenge is a dish As I pulled it away, I smiled a devilish grin Children of the Stars Cruel indigenous tortures / Creep sleepily / Through eerie shades of morning What I have learned so far… The sweetest fruit is often at the end of the limb… / The laughter of children is music to the heart… / I have the God given ri… Hide and Seek They used their bright minds to create for themselves / An imaginary world of fairies and elves. / I’ll bet if you tried you could think up… That Summer Long Ago Childhood at the banks of a river, back when we didn’t mind getting dirty but were oh-so-innocent … Abuse It will be some time before all the bruises heal / Sadly, for this tiny child, abuse is no big deal The Shield I am the feeling in your gut that warns/ / you of those you cannot trust. / I am the force of strength/ / that won’t let you let go. … Stolen Generation Story !!! I Don’t want to… The black and white habits walk back and forward, throwing food on the ground / I cried as I witnessed this ACT, of throwing food like they… My newest Comic Strip – Critique Please! My newest Comic Strip – Critique Please! / “The Interview Question” ComicStrip by Lisa C. Weber ©2008 The Fish, The Loaves, And The Basket . Daddy Another life you have lead / Laughing as my back is turned / Was I just not good enough / Why was I not told / That tiny babe inside you gr… Return To Eden Return To Eden. / Eve went into the garden / Took fruit from the choicest tree / The apple cried its juices / And salted tears for me. / Th… The Gathering Do you know what goes on / When you go out of town? / You think you left your home quite safe / But let me give you the lowdown! Hannah Bubble Do you know Hannah Bubble? / She’s always getting into trouble The Fart Jar This true story is about my children and their childhood, in addition to the innocent pranks that went along with it. I realize this story… NEVER AGAIN..SO THEY SAY!! ABUSE, OF CHILDREN AND WOMEN & MEN ALSO!!!! A POEM FOR CLAIRE there is no trace - / of who i used to be - THE CHILDREN WILL REMEMBER A million lost children / are frantically trying to fix their tricked minds, / having been diagnosed and tranquilized / because they dream… PRIMARY SCHOOL: A GOOD REASON NOT TO TURN FIVE A friend once told me that he considered school to be a prison for children. / When I thought about it, it did seem like a good analogy. / … Tumble, twirl, with the tidal swirl Come dance in the waters / that summer has warmed / amidst the froth of the seas / Hear the sighs that echo from tides / as the crescents r… Litty’s Special Day Once upon a time (because that is how all good stories start) there lived a little girl named Litty. Litty’s real name was LeticiaAnne but … A Father’s Words …my son, where are you off to? / I am off to gain the world father, / and claim it for myself. / To you son, some advice… / the… Christmas Tree – Bah Hum Bugs! Beguiled bejeweled bedazzled / Tall as first floor apartment / Lucent I am left to squat in splendor / In vigil I survey the scene around m… Hug your children Hug your children every chance you get because when they’re gone you will bitterly regret every one you ever missed. wittle archie’s dream ( someone’s or … i had the weirdest everest dream / last night i went to my bed really early , i was ab-so-lutley exhausted from playing all day on my bike… Best Laid Plans She told her friends that someday she would marry him. / And that prediction turned out to be true. The Dearest Song Oh angel face, why so forlorn? / Oh tired eyes, I see you yawn! / You will sleep here safe tonight, / It’s time now for your moonlit … Running Hawk where our Forefathers lay / we surrender to the aggressors? / we are not broken people Joe Was Playing… Joe was playing in the sun / He was having lots of fun / Joe come inside, here comes the rain, / play inside till it stops again Grandmothers Creed A small child’s giggle as they are tickled beyond pain, / Ironically brings pleasure too the ones inflicting the game. / The rub unde… Always Remember Evidence of Children A smiley face sticker, stuck onto the footpath / Treadmarks across its shiny yellow face When Will it End Can you hear the song of the guns / They serenade so loudly / As to be playing for the sun Children In Need Portrayed are a group of young girls / But no pretty ribbons in golden curls / Nor any childish screams in play / Because they must work th… Who is DiEtte J. Henderson Growing up in rural Minnesota and during her many “out-door” vacations with her family as a child, DiEtte began an early progression toward… A street circus show on Saturday morning in Tel A… It is Spring now in Israel and some of the days the weather is just perfect, the sun is shining but it’s not too hot. One of the best… What Gifts! The warming smile of their faces / As they rise each morning / Secures my beliefs in love and / In the knowledge that God The Fledgling Witch ’I’m so excited, Mr Twinkles!’ Bronwyn exclaimed, scooping her tiny black kitten into her arms. Mr Twinkles purred deeply… Class of 2005 Life, children, graduation, parent, mother, laugh, cry, strength, beautiful Let the children play in the rain The clouds have burst and the skies are lavishing the earth with liquid sunshine! / And I see the glow of excitement in the little childre… Were I the Emotional Type I’d tell you all about my family. / More often than not I’d be bragging. / Recounting tales of Unga Bunga or Marshmallows, / Wh… NOT YOUR AVERAGE GANGSTER STORY TRUTH ABOUT GANGSTER RAP boy in car Friday, June 10, 2005 / boy in car / so i’m in the car driving tyler to register for drivers / ed…he’s busy playing his l…
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