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Little Girls Without Fathers A Mother Who’s Trying So Hard / And Filling Both Shoes… / It’s The Little Girls Without Fathers / The No Father Truth…. a letter before dying I stand before you naked as the day I was born. / Remember how I told you I peed on the doctor / when he called me a “Porky, little thing!”… no more hiding under the bed Tears flow / from a pain / that is still / raw. / How do I / protect and cradle / that which no longer / fits in my arms? / It burns / in … God Can ride in the Trunk ! Remember the e-mail? I recieved an e-mail about a teen girl who was experiencing dating and car joy-riding. When she took off on a date her Mom`s words were,&qu… evil vs. good – a child waits ugly greed’s, degenerate behaving / beautiful deeds, gracious giving Immerse yourselves in Jesus, God will do the rest. He was hammered into the rough wood of a cross / Don’t sell yourselves for dinner and a movie / You have the highest value You Are My Addiction Listening to me, as I rant and rave / You always follow my lead / In return you show me amazing things / Beauty to see, eloquent words to … Battlefield A woman can shape-change Echo of Forgotten Laughter …………in the dusk of my years A Cloning Of My Car it was a Policeman and the officer said / without paying for your petrol? / Police station …. and its you! She Cries Your Name Come home to me my children / I am so lonely now. / I crave your sweet attention / Any time that you will allow. Delusion – desperation the change of season, it undermines her core / the torments of the damned / never ends / Clairvoyants weeping silently / The life had fa… Selfish Longings (Art & Poetry) I learned happiness is just a word, / When other things come first. / When my hopes and expectations / Became a long forgotten thirst. That Child Within….. At first I was vapour / And then a cloud / Then reappeared under a magic shroud  / A child adrift among the  mysterious stars / Gravitate i… I’ve Learned I’ve learned that…. He Never was my Brother… It was during this time that we discovered “The Gingerbread House”. It stood in a woody thicket on the south banks of the river. for my dad’s funeral / eulogy / elegy He is dead. / My dad…’ Children of the Stars Cruel indigenous tortures / Creep sleepily / Through eerie shades of morning What I have learned so far… The sweetest fruit is often at the end of the limb… / The laughter of children is music to the heart… / I have the God given ri… Return To Eden Return To Eden. / Eve went into the garden / Took fruit from the choicest tree / The apple cried its juices / And salted tears for me. / Th… THE CHILDREN WILL REMEMBER A million lost children / are frantically trying to fix their tricked minds, / having been diagnosed and tranquilized / because they dream… A Father’s Words …my son, where are you off to? / I am off to gain the world father, / and claim it for myself. / To you son, some advice… / the… What Gifts! The warming smile of their faces / As they rise each morning / Secures my beliefs in love and / In the knowledge that God Were I the Emotional Type I’d tell you all about my family. / More often than not I’d be bragging. / Recounting tales of Unga Bunga or Marshmallows, / Wh… True Love He looks right into your soul with eyes that yearn for knowledge,acceptance,comfort and reassurance. He communicates with facial gestures … My Baby, Is Having A Baby… Like the sand falling / through the hourglass / my little girl has grown / I can hardly believe / my little girl will have / a child to ca… Our Heroes of 2009 our innocent being destroyed, / I will only kill, / we cannot stand by, War Paint What was that special something that she said to me that night that made me start to cry? Dreams of Children Such a wond’rus way / God has given / For our Love / To be Shared. My Daughters I can get choked up thinking about my two daughters. They are the two / most wonderful people in the world, and if you met them you would… In The Eyes Of a Child Childlike innocence, / Honest… demure, / Anger’s disease, / Overcome by the pure. Coming home to roost or … when will they l… I wrote this poem in September 1997. My husband and I raised 9 children, this is ten months in our house in a nutshell. Tassy refers to the… Life within the living To rock aware why / we rise to human matters CAL Touched by the hand of fortune’s smile / What colours the eyes of a newborn child? / Is he fixed only to grow like wine / Or is he fr… about a day like this – 19 June 2011 “how to climb a tree” THE TRUTH – A LETTER TO MY CHILDREN There is always a reason or lie why, but the truth is they are abusing me. I and my children pay endlessly… Talk of love But let one person talk of sex and eyeballs start to roll Do look at my Pride & Joy Shes the best Art i ever created xXx ~ I choose you ~ It’s not hard to do what’s right / when love’s the guiding light / It’s not hard to let go of dreams I once prayed … don’t wanna What do I say to my bairn. / How do I love them, without bitterness from the loss of my man? Saddest Hours Would my passing go unnoticed, / Would anyone really care, / Would you stand and weep over me, / Is there anything there, / Once life was … Love, Wrath, and Methamphetamines You, with your pale-gold hair and beautifully difficult poetry, your nimble fingers on the guitar strings, your half-smile and arched-eyebr… Blessed Be the Children Strive Of Example Teach / To Walk To See …To Give / The Heart That Was Given / Lives In You And Me…. Foggy path of life Overwhelmed and true to my why / saw many hearts broken through time A Son Worth Loving My father told me, “Whatever happens, you will always be the son I love.” I was four years old and I didn’t believe him… In Control Take a look through my eyes / maybe then you will see / you are my children and / I love you, immeasurably! / I have faith in you / so, ha… Safe harbour I’ll be your safe harbour / in all its splendour Shelter I have loved you / More than anything / My hands bathed you / My body fed you / My heart sheltered you / My mind tried / To stay strong … Fings Wot I Lerned! Having rounded the 60 mark in July 2008, I wish I knew back when I was 40 some of the stuff I know now; probably true for most of us. Here… A Nostalgic Realisation. But as I took another step / I heard the familiar laughter / Of all those friends from what seems so long ago / I quickened my pace / Turni… Childrens Poems Three poems in 1- “Candy Eyes”…..”Autumn”………&……..”Jumping Over Yesterday” =] “Operation Ensuring” Not sure which category I should apply this to… so.. I choose both journal and writing here on R.B. Please take a moment to read it… Before You Go Darkness is seeping in, / growing, overtaking all / behind your pale blue eyes / I watched helplessly as / uninvited it crept in, / borrowi… That Funny Little Word Called Trust!!!!! The word trust starts out for all of us the day we are born at first we have the trust of a parent there love carries us through so we trus… Sticky tape to mend broken bones I’ll keep you safe.’ Putting the photo in her breast pocket, she pats her heart. Autumn Child (Ode to David) When the ground would crackle and crinkle under the stomp of water proved feet, / And laughter and warmth were all around, I Fell In love Today So peacful precious, and fragile. / I stroked you back and hair. Bonito Lo encontramos a la puerta de casa, indefenso y tembloroso. Mi hija le bautizó con el nombre de “Bonito” por que decía que era un pajarito … This Time, Is Ours (dedicated to my Mother) The shoulder that caught / my falling tears when my heart / broke from an unrequinted love / or the shame of defeat, / Was yours. Outstretch Your ARMS Drop that knife, / death and destruction, / find a solution, Staring at the Sun When I was a child I’d lay on the grass for hours watching the clouds chase each other across the sky and stare at the sun for as long as I… Christmas Gifts Tinsel of silver / And ribbon of red / Children were nestled / Asleep in their beds Chapel Visit Every now and then, we’re privileged to see genuine love in action . . . November hello grandchildren pride kindness happiness community sharing bubblers friends cheers Stolen Love You have other’s who love you, / I know for a fact. / No matter what happens, / I’ll still be your best friend. / Don’t p… Snake Cookies My two hands just big enough to hold firm / the measuring cup, pouring into the bowl / two cups of sugar, one cup flour to stir, / I would … wittle archie’s ( daddys dad and mummys mum… hi my name wittle archie im jwust a wittle boy of shevan im from a village called sauchie in clackmannanshire scotland uk / i want to tell… Our Love We were young / It was so new / We were in love “FROM ORGASM TO LOVE” To avoid unpleasant things is not the same as to create pleasure. If you want pleasure – and we all crave for pleasure as this is the… The Walls I know to sort of pretend to pull down my pants or lift my skirt and then dad yanks it all away in one angry grab and I hear the belt risin… From This to This (a different article) This is the article as it was sent to me; me being asked to “cute” it up: / Lexiana Salazar, 3 years is asked to be in a fashio… The Lie of the Flesh Don’t cry Peace! Peace! / When the only peace comes through the Cross / He made peace through the Blood of His Cross / Peace cannot b… La mer – Lack of love La mer / Tu as fait naître / Mais tu n’as pas mis au monde / Tu n’as pas pu ou voulu être / Ce refuge, cette maison ronde / Je suis sortie … MY CHILDREN. one thing my kids will always know / Daddy loves them more than life itself / you are my world Family (the Tribe) Family should be trust. If the tribe has trust they are successful. They can thrive. Trust is the license for love, and love is the voice o… see though the eyes of a seven year old ( invitat… hi my name is wittle archie i would like to invite redbubble readers to come and join me in some of the most amazing journey’s ev… BOARDWIN She was special. Why? Because when the hunters came for their annual slaughter, they did not kill her… The Woman in the Mirror II That woman in the mirror, / haunts me occasionally….. Featured Little Darlings: For the Love of Teddy B… Happy and Honoured – Some of my Featured Works – Thanks x³ for Your empathy for them, it’s such a pleasure to experience that food art is w… WAR i can smell blood / in the rain / the night it’s like / razor blades / over the brain / filled with crime / boarded up / windows / turned d… POETIC RAMBLINGS OF A MADMAN THE LOVE INSIDE OUR HEARTS True Love Where two loves entwine and become unto one, / The pulling of it’s core has a fast and tremendous force! “A Room With Her Name” “Little girls with no mother,who teaches them how to fly.” Children of the Greatest Fire: In the House of Sn… (Mature) 10 What is the price our society then pays for our delay? Ask yourself next time you see something that makes you shudder and you rush home t… I smile. I smile… / At the sun’s warmth, / At the waves rush, / At a child’s laugh, / At night’s quiet hush, / At the bird&#… spagdaba ( i love dinner time ) oi! archie dont play with your food… / hmmmm … / mummy’s eh! they’re allllways good at telling us kids what to do&… Why we love children Why we love children / NUDITY / I was driving with my three young children one warm summer evening when a woman in the convertible ahead of… Basima: Also Known as ‘mama’ You cannot scrape the / smell of dish soap off / your overworked fingers. / Your tired eyes keep me / awake. / I have never known a hard /… Let Go ( Your Hand) PreciousTreasure / Treasured / Child Of Mine… Peace of a Dove The blood of your sweat / Extends to the edge of your hands / Your brow is soaked in scars of the past / The back of your palm calms as it … My Daughter Kyra You are the breath of beauty and the voice of reason. How on earth……………&#… You have another living child who needs you / And whilst you crumble and die inside / You still hear the cries of your surviving child̷… SAGITTARIUS When Marva was in the bath or shower he would just come and jump in with her if she didn’t close the door. He was a very funny dog… THE ROYAL PALM Is Jeffrey Dahm- / …er still painting? Morals. She looked up at the man. His face bright with smiles and twinkes. He seemed to be wise beyond years. She often sat with him and talked abo…
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