Words are cheap, my friend …. if they cost you nothing. Cheap Shoes (A Sonnet) Cheap shoes suck, they hurt my feet / Also make them stink to hell / Might as well wear blocks of concrete / But then they wouldn’t smell /… left over words a dollar store notepad and a chea… Sitting, / Somewhere close to nowhere, / Pondering thoughts of gibberish, / Cast aside by dead bards, / Not important enough, / For contem… We’re too cheap for China We are the generation of party crashers / Playing music with ipod adapters / because sometimes cassettes don’t cut it Thin Cheap Coat The spikes slide out / Fanning from your back / Barbs hook inwards / Into yourself beatnik blues and a bottle of cheap wine I sit here, / looking upon the world, / blinded by the glare , / of flashing red, / neon lights, / just a part of the night, / for the star… Cheap netbooks Why buy a used mini computer / The reasons for buying used netbooks are many. The major motive is that, it is available at a cheaper rate … I fell in love with a one night stand, just as yo… Your fingers laced in mine as if / you’d known me twenty years and you were beautiful / and everything I’d feared. / I could smell the liqu… Cheap Medicine His body can be fixed. His lusts are incurable. FOR SALE – ONE EGO – GOING CHEAP FOR SALE – FREE POSTAGE / ONE EGO IN VERY GOOD CONDITION / GOOD TEETH / HEALTHY APPETITE / VICIOUS BITE / ANNOYING BARK / NEEDS REGUL… Whores in my head. High heels, short dress / Red lips, showing breast / Big hair, long legs / Bambi eyes and the rest / Underwear? Frills and lace / Camera f… Love Byrds? Cost you a great heap-heap. / Sow it and it will reap-reap Silver spoon and cheap coffee Silver spoon and cheap coffee / The smell, / of cheap brewed coffee / fills the room, / the communal spoon / sits there, / waiting / for … We’re too cheap for China (Performed) I performed this in the 1st round at the annual Slam Poetry Contest at Oakland University and WON!!! Empty bottles and cheap cigarettes. © Empty bottles and cheap cigarettes. © / BY: Hector A. Encinas cheap perfume she wore cheap jewelry / her scent cheap perfume / short skirts low blouses / danced in a saloon / men touched her / a jello shot her rewar… Cheap Prose Those bedroom eyes / Were enough / For me to give up - / Surrender / To the moment / That I was in control. / A thin man / A man of lust … Night traits … or trades? They wait / impatiently on the streets / in the dimmed night light / of crowded city corners Cigarettes’ and Cheap Booze Cigarettes and Cheap Booze, / Got myself nothing left to loose. / Place my heart across that jagged edge / of the guillotine and cut me l… Evenings thoughts carry on the Breeze. Wash away the dust that covers a dusty memory, and wipe to a shine, the joy of anew; Cheap! Put my Mark up down, save 20% on my normal… So i’ve whacked my markup back down for an indefinent time! I figured if I want to share these with you guys then why am I making the… Wind generated electricity too cheap Wind powered elec too cheap For The Love of Money He seemed misplaced, not belonging to our area / His shoes were shined, almost new, while a suit he donned “Canvas’s for sale”…̷… Paid $80 to get images scanned……sell $75……..fancy that huh!!!!……. / I’ll haunt anyone who tries t… Strawberries & Nicotine Inspiration strikes again on a peaceful eve. Cheap Talk. so and so. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap We go to war because we have become so successful at survival that our growing population’s demands put us into conflict with others … Cheap sight, priceless touch I got my eyes cheaply / since they can’t be seen with / but how a dawn breaks / I have known for long / and the twilight / finds home… Cheap I am a generic brand, / no name to make me grand. / Put on the bottom shelf and always on sale, / Had the chance to be great, / Somewhere I… THE CHEAPSKATE Mrs. Gertrude Elvira Elsworth Willickers took ill in the winter and died in the spring. You’re like a cheap car salesman Thick as mud, / Your words stick. / Heavy as bricks, / Strong like cement. / You’ve built a house of my misery, / With no money for r… about buying cheap jersey boys tickets (2) <p> / <span>Last November when the Today Pilot team visited the Sport and Leisure Aviation Show at the NEC in Birmingham, I was… Chandigarh Flights: Plan holidays in Indian Plann… Chandigarh is one of the nicest cities in India. It is one beautiful and peaceful city. Make sure you won’t fall in love with Chandigarh as… Speed Speed / The longer you use it the more you need it. Cheap Hotels in London The easiest method to remain in the center from the city would be to search for cheap hotels working in London. Those are the best base loo… Cheap Flights to Trivandrum (Mature) Cheap Tickets to Jeddah Visit: / <a href= “”> </a> High Street Haiku – Vomit Pool Yeah Check for Counterfeits among Cheap Jordan Shoes Fake and imitation are so common these days that you can find everywhere. 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