CHIARA’S LAMENT : Chapter Three CHIARA’S LAMENT / Talking Heads / This Must be the Place (Naive Melody) / Home is where I want to be / Pick me up and turn me round / I fee… Kirkstall Abbey Chapter house by Tim Waters First Chapter The young girl in the red dress never got the feel of spontaneity in her already paved and trodden road of life, laid out from the first br… The Final Chapter by Jamie Lee Chapter One Story by Dcraze Images flash throughout different corners of his mind. His story begins. / The earth underneath looked troubled, but he pressed on any way.… CHAPTER IV A ROMAN HOLIDAY An extract from my book " For Love and Anarchy " . Passion of Love, chapter 19"Embers Burn Hot&… I’m gonna store it all up and unleash the beast on this Deliver guy’s ASS. Beware the Coven (Chapter Seven) She began to realize that if Becca were gone Derrick wouldn’t have to pay child support and he may just stop paying for the house. If that… Naruto Lineart by Lucsy3012 Passion of Love: Chapter 5 “Eye of the Hurr… “Oh my gosh, what if he found out about Scott? What if Logan found out he’s alive and won’t tell me because we are togeth… Passion of Love: Chapter 11"Ripped Scars&quo… Jean was speechless, She held him closely and cried even harder. “It doesn’t mean your not a man, it wasn’t your fault Sc… The Moonchild Chronicles – Chapter Two R… My little run-in with the wolves used up most of my night-time, so my original plans for that night would have to wait until midnight the n… In His Eyes – Chapter 1 Its another Wednesday and as is usual in these ludicrously boring school holidays there is nothing on TV, well nothing anyone older than 12… Pass the Parcel Chapter 1.1 by rotem Yer Wouldnt Read About It YER WOULDN’T READ ABOUT IT…………By Bob Murray / It was somewhere near lunchtime as I stepped down from the trai… February is a Bitch: Chapter 2/ More of “Th… He took my breath away. / Then, in the night, he started claiming parts of my body as his. Mundoo   ..... chapter 60 by Alenka Co Faerie Tale – Chapter 3 – Lady Silver… The Lady and the unicorn were looking at each other… Passion of Love, chapter 24 “Into the Spide… “No Need” Logan informed as he gathered his gear , opened the helicopter’s door and jumped out without a parachute someth… Key of Knowledge - Proverbs Chapter 3 by Ryan Houston Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: C… Examples of other mysteries abound, of the sort that are of much more import to the masses of common folk which litter the various worlds i… Writing the Next Chapter Writing a book takes a lot of thought and meandering through cycles of endless babblings in the mind just to come up with the first sentenc… Passion of Love Chapter 8 “The Home Coming&… Just then Scott Summers walks into the door. He has returned. Closing the Chapter by Pamela Phelps Beware the Coven (Chapter Four) “Well, well Becca dear… Mommy’s got a magical book now and you had just better watch your step.” The Timeweavers chapter 1 Chapter House Ceiling, York Minster! by artfulvistas Another Blonde Chapter: Images, Incidents and Iro… There she was, even better looking in real life as she was on television. Immaculately dressed in the latest but most casual of fashions, … Chapter One – The Auction (Mature) The Conception AKA Chapter 3 of Blue Goose Steak… Chapter 3: The Conception / John Sikorak and Troy Severson were on the nightly ride through the backwoods of Southern New Hampshire shining… Solitude by Dragos Dumitrascu Me and Dolly Marie (final chapter #8) Dolly had a favorite toy it was a stuffed toy owl. Now the owl didn’t make any sounds or move around or threaten Dolly in any way, and Dol… Simple Things ~ James 1:17 by Vince Scaglione Flight of the Ring billed Gull # 3, Final Chapter by Wayne Wood JUNKFOOD NOIR, Chapter 1, “The End is the B… (Mature) THIS IS UNEXPECTED : Chapter Eleven There are two categories of men she was attracted to; there was the kind you would consider having sex with but would never mate with. / Th… The Ancient Art of Copy Writing: Chapter Three: &… Wiping tears of joy from his eyes and the drool from his beard, Circum read some even smaller, very fine script at the edge of the parchmen… The Unfinished Chapter by wiscbackroadz Entity Chapter 4 BANG BANG BANG! What in the world was that noise? Elena groaned as she heaved herself cautiously off the floor, what in the blue hell had h… Shattering of Glass  -  chapter 55 by Alenka Co THANK GOD FOR FRESHLY PRESSED HANKIES : Chapter s… SHIT, SHIT, SHIT! Now she was surprised! How did this happen? Darting in and out of traffic she managed to check her hair and teeth in the… The Opening Chapter. by Zaldy Infante The Minster by LadyThegn The Ancient Art of Copywriting: Chapter 5: An All… Ahrmanda Legge had balls. Three of them. In polished brass, hanging above his doorway. Well, to be honest, they were more egg-shaped… Kirkstall Abbey Chapter House (B&W) by Tim Waters In The Beginning by Vince Scaglione Romans Chapter I by Citizen Abstraq Inc: 1908 Argyle (green) by Abstraq Chapter One: A Parting She was prepared for almost any situation. She was beginning to see the excellent planning that her parents had made and it hurt her, somew… Passion of Love, chapter 25 “POP Goes the W… Suddenly a massive black hand with razor claws was swiped before his brethren’s eyes… Reapers Chapter T-Shirt by MrDistracted Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: C… From all over this fair planet of ours come reports made by persons of very different walks of life, of strange objects seen flitting throu… SURPRISE…Chapter Eight Instinct is a funny thing, Chiara stood motionless, blessed with exceptional hearing she tipped her head almost canine in her expression. Untitled by SparksFyre Faerie Tale – Chapter 10 – A Change I… - and he was scared now. February Is a Bitch – Chapter Two/The Moron… I believe there are moments in a woman’s life that force us to face the Glenn Close in each of us. This was such a moment. In His Eyes – Chapter 2 once again I jump up but this time in suprise, he just grabbed my ass and I have no idea why, I look at him clearly confused but he just sm… Beware the Coven (Chapter Nine) Frank had rolled a joint and as it was passed to her she didn’t know what to do, she had never smoked marijuana before. “Garden if Idin” Chapter 4 Ti’f… (Mature) Name the Book (Solved) by James  Key The 11th Chapter by Georginoschka Chapter 4-Page 1 by DarwinsMishap Endor: The Final Chapter by JRGarland Sometimes Love Happens In Nature  by ItsVaneDani Chapter House Interior by Adrian Evans Closing a Chapter by Michele Conner Silent Soldier- Chapter Three It seemed that the bikers had been screwed with first here; / Not really too surprising. The whole group was started as a biker club; a bun… Faerie Tale – Chapter 9 – The Barrow Take one more step and I will shoot… Faerie Tale – Chapter 12 – The Quest The dragon faced that worst of all possible enemies, a Knight on a Quest. Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: … Another legend says that, if you were to, instead, turn right at the / gates of Piccolo Rancido and were then to travel for twenty miles o… Beware the Coven (Chapter Ten) “Edna, I was there that night of the fire so many years ago. I watched the school and the church burn…I was the reason it burned to the gr… Passion of Love, chapter 26 “Kindred Spirit… “Do what you gotta do, buy us the time we need, I can take it.” Logan whispered Delta Cubes (Greendale chapter) tee by wordofshay Chapter 1. Where Did I Go Wrong? I helped the young girl out of the car, and murmuring reassurances and platitudes to her, I helped the poor child to re-adjust her clothing February is a Bitch: Chapter 2/“The Moron&#… Without going into too much detail (because this really aint a bit of girl-porn), we made love. I mean really made love, not the facsimile … Unit Chapter Illustration Page for Modern American Poets  by Kate Eller A new season : chapter two by Adam Bogusz The Golden Rose ~ Chapter 3 The diamond sparkled in the candlelight and the look in his eyes made my heart take wings. … In His Eyes – Chapter 3 As he got off his bus to college he spotted a car he thought he had seen before, a woman was driving it with 2 children in the back and som… The Journey by digitalmidge Solved By Glenda Remaklus, Exodus Chapter 10  ..Locust also Known as Short Horned by Heavenandus777 Cathedral Ruin by Tom Gomez Draw Blood – Jay Jay received the letter late on Thursday. There wasn’t much in it. Just the note saying that she’d died. yer wouldnt read about it… chapter 2 ""Naw mate, not worth a plugged nickel, the sand buggered them up." He said." If they never ‘ad that bloody sand … Faerie Tale – Chapter 13 – Sir Robin … I’ll roast you like a lobster… Beware the Coven (Chapter Eight) She stood on the porch convulsing, with tears streaming down her face and screaming frantically, “That fucking thing ate my daughter and it… Faerie Tale – Chapter 8 – Bold Sir Ro… “Oh in the name of the dragon!” JUNKFOOD NOIR, Chapter 3: " In Hollywood, Ev… (Mature) Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: … No matter the reason for their existence, legends have been a part / of our history from the dawn of mankind, as they will assuredly be a … Passion of Love, Chapter 27 “Snowball’… I may not know much about God But I KNOW He aint like this! That stuff messed you up bad buddy!" Logan stated The story of your life - The lives you changed forever by Rick Short The Ancient Art of Copywriting: Chapter 4: Believ… “The Fountain of Wealth” can be shown to many, but not all can sup from it. The walls of my own Illustrious Abode are adorned w… Frozen Morning by Dragos Dumitrascu Damnation (Chapter 1) You should have seen the look on the face of the man I asked to hook up the Internet in my crypt. Chapter III by Cheryl S The Divinity contract – chapter one His face red-hot, put out slowly by his own tears, / a rage against the violence of slamming doors, yelling threats / and forgiveness
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