Just one more chapter... by artemissart Sweet Revenge by thehookshot Chapter 38, I Just Cannot Wait by Sherry Hallemeier NOISE ©, a novel by Barbara Sparhawk, Chapte… NOISE © 3 – CONEY HEATS UP / The unpredictability of life may be the best part. Except for one thing. If angels walk among us, the… Remembering Della – Chapter One In 1957, the winds of what would later become the Civil Rights Movement were beginning to stir up dust on the horizon . . . . I Heart U by Deb Maidment Beware the Coven (Chapter Three) With a deep demonic voice, she growled at Tarra, “Take the book and leave, I cannot accept payment for this travesty, but I warn you…… CHAPTER V –THE HORNET’S NEST After numerous failed attempts at suicide, trying everything from defenestration, hanging, self-emulation, poisoning and putting a gun to m… Beware the Coven (Chapter Two) When Becca woke up she panicked as she looked down at her arms. Oh, my God, what have I done? She said to herself. Her arms looked like a… The Pillars to Paradise Chapter 1 The Pillars to Paradise / Twenty years from now, you will be disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw… Chapter One Story by Dcraze Images flash throughout different corners of his mind. His story begins. / The earth underneath looked troubled, but he pressed on any way.… The Timeweavers chapter 1 http://www.thetimeweavers.com/ “Gone” – first chapter …but something inside me told me to start today. Chapter One of Something Unnamed for Now Paul wandered into his shop. His frustration with his own loneliness made him angry. Letting out a large cry, he grabbed an axe. An Aurora Stevens Novel: Chapter 5 His white wavy hair played softly where it rested on those broad shoulders, as if a gentle breeze encircled him and made his hair and cloth… Damnation, Chapter 5 At that moment as we all gathered in this ceremony of tribute and honor before Father Death it was as if there were one spirit behind those… Chapter One – (Extract of my untitled novel… The birth of yet another child could be too much to bear. To withstand more pain, sacrifice, another chapter in the role of motherhood, the… SERENDIPITOUS POSITIONS – Chapter 9 (Mature) Crankwood Chapter 7 The Tenets of Faith “Aye its wur we keep bodies, like yon poor sod we found up tree”. Paul Tells His Mom AKA Chapter 6 of Blue goose St… Paul is packing up his stuff in his room whilst his mother is standing in the doorway smoking a cigarette and drinking a martini. “I’ll ca… Chapter 20 Finding Tawny “I want to….” Sobbing, clucking, finding air in huge gulps. Crankwood Chapter 18, The others and some of what… Having evidently made his choice he turned and ignoring Tom’s proffered tea marched through the door into the Coldroom. Sandals of the Nazarene Chapter VII In any annals of the Greek and Romans which I have studied, there is no one , not even Plato, Aristotle, that spoke like the Nazarene of wh… Crankwood Chapter 16 The Dreaming The end of all his personal worlds. Chapter 22 Another clearer explaination With an understanding finally of what was happening to the boy Crankwood Chapter 15 The Presbytary The pastor chose that moment to open his eyes A force to reckon with – chapter 1 “Is it clear?” I hissed urgently to Pete, who was crouched about ten feet away from me, in a similar patch of scrub to where I was waiting. Crankwood Chapter 27 The Leeshi Signs surrounded the area and informed trespassers of dire, possibly fatal consequence Damnation, Chapter 3 (a novel) It was said that his service to Rome included the assassination of a Caesar. To this day no one outside these walls knew the elder leader d… The Quickening Of A Terrorist Chapter 1 It was like a slow motion dream. There was no sound. Chapter 24 Nan plays a game She really wants me to go against HIM. Chimera’s breath: chapter 1 A blackened sheet of metal whipped up and glanced off the view shield, and she jerked her hand up instinctively to shield her eyes. Chapter 25 Simpkins wakes Face alternatively stinging and sticking Simpkins was in no mood for either idiots or thick indecipherable accent Crankwood chapter 17 The Dawn Dawn was a feeling for two very different inhabitants of the village. Who were both on remarkably similar if timely, quests. / For Ashes it… Chapter 26 The Walk and the Worry A small flicker of something far more ominous followed each unwary thought my virtual reality – chapter 13 from the ic… I was posioned from a kidney infection, I ran away from hospital Crankwood Chapter 28 Albert Muses Tha must ave tho"ught us all loopy" he snorted, Damnation; Chapter 4 One of our people had turned from Father Death to worship a foreign god!? The concept was so foreign to my mind at the time that I was beco… Crankwood Chapter 21 Simpkins Searches In shock, in stark terror. My Unfinished Novel “Chapter One” “PANCHO! YOU GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HER RIGHT NOW, AND EAT YOUR PIZZA, OR SO HELP ME GOD, I WILL SEND YOU TO AN ORPHANAGE!!” part of the witches couldron chapter 18 THE ICE W… perths version of underbelly / looking for a publisher / THE ICE WAVE , CHAPTER 18 Chapter 1 One guy threw a punch at another’s face, fist making contact with the guy’s nose. Next moment, all I could smell was the metallic smell of … thre THE ICE WAVE – CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION it went something like anorexic, bulimic, border line personality disorder with manic depression and tvm5… My Unfinished Novel “Chapter Two” Charlie came up in a hurry, focusing in on the easy pray above him. Jimbo. He was just about to the branch where Jimbo sat when he heard Pa… lies and dieciet chapter 20 It was 11PM, there were a few people bustling around, I was wondering whether or not to gas myself there. The Victim – Chapter 1 “Don’t go.” I pleaded, the strain in my voice clearly evident and my breath quickening as I tried to hold back the tears. Chapter two … On that first day I held her in my arms, to me, she was perfect. I was exhausted but content, delirious from the realms of endless possibil… First Chapter of A Book Unlikely To Be Written One day all of you will have to chose, between the world of the Core, the immaculate spiritual power given to you at birth, and the Shell, … Chapter 1 of my novel – Beginnings (Its rea… (Mature) Wit’s World: Never Was, Chapter Five, by El… A woman he had been with had looked at him through her mirror once and recognized that he was pondering her rituals. While she painted her … Entity – A short chapter opening for a fan … Freddy Krueger is awaiting his return to Elm Street. The Boy Who Lived - Typographic Poster by Chloe Morris Messed Up Story by Pixelglo Photography

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