Waiting Waiting by the window / Surrounded by / yesterday’s sun burnt fields / tears held in a basin of stone / remainders of my raven wings Dial Tone Shrill and persistent, the phone woke Paul. / ‘Hello?’ / “Paul.” / The achingly familiar voice thrummed through him. Paul sat bolt upright… Sick Sick Sick Nathan Sponsors his old High School’s Annual Halloween Ball… Finalist in group challenge I was thrilled and honoured that my painting “Fishing” was voted one of the finalists in the Painters in Modern times group cha… “Point & Shooters Challenge” Just wanted to Thank all the kind people who voted for my image “View from Inside”..…in the “Point & Shooters&#… Make me laugh challenge – A bad attack of d… Make me laugh challenge – A bad attack of diarrhea…. Find the Darkness Find the darkness, find it deep Haiku Challenge 1 Dancing waters flow / Gushing from heaven above / Tears of laughter sing Objectification in art – Pink Panther Magaz… Art is in many ways a mirror. Oil For Blood- Challenge Entry – UA Think what you will, but don’t give advice, or bring expectation / Because I am the arist, and I’m not here to make nice Swan Song – 100 letters for “Touched … ……..And arch my angelic wings……… Halloween horror She had vanished, only her bag remaining on the pavement, the contents still settling to the ground. Paul approached looking round wildly. … Keyword poem challenge haughty jesters judges kin / kindly look mercifully on such verse within Blue Rain The man pulled his coat collar up ineffectually against the sudden torrent of rain falling from a perfectly blue sky. He felt it stream ins… the haiku marathon (part 4) beneath this cold hill / we are but bones, while above / the flowers grow still / he drowns in a pond / choked with weeds and wild rushes /… I could feel it behind me. Some people are capable of manifesting their terrors, I know I am one of them Grand Finale Not Mickey, nor Pluto, he wanted to see the magic act! Devil’s Touch I have been touched by the hand of the Devil / He tries to take my innocense / He comes to me when I am weak and vulnerable / He speaks to … Fill in the bubble challenge Ok here’s a little challenge for you. In this image my daughter has quite the expression on her face. Your challenge ,submit what you… THE TWELVE What are the qualities / Something in their heart / That helped you choose these few / That set twelve apart A challenge win top 10s and features (263) won the Cups and Mug’s challenge in the "Simply White Artwork Gallery – 90% White " and was was featured in Happy Hav… First challenge win Thanks to Jason Connolly I have just found out that I have won my first challenge event in the Historic Churches group. / Thank you to all … The Challenge of Ordinary Days What did the warriors of old do with themselves when there were no more wars to be fought, or they were simply too old for the fight and hu… Touched By Beauty (challenge entry) Touched by beauty / Of Mountain Rainbow / From sun’s rays / Aft tenacious storm / Imagery bursting / Into poetic majesty Broken Shards of glass lay scattered across the floorboards. Tiny fragments of me were reflected in the pieces, each revealing an emotion I was tr… Identifying Features The evening had gone well. Wesley usually didn’t approve of his brothers taste in women, but Ivy seemed different. / Ivy was confident, fun… the haiku marathon (part 3) River of noise roars / The night is punctuated / With backfiring cars / slinking home at dark / unnoticed by satellites / cat scratched my … Making Plans ‘You gonna answer?’ Sasha asked sleepily as his phone shrilled loudly. Kicking off John’s silky bedding clinging in waves around her skinny… Darkness A soulless Being with eyes unseeing / Engulfed in a suffocating isolation, / Reaching thru the eclipsing shadows / Of the smoky twilight fo… PollyChrome’s sculpture Fairy Pollychrome and she used powerful magic and went to great wavelengths to create a beautiful Sculpture of many colours Exhilaration challenge entry Sitting beside the rushing waters, / so wild and turbulent in their speed / I have a feeling deep inside me / that provides for my every ne… Sunday Morning “Easy as Sunday morning.” / The words of the song rang through his head. / He had to lift a hand to his mouth to suppress a derogative sno… Christmas Time for Shelly Shelly the starfish loved to paint. Infact she painted every afternoon or whenever she had some spare time. Shelly painted whatever she fel… Snap ‘You know,’ whispered the older man with his German accent, ‘I enjoyed our latest challenge.’ / They were sat in a coffee shop just off the… the haiku marathon (part 5) ice wind off the sea / winter scratches its long claws / down my shirtless back The Appointment ‘Hello. My name is Isabella. How can I help you today?’ / You can serve me best by returning to your fancy smancy college to learn a bit of… Numb This big, swollen thing that was now a part of him and would take such a long time to heal Fallen Hero Gwen placed the mug of black, unsweetened coffee in front of her husband and sat opposite him. Joe glanced up from the newspaper he held in… Challenge win I have just been informed that I have had a challenge win in the Which Way group? for my entry of Matin Mere Harrier Hide / I took the pho… A win in the historic churches group challenge !!… http://www.redbubble.com/groups/historic-churches/challenges/2058-church-yard-burial-ground-graveyard The Place of Haunts 100 letters in a place where memories never fade. Contagion (Flash Fiction March Challenge) When the virus first rolled through town, no-one even noticed. They worked out in hindsight that it must’ve come through a month before the… Touring America He had pulled his hand away and scurried from the grill seconds before. Now he was taking great joy out of watching her search for them. In Search of Welcome My sisters on the other side of the globe will honour the spirits come All Hallows Eve when winter comes and the new Celtic year begins. He… Word Tree – Challenge / Loves Fire As she breaths the Smoke filled air / she lets her Firey temper give way to Love win a challenge won the challenge Objects of Desire…Watermedia Only.. Thank You For Voting Hi Guys, / Just a quick thank you for voting for my picture of Louth church for the challenge / “Lincolnshire Landmarks” The winning entr… blood, guns and money The .222 caught him under the left ear. The Return The paper grocery bag fell from my nerveless fingers. Eggshells and yolk splattered across the worn linoleum as I shut my eyes tight, raise… WOOOOW Winning the Challenge “Just for fun –… This is So GREAT…. I am so Happy to see my Amaryllis Winning this Challenge… / “Just for fun – Native Christmas Flower”… Features top 10’s and a challenge winn (284) “Cute-tip” was featured in Simply White Artwork Ga… / about 2 hours ago"Ain’t I sweet" was featured in Cards: A… the haiku marathon (part 11) the prince sold his doves / for a cup of lime jelly / ate it in the sun the haiku marathon (part 2) this tie weighs a tonne / silk lariat for my soul / by pierre cardin The challenge of sentience the / Constancy of / Change is the / Evolution of / Self… It is the / Gift bestowed… it is / Self-awareness… It / Must not be / Squa… Double Dawn used as a Cover Image in a challenge … Wow Double Dawn used as a Cover image!!! Wow, I am so happy to see my photos featured̷… “Cold Critter” challenge in “Zoophoria” Group…….FEATHER DUSTER placed in the top ten…thanks to al… EEG#1 Challenge – United ART 4 Avatar For the new EEG avatar to represent our group for the next 3 months! WINNER AND AVATAR FOR TPW- JUST ABOVE THE TREE TO… TPW CHALLENGE – JANUARY’S WINTER – WINNER – WINNER – WINNER- / “JUST ABOVE THE TREE TOPS” –… Taste of Immortal Love Slipping her black cloak from her shoulders, Lucinda stepped into the silver lake, her naked body as perfect and pearlescent as the full mo… Unwanted guest Suddenly, she heard a voice shouting “For God’s sake, open the damn gate! My wife’s having a baby.” 5th Place in the top 10 Challenge…. The Bes… Thank you for voting “So Proud …. Eagle”! / RB you guys are the best!!! ST19 – “Fly from the scene” She sat drunkenly staring at the wall. The stain of red slid down it slowly. She was frozen in thought. She didn’t mean to do it. It wasn’t… Tall Tales “Just the facts.” / “Facts? The facts aren’t interesting,’ Davie crossed his arms, tilting his head away defiantly. / Sergeant Brandt sighe… Unworthy Those eyes, that attempt to pierce me / They are only token pools into which I reflect upon / This unsullied perfection, this beauty, this … Taken – Crime Time Weekly Challenge 1 With all this thought and the sound of his heart filling his ears he had missed the crucial hurried movement of the intruder in his house Thank You, Featured Works and Top Ten!!! I just wanted to thank everyone for leaving wonderful comments, supporting and encouraging me in my work, big thank you to all hosts and mo… ENDANGERED SPECIES prin / WITHIN OR WITHOUT YOU / We were talking about the space between us all / And the people who hide themselves behind a wall of illusio… Challenge me I dont ask for the challenge to come my way, / It just seems to find me. / I try my hardest to stay away, / From the negativity others cre… Disguise Body talks… / pain and glories of our world… / The eye that cries… not seen… I need help and there is a special prize or two i… Time for a real challenge folks!!! I have often thought about putting a selection of my photographs together into a photobook. However, I r… Huge Redbubble Update Wow, it is a long time since I have done one of these written things, so a lot to catch up on! / I have made 4 T-shirt sales! / 1) Children… For sale by owner(Haiku challenge) Chaotic mind / endless thoughts and static / for sale by owner 192 Vinnie shot up, pulled from unconsciousness at blinding speed, her body throbbing to the beat of her heart. She could still hear the echo … the witness that sliver of light held witness to everything ……….. A successful week!!! We enjoyed the wonderful spring weather here in Switzerland… / warm and marvelously in bloom :)) / I had the opportunity to shoot som… My thumb I looked at my hands today. / I counted my fingers one by one. the haiku marathon (part 6) god get off my lawn / or i’ll turn the hose on you / my snake in eden Stuck in the middle What is it? / Looks like music I ordered twenty-five years ago, someone cleaned out the attic and threw it in the garage. The Dark The dark is a black and silent place, / Toward which we travel with dreadful certainty, / To a rendezvous in time and space, / And our gate… Winning the Challenge The most unlikely bridge. Y… I am so happy to see my Under Water- Bridge winning this challenge in Group Bridges / Wooooow What a great feeling!!! / I like to thank all… I JUST GOT HOME…AND FOUND "GOT KLEENEX… I am so excited to see that “Got Kleenex” won the Lots o Licks – Tongue Challenge in / Giraffes- the Long and Tall of It … Challenge Wins until April 2010 Hi folks! / Not to brag, but it no longer fits on my homepage! / Most recent first. Please click on image to view / . / / Th… The Measure of Myself-Devil’s Touch Resumed Defenses down / I move forward / Seemingly free / Yet the Devil tears at my minds eye / Trying to take back what’s rightfully mine / … Fabulous T’s Home Page Features Woo Hoo!! I’m so excited!! FOUR of our top 10 winners in our very first challenge ‘Most Colorful T’s’ are being fea… The Beauty of a Lie A lie can cut / Into the heart, “Got Kleenex” placed in the Top Ten C… Wow, how awesome is that, thank you so much to all who voted for my sick giraffe! My Red Bubble friends are awesome! BUTTERFLY POSE #2 SECOND PLACE IN ZOOPHORIA CHAL… MY THANKS TO ALL MEMBERS THAT HAVE GIVEN THEIR VOTE TO ME PHOTO IN THE GOODBYE BUTTERFLY CHALLENGE ………..JOHAN / TOP TEN … Challenge Win: Balancing Act Woo Hoo!! I’m so friggen excited! My photo ‘Balancing Act’ won the ‘Urban Wildlife’ challenge in the group ‘#12 Great Features’ !!! This i… I brought an umbrella, though it wasn’t rai… Hmmmm, hazy, hot, and humid.. / Said the weatherman, but no rain.. / I stuck my head out the door, it was clear / but I brought my umbrella… The Worst Lie (Start Twister 16) On Saturday she sat with her Nana. “Daddy. Why is Nana all wrinkly and sad”? She had asked her father innocently. Shadows Detective Beaumont entered the autopsy suite cautiously. Dr Edmonds looked up from the sink where he was scrubbing off something red and st… too human for sea bed too deep for my own darkness absence, floundering, falling away, nothingness flash challenge fun Oxymoron. / Bill put down his book, the fare was simple, he would start with a cheese biscuit and a carafe of light-weight red finishing w… La Mia Politica (My Politics) English translation at the end. / LA MIA POLITICA / Fantasia / Desiderio / Esco dall’oscurita` / Nasco / Mi vedi? / Questa e` la mia … Haikus …Poetic Pearls. (A challenge too be launch… Dear friends, / This message is for an invitating you to participate into a great Nirvana challenge, to be launched on October the 15th, an…
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