Australian Artist Dec 2009 Happy Challenge The Journey With No Ending I do miss you and I’ve been missing you for days / We talk every day, hours seem like minutes, and time never stays / My eyes get tir… Rousing senses stirring soundlessly / to dreamy moistened / waves floating, soaring / limber in liquid love / covetous cravings / quickened bre… Twilight Moments Serene is the twilight hour / when I wait for you to wrap me up / in wordless conversation Yay, I won a challenge!!!! Reclining female nude, charcoal pencil drawing on gesso was just voted No. 1 in the Creative Drawing challenge of the Fine Arts group! I&#… Disrupt Don’t come near me unless you want to be disrupted. / I will: / Upturn a cliche and write it to a new form / Eradicate generalisation… I couldn’t make you love me I cannot make you love me. / I can’t make you love me. / I couldn’t make you love me. / Lionel has a new mantra. / He felt like he was livi… Lessons of Challenges a realisation that came to me recently.. the haiku marathon (part 1) So many soldiers / with nothing to do but dance / barefoot in the grass. The Human Condition Safety reached has shattered the illusion / Like presence of the knights who are mere men Welcome – The Dark Challenge Cafe Winning E… Where the pavement is littered with corpses at dusk, / and the jaded night sighs and gives in to my lust, / as the moon plays on silent in … Winning the challenge Wooden Bridges in Stream Cr… I am really so Happy to see The Bridge is The Winning Image!!! Thank you friends and members from this lovely Group!! / The Bridge is made … Ribbons for your Quest This pledge has been waiting in my inktips / Today I saw your waves of thoughts / swirling and storming your calm / I heard the sound of … Butthead Don’t stare at me Letting love find another way home (Written for t… The doors in my eyes / could never hold you— / you were born / the minute / you flew. / I will / my chains / to not follow / what the … Lionel, a Partridge and a Lemon Tree Lionel asked him to get it done as soon as it could be arranged. / “Get rid of everything” he added hastily. / He took a long time to … Artist Interview (John Miller, AJM Photography) John Miller (AJM Photography) recently won the Domestic Art Group Avatar Challenge with “An Incident Involving Four Bottles…… Journey Driftwood / Once you were green and full of life / Now just a smooth impression / They could not smash you when in strife / And you’ve beco… The Trip! Ambling downstairs, I think of last minute details, such as the windows and doors locked up, all the powered electronics off’ed Alpha and Omega Writing Challenge “Tears of… “It is a dragon’s tear,” Khol’shar illustrated, turning it over in his fingers. “Very rare, and highly potent in eldritch content. This is … Carla and Coot (for Flash Fiction Challenge #24) that boy was madder than a mule with a mouth full of bumble bees Chrono me this. I am issuing a challenge to all of Redbubble. Create the greatest Chrono tee that anyone could ask for. And I just may buy it. Paper Cut Boy I mean I shelled out a lotta bucks for this suit. Challenge win I have had a challenge win for “Eyes Looking Down” in the Mood & Ambience group for my photograph of Kanchanaburi Melancholy girl / K… Meeting my face. This is a challenge and was going to push my boundries I stood and raised my camera to my eye and through the view finder I saw my own ref… Today, I Though About A Plateful Of Marshmallows&… Hello my love… / I thought about you today.. I have missed you so much. / I stopped by the grocery store for a few things, and the fu… Sweet Dreams A presence enfolds me in warmth serene / Soft breath upon my cheek, / Untouched yet sensed in a dream This Thing He stops to pray. He knows he must. Dark Surrounded by darkness. derivative writing challenge #545594 It begins at the station on a Monday morning. An overly full carriage of white-collar soup has been upturned all over the platform, in the … The Plot Thickens Featuring The Creature That Wal… What story am I? The Vampyre Sonnet Written for a challenge; my 11th sonnet. :) Showing a sympathy for those eternal beings! So then what is love? Ah the beauty of giving and receiving of love / To what extent do we give love? / To what measure do we receive love? / We need love to br… Don’t Laugh, it’s True And that’s when it it hit me. / In that split second, I knew the sad, overwhelmingly obvious, now-clear-as-a-bell-why-listen-to-it-chime ir… Seeing Me, Seeing You When you look at me, what do you see? / Do you see a human being like yourself, a real flesh and blood person with feelings and thoughts an… A challenge…..cannot resist cupped and drank me Come One, Come All… In the ghastly spirit of celebrating All Hallow’s Eve the Domestic Art Group is hosting a Masquerade… Come join us by entering … ‘Special raindrop recognition award’ … I would like to give big warm thank you to Vanessa Barklay for making me featured member and giving me / THE SPECIAL RAINDROPS RECOGNITION… For the writing challenge…??? lol Ok for you nervous ones ….1,000 words is not that bad……just sat and did this to show you………..started t… MISSING YOU Brian missed his wife. Broken Doll ‘Mum, I asked you not to accept anymore packages,’ Marisa sighed. / ‘Why shouldn’t I?’ Sophia demanded petulantly, ‘He loves you. He is a g… One Single Tear with / one / single / tear / I / swallow / my / heart Better Tomorrow A better tomorrow is in each of our hands / within our grasps, if we choose to understand / Everything changes and will come to an end / in… Alone in the Dark Alone in the dark… I wish I was… Haiku Challenge Surely mountains move / In rhythm of life out from / The joys of my son Darkness When twilight is done / The black of night has come / When the sounds I hear / Have me frozen with fear / Silently praying for the new daw… For Rent The sign said “For Rent”. Suitcase in hand, Marna marched herself up the front walk and rang the door bell. / A grandmotherly woman answer… Jacqleen’s challenge Now we are both lost in a world where time twists, / each second a lifetime, nerves and chewing lips, Me and the River I’d loved the river that ran through the woods behind our property. It was my sanctuary, my confidante when times were tough. When Mama dra… The Plot Thickens Featuring Star-Cross’d Lo… What story am I? The Plot Thickens Featuring Mistaken Identity What story am I? “Street Cleaner” -CONTENT WARNING I owe him my patience – after all he has given me the meaning for my life. Dark, You Ask? Eyes, Mind, Soul Challenge Results Thought I’d keep a record of some of my challenge results for my own and others interest. Sunshine morning … pleasure waves, / fire floating yonder, / volcanic… At the Break of Noon (Challenge Cafe Entry) Formless and empty, hovering over still water / Scarring shadows of death ever gently, plaguing first born sons and precious daughter / Bir… The Morning After It was one of those mornings when I question if I have any common sense at all. My girlfriends always insist it will be great fun. Yet, wi… Dethroned As a ten year old girl, Tether-ball was my game of choice. I played it hard and I played it well. Moments into the game I was in control. … The Struggle to Destiny Gentle knights, comfort us with your presence. / We are yet untouched, though our safety is shattered; Lift We drifted up, toward the broken sky. = Waiting for Her = She looked back over her shoulder at him and laughed! / ‘Peter Peter Pumpkin eater! Had a wife and couldn’t keep her!’ The Plot Thickens Featuring The Boy Who Lived What story am I? Eternal Flight Deep within the waters / of my subconscious / I fly / I fly / in my slumber / and I fly / in my waking dream / The truth is always veile… Witness for the Defence ‘You knew of your husband’s affair with the victim, Mrs Lehman?’ / ‘Yes,’ Carla replied. / ‘But you maintain that your husband was with you… Squeezy My Mouth……. / Was it ever there? I do not know / A new one I would like for you to sew / I know you wont, not now not ever. For as I am I’m… For “Wait – I’m the Artist̶… Art in My Head Plato (Mature) my Icarus baby……………… Johnnie had grown to love his new friend define the missing in the middle of the cold winter night / his soul quivers facing wind’s bites / he keeps walking despite silence / face downs, hands … Fly Away With Me – Challenge Winner A heartfelt thank you to all who commented on, and voted for, my Chickadees in flight image. I am thrilled that it was so well received and… Paper Cut(outs) I believed I needed to clip these things of old, / needed to extract these intricately woven fibers / from my soul in order to remain in th… change the world Its the age of innovation / Who is up the challenge and who is up to challenge? / The song alone can change the world / If it comes from so… first person challenge. i watch in the glass as your charisma emerges from every pore like plasticine being being pushed through a sieve by an angry fist, collecti… 2. Challenge Winners – The Most Colorful Wo… Congratulations to the winners of our first challenge The Most Colorful Work! Also a big applause for the works that ended in the top 10 of… Turn Around Samantha pulled out the old fashioned typewriter from beneath the pile of junk in the attic. She hated this house. The floorboards creaked … Joust We stood alone, together, holding fast against the winds of rock-strewn sand into which we had emerged. Mountains of red tinder surrounded… Blowing Bubbles won a challenge! Woo hoo!!!! My picture Blowing Bubbles won the Carefree Bubbles challenge in the Beauty N Bubbles group! Yay! / It’s so cool, I think… Nuts and Bolts “He is my glue.” Devil’s Revenge Stupidly, I turned my head to see what he was pointing at – and then it hit me. As my spirit left my body I looked down, hoping he’d feel t… Mother Her mind incisive and fast / Her strength a mountain / Courage her middle name and her last / She taught me so much / My mother pragmatic … Past locked gates and hanging gardens lie the sou… … tick of the source / guarded by colossal gates of gold / hanging gardens decor intricate lines that outline / the ying in the yang&… Dove of Peace Ever pray about what direction your life’s supposed to take? Jack did and boy did he get his answer! “Unreal” Received great news this image “Abstract Reflections” has gotten 1st place in the Abstract Realism group challeng… touched by beauty … with equilibrium’s water New Prize Challenge – Birds Win RedBubble Gift Certificates! “Molly’s Song” “Molly’s Song” / My Dear Little Molly, / you so love / your daddy…. Innocence Lost Innocence lost so very long ago it seems / childhood stolen from an ego of warped extreme / A dogma perceived as superior to own / another … Devious The glass cabinet reflected the room’s contents like a mirror. Facing it, Rita noticed the bright green doors ajar behind her. Rita went to… ♫ Sing Your Art ♫ If I could see / What you have seen / If I could be / Where you have been Waiting *In the corridor of skeletal / carob trees, I sit waiting for you. / Their dark succulent fruit, / remind me of the secrets / held within y… Bittersweet memories… memories and experience… / the bittersweet path of a lifelong journey / forging who you are now / into who you will be / the challeng… Absolute Pin The race was on. Who would win the title of Life of the Party? / Myface’s news feeds spit out one status update after another, each one out… EEG Avatar Challenge WINNER!!! I am so pleased this one actually came to the fore – after all it is a piece about creating art and inspiring others to create art wh… Never dare another bubbler for a prompt on a twi… I must not dare Alison to make twister prompts. / I must not dare Alison to make twister prompts. / I must not dare Alison to make twister … Pride Sometimes Hurts I shiver as your lust creates sparks of energy that bounce around the small studio and tear into my aching body. Caida del Cielo This sin was not yours / Wounds wide open that sting and burn / Pulled from the whomb of a pink craddle / Now in darkness you toil
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