Lure of the chair Sitting in the same chair at Olivia’s Café had become a stealth and sensual operation. A Saturday treat. Timing was indeed everything. / B… Chair pouring Pour me a second glimpse of If The chair in the corner. The chair in the corner / when you have written / ten thousand stories / ten thousand more to come / for a twenty dollar bill / a life long… A White Rose For Peter Pan Sketches peaked surreptitiously from under notes on Peter Pan. Short peom. Siting in my chair thinking that life isnt really fair then i think of homeless and poverty and look at my life and i cant compare.So im si… global warming and a broken chair Thom Gunn, / I ask you why, / Did you bury Lazarus in a shallow grave? / He was, / So old, / So feeble, / So weak, / Oh yes, so naive, / T… The Healer “Cat. If you could talk eh? The one in that chair………… tall chairs and short / tables all around / quiet voices / no cell phones / polite / that’s the choice Gold Leafed Feet …his thoughts brushed an unexpected idea which seemed at odds, unfathomable…the notion of possibility… Chair (Mature) Empty Chair Earned Seat Acceptance There She Sits / My Honesty / Yes Truth Empty / Waits My Seat.. Wooden Chair Musings from the car park of what was once Pentridge Prison, now a trendy residential development. Leather Couch The smell so sweet. The touch just right. / You linger on all through the night. A chair When is a chair not a chair? sat asleep in a chair It’s okay he’s sedated, / in a row of high back chairs he sits / head slumped forward, / full of their drugs, he slowly forgets. / It was… WHAT’S MISSING ? my butt’s asleep and my back is sore / cuz i’ve been sitting on the cold cement floor. AN ANSWER TO “MY SILENT GOODBYE” by… If you leave / I will weep / Tears like raindrops / I’ll never again sleep / I will be crushed / Never will I laugh / You will have … Baby Steps The air feels heavy. The smell of the musty carpet mixed with cheap cologne and body odor remind me of a crowded Vegas lounge. Old in a Flowered Chair Silent, the old man slouches….. Farewell You left our home…you left our bed / All that’s left …the pillow for your head / The scent of you….is all that re… wishing chair a closed mind rocks / and sways, / in the hearth a fire burns / a light into the room. / distant dreams, all / the old aspirations, / stuck… THE ROCKING CHAIR Dreaming, she rocked in her chair / As she fell asleep / Memories flashing in her mind / Only hers to keep / Her hands now worn and wrinkle… ROCKING CHAIR In a heavy treed forest covered in fallen trees… / a young boy so innocent knelt on his knees. / Peeling the moss back with his tiny … WHERE’S THE LETTER? WHERE’S THE LETTER…it was just in my hand / I put it down….I don’t understand / Is there a poltergeist…in my … My Thinking Chair There is a special place I go to think, / the only place I truly can, apart from that monstrous bed / that yawns empty and cold each nig… THE BEACH I saw my darling sitting there / In our old rocking chair / I said “darling, that’s not for you.. / There are so many things we… Too Comfortable every time / it makes me realize / im sitting / far too comfortably / in life’s chair / and / in love’s lap Fires, Adirondack Chairs and the Essence of Peace Don’t fires take you somewhere? Fires are prehistoric, trippy and tribal. For me they are absolutely mesmerizing! How many lies and b… WICKER CHAIR I sit in solitude / In my Wicker Chair / Filled with grief / And despair / I decided to pen / The story of my life / Filled with anxiety / … Beauty and Relaxation Was Featured Again! Thank you so much Happy Haven for featuring Beauty and Relaxation. Very much appreciated. Jonice No One Is Listening Dad’s trying to figure how to fix the outside gate / Mom is thinking about how many calories she just ate / Grandma is deciding whic… THE WIDOW The chairs were all empty / Everyone had gone home / She sat in the corner / All alone / She did not get up / Looking as if in a daze / Her… Empty Chair Once, he sat there / With his cold cup of tea / Watching the sunrise / Dreaming his dreams / His favourite chair / Of iron and wood / Made … The Green Chair (Images #11) “Do you realise, there are places and times throughout all we know that are quite simply one-way streets.” His Green Vinyl chair where Paris never goes “Tell me.” I ask him, still smiling, still holding his gaze, “what’s Paris like this time of year?” TENDER MOMENTS SHARED She sat alone in her big chair / Wishing that he was there / Tender moments in her thoughts / She was simply overwrought / Losing him was … Solitaire She sat alone playing Solitaire / No one else was ever there / Her life so lonely nothing but the game / She told herself she was not to bl… A WALK TO THE LIGHT He was dying … feeling no pain / Did not know what happened…felt insane / Heart beating so loud…he wasn’t sure / Wa… EYE & i strapped into the chair, / for “testing”. Hot Day A steady hum vibrating one constant low / Surrounding me in tiny hummingbird beats / The two giant fans warm and hot breezes blow HIS ROOM There was no ceremonial salute for the child that I admired / No fancy cars or limousines, only his presence was required / The night was … Rocking Chair Was Featured In Rustic Thank you so much for the feature Rustic. Very much appreciate it. Mona Lisa’a chair…….WTF!!! WTF!!!….she’s leaning her left arm on a chair….hahaha……never noticed, probably the last one not to notice eit… Biological Comfort The night was aging, / her biological comfort forsaken for synthetic. / she found curious entertainment / in his naked colarbones. The Electric Chair The Electric Chair / My brain’s emotions could sense the impulses ready to receive the charge, / All of my body was ready to take the… A wingback chair with a book … / I miss being able to curl up / In a wing back chair with a book… Beauty and Relaxation Featured Again! Beauty and Relaxation was featured in Table and Chairs. Thank you so much Table and Chairs. Much appreciated! The Rocking Chair The stillness in the air; the breath that’s barely there as a man rocks slowly in his chair. / Haggard and old, his skin grows slightly col… Chair (Mature) VANITY CHAIR Sipping Sherry and tasting epiphanies / Of thoughts processed slow The opposing chair For though / You have / Shared and / Encouraged… / This is my / Success / And to really / Feel it / It is only fair / That I be / Tr… Wicker Chair …Into the garden filled and grown / spilling everywhere / flowers in their clumps / fragrance for the share. Hello…. Sit in My Comfy Seat. Just me again. / Here with you. / Listening to Morrissey, Bread, and / whatever else comes to mind. / A little comfy chair, / I invite you … sitting on a chair of stone. never think someone will be there when you fall, even if you was always there for them. Amilia’s Hair And having just seen it she let out at scream / that someone had cut it, or so it would seem. CONFINED IN THIS CHAIR I live now / inside my mind / for in this chair / I am confined. baby down the stairs bump bump bump / baby down the stairs / while the stranger looks after me / how does he know? / how does he see? The Chair on the Table “Help,” a whisper from the - / He keened forwards, tippering as an object near the edge of its fulcrum. “Is there anyone … Chair in the Doorway I built a chair in the doorway / Watching you with lust filled eyes Grandpa’s Chair You might think you’ll find grandpa / Napping in his chair. / Don’t let his blue eyes fool you, / He’s rarely ever there.… Couch In over sized t-shirt and ripped up jeans, / Reading a novel, / He wraps his cushioned arms around me and reads over my shoulder silently. slowly they found my body 3 days later but i had no family or freinds so it was no waste of life. Chair Sitting In my chair….. / Waiting to get something right….. / Holding onto the bitterness in life on this starless night… … Furniture The chair was screaming / the man with the doughnut was getting closer / he plonked his behind down and silenced the chair. / The man was d… and the winner gets the chair you want to sit on that throne? / you want to wear that crown? The Dreaming Chair To my retreat I am flying / To the sundown on my beach / All I know is that I seek solace / Solace that is out of reach The rocking chair Afraid to get up in case he was dead The Dreaming Chair What is real & what is fancy? / I don’t know & I don’t care / All I know is that pain is fading / When I ride upon my chair my electric chair sitting on this / cold hard chair / nothing but a / dead pan stare / wires running / from all around / chair legs bolted / into the groun… bound by a chair Ageing away slowly / watching everyone around you grow / your getting older / your now bound by a chair / you cannot walk / you cannot ru… The Chair! humor escape Rocking Chair Reminiscing… / That moment is transfixed in my mind / Untarnished by the changing years / The chair worn, but still here Another Conversation with Norman You once told me that, “Our conversations are our prayers.” where your chair lands You sit in daylight / But to me it seems you’re drenched in night time / Falling through the darkness / Moving past my eyesight / Will you … Green Fence Chair Adirondack chair / By the green garden fence / Fragrance of pollen in the still spring air / Black and yellow. 228 beats per second. / P… Here on a Wicker Chair, Falling Apart Here’s one for fall in the Mid-Atlantic, / or, at least, what I imagine it to be: / Friends and family / spread 2×5 on a busy ci… Loneliness Loneliness… what is this thing called loneliness? Can you tell me where it comes from, what it feels like? Is it the same for you as it is … there’s a hair on my chair There’s a hair on my chair / How dare there be a hair on my chair / It isn’t fair this hair on my chair. / Does anyone care the… A lone chair! Blast deep within the past a railway junction of juggling worlds. When will the maze dissipate, degenerate, take another pill. Left sitting… EMPTY CHAIR COME FILL YOURSELF FULL OF LIFE / LEAVE WITH THE GREAT HIGH / FREE FROM ALL UR CARES / TAKE THE SEAT IN THE EMPTY CHAIR / IT WILL BE A SHOC… the worn chair floats high above us now soaring higher and higher / above the flickering northern lights / our eyes were only closed As I Sat In This Dirty Old Chair I felt sweat roll down my forehead / And panic rise up through my gut / As I passed a debauch of drunkards / And a dollars worth of sluts Erotic 8? The Chair and the Dog ..nitty gritty. 1… Back to where i was earlier, I would love to sit naked in a chair and for you to sit naked on my lap but for seamed stockings. black heels … The Cat and the Chat When she asked me for the time, / I told her half past nine, / When the time / Was really nearly twelve-o-four,

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