Please help me, my baby chick is very sick! Please help me! My pet chick is dying, and I don’t know of any way to keep him from dying! I love him so much, and I’d do almos… At Heavens Gate… No one really knows why / the Good Lord couldn’t wait. / He has taken you to join him / up at heavens pearly gates. / It had happen… Grave By Moonlight Darkness falls / for it is night / no light… The Cat Man of Montmartre One living inhabitant of the Cimitiere de Montmartre proved more interesting than long dead painters, sculptors and other glitterati. I nev… Cemetery I felt a tremor / peacefully reverberating / the steps / of others / That have walked / This very path / My skin tingled / Crisp / Alive… Civil War Graveyard Everyone cried when they laid me down / Underneath this hallowed ground / A preacher said a prayer / All my family and friends were there /… An Attack In A Cemetery – This Is a true st… Like a gentleman I asked if everything was ok and was told to “F**K off” / Police mentioned she shouted “You B*****d you’ve called the Pol… Elmore Cemetery what is left of us in the end boxes how quietly you rest / here, / where the meadow grasses sway / here, / where on a good day / the view will stretch for miles. / here / you … Too Many Bones He saw only the shadows and silhouettes of the elderly trees and weathered gravestones that were dimly illumined under an October half-moon… The Silent Witness I have seen all the pain, / counted all the tears. / The cries are still fresh, / in my old and ancient ears. / You are not alone, / I sit … Fallen but not Forgotten Association for Adopting Graves at the Netherlands American Cemetery in Margraten. / Paying a tribute to the many young service-members who… Brompton cemetery I like it here. / The silence penetrates the air. / (whether created by years of sadness and profound grief, / or by the gentle surrender … The Dare I felt a touch, / As cold as ice, / And through my fearful heart, / It sliced. / And then it swept across my face, / Around my neck, / It&#… Cemetery Gates (A Poem) The gates we all must pass one day; cemetery gates, / It’s not wise, some would say; to tempt the fates. / The body dies, we give up the gh… Cemetery Walk – flash fiction noticed how brightly it glowed, in an unnatural, almost insincere fashion. God Sleeps Still the names haunted him, and the faces trying to tell him God was asleep. “’La terre emplit leur bouche pour les faire tair… Pecans in the cemetery On the outskirts of a small town, there was a big, old pecan tree just inside the cemetery fence. Pondering God… Looking up, / thinking, / wondering, / pondering… / God / Pondering God Poem: Forest Lawn Cemetery The shadows seem to try to say, / “We represent the lost and gone, A Visit To A Military Cemetery They heard the silencing of guns, / as young men,veterans now and broken / over war’s cruel Catherine wheel, SILENT PRAYER She stands in the cemetery in SILENT PRAYER / Hands clasped together she’s always there / Watching those who are laid to rest / Prayi… Cemetery Picnic I slept on my grave last night, / crawling through sounds of night / and glass, listening to the symphony / of zealous sighs. / (the sta… cemetery lights as dusk falls i have noticed the lights / those left behind by loved ones / to mark this place in time, / to hold at bay the full finality … The Mourning Fairy On all Hallows eve, as the gloaming descends / The graveyard awakens – a chance for amends / On this one night alone, as ghosts walk the ea… BLOSSOM IN THE CHURCHYARD The graves are there / All that is left are bones / The souls have left / They’ve gone home / Family and friends / Come to pray / An… At Last On Earth I Rest on ancient land / hallowed graves dwell Cemetery Song …let’s dance with the dead. Cemetery love I can feel myself drifting / until almost out of sight re lisa jewell’s “sunday” easily, footsteps, not touching the ground; / even a van gogh person, more up, than…, Spicer Cemetery. The empty ash tray sitting on the table is like a red light in my mind reminding me you’re not around / and goddamn that feeling i ge… Pondering in the Cemetery Wondering about questions that can never be answered Cemetery of Ideas The sorrowful boundary / mourns for what / could have been- / if only action / could have saved / the tenants of this place Your Bed Now you lie in the grave you dug / The dark hole you went to willingly / You complain that no one cares / That no one will help you out The Initiation of the Werewolf Cemetery at night, not the best idea, but… The Life of a Mother Long Gone It seems like the day before I died. I held each in my arms. “Twins” I said, and listened as they cried. Cemetery Field Headstones rise up DOING the CEMETERY WALK -we live next to a Cemetery. Far from this casting a shadow on our lives or unquiet spirits in our closets, it provides a valuable opportun… Colleville-sur-Mer, Normandy They stand, / For those who stand no more, / Tears and flowers fall at their feet, / For those who went to war, / In God’s hand, / Th… THE CEMETERY ON HALLOWEEN NIGHT Ghost dance in the shadows / Oh what a sight! I TRIED TO BE DISCREET… When is a hard-on ever discreet…?

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