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O Captain! My Captain! by BradleySMP Catharsis One: All These Things... by BradleySMP Catharsis Three: We'll Always Have Paris by BradleySMP Catharsis Six: I Know by BradleySMP Catharsis by BradleySMP Catharsis Two: Kitty? by BradleySMP #3. Plain logo by Riley McDonald Catharsis Five: Always Your Friend by BradleySMP Catharsis by dale rogers Catharsis Eight: You Bow to No One by BradleySMP Catharsis, or, Ode to Former Best Friends Will I shed a tear because I believe you hate me? / Or will I simply smile because we once shared space / In one another’s lives, Catharsis by susi lawson Six-Word Narrative Catharsis …vision healed. Catharsis Nine: I'm Afraid, Dave by BradleySMP Rêverie // Catharsis by Benedikt Amrhein Could Be Could be because I’ve never heard / The music of the trees. The Cleansing Fire by Dee Sunshine Catharsis I’d spoil the mayo in your tuna / To give you salmonella / Hand it over, smiling and say / “There ya go, Big fella”. I Want To Die Inside Of You by grubbanax Transforming Fear (Pure Spirit) by Natalia Lvova Catharsis II by Theraneand Crisis and Catharsis by Sybille Sterk Catharsis by Marion  Cullen Gothic Work I found myself once again crippled by the act of doing nothing, pressing my face against the cold glass of my bedroom window…….. She's Finding Home by Keith Miller A Fire Of Useless Thoughts by Dee Sunshine Fire Skull by grubbanax Catharsis: Soul’s Seasonal Lament The last auras of an early autumn / blend into nothing more than a rusted / patina palette. Leaves reduce down / to a skeletal parchment… Catharsis/ Option 2 by ThePuppeteer Numina II by Keith Miller Within Her Reach by Keith Miller Catharsis by BradleySMP Pretend by damien-c A Natural Paradox, She Was She was / (the sun’s still scream / behind the clouds / burning despite blindness / and itching to be felt / by skin / to be soaked into s… Catharsis by Theraneand Catharsis Seven: Let it Go by BradleySMP The Great Divide // Catharsis by Benedikt Amrhein Catharsis by Ben Loveday Ænima. by silvietti A Catharsis of Cats by Odille Esmonde-Morgan Calendar The Final Act – A Catharsis Infuriation is such a destructive emotion, and Diana is torn between fulfilment and a nauseating terror at seeing Irma provoked by mere lac… Art transcending nothingness  by Lawrence Alfred Powell Catharsis by Georg Kiehne Catharsis- Only when the Stars, Planets, Moons, Catharsis Five of us playing the streets and nobody knew quite how to deal with it. catharsis stretch / opening up / loosening heart / energy flowing / tingling from tips to toes / stretching-tearing-opening / feelings coming / tears… Catharsis by Charles Oliver Catharsis by ultima944 Catharsis by vaskoni CATHARSIS Igneous volcanic emotion / my heart of an upset complies / is curled up, rested, beaten / rate of snail, waves on my feet / I have caused… Alone in the dark next to a lightbulb tears on the keyboard / struggling / dim sunlight through the window / why? / tears / caught / by / red / light / of dying sun Catharsis - My Oasis by cardiocentric Catharsis Here is the raindrop you seek, / -remember, remember? / It rolled down your cheek. / Here is the raindrop you sought / in currents insepera… Outsider by Keith Miller catharsis (pouf) POOR: rushing around to not be rich / suffering the consequences / not scratching that itch / but… Burn My mouth and eyes burn. I just received an old message from my boyfriend, ‘xox, my love’, I wanted it to be old so I wouldn’t have to expla… Catharsis Piece #1 by Dee Sunshine Catharsis Piece #2 by Dee Sunshine Speeder’s Rock (Chorus) / Beggin’ for a rock through your window today / Speeder, Speeder / Beggin’ for a rock through your window today / Spe… i got off track and lost all meaning you’ll never get home – you’ll never be at peace. you’ll never rest and you’ll never be beautiful. this funer… Catharsis Don’t forget me, / When I’m gone away. / Don’t forget me, / When my nights are day. / Please forgive me, / For my fatal f… Catharsis link edge by fuatnoor Psycho-catharsis… ‘…in your eyes I read the language of infinity / the only one I blindly understand…’ Catharsis i am the dreamer enmeshed with insomnia / who cannot awaken from this nightmare clarity / my visions, mere hallucinations, sheltered distor… you’re where i call home. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////||||||||||||||||| Fuck Hymn by Lee David Blanch Reflex Of The Malcontent by Lee David Blanch BitXBit v.2.2 by Lee David Blanch riding the wave of getting exactly (read: only ki… though you’re innocent until proven guilty, the insomniac prosecutor may not rest for quite some time. in such a short span of time, … Metastasis by Lee David Blanch Infinite Paths  by Lee David Blanch Another Barrier To The Truth by Lee David Blanch Something that didn't exist before. by Lee David Blanch The Animal of You by Lee David Blanch Catharsis by UngodUbiquitous Bliss by Lee David Blanch Disintegral by Lee David Blanch The Sinners' Prayer. by Lee David Blanch Cerebral Fracture  by Lee David Blanch Catharsis Lets ascend the moonlight / And listen to the voices of the stars / Who whisper what’s to come / As we remember ourselves / And retur… An Odyssey of Ordeal, A Legacy of Liberation The despot is now desperately ephemeral… The Epiphany, eternal! When I give I feel deprived by Lee David Blanch Something red or dead by Lee David Blanch Catharsis by Lee David Blanch A taste of your own... by Lee David Blanch Only because you hurt me first. by Lee David Blanch The Name Of The Beast by Lee David Blanch catharsis by scoota269 AUNTIE CHRIST CATHARSIS by stermixalot Coo Linga's first wave by The Aquarian making waves Katharsis I by Jorge H. Elias Katharsis II by Jorge H. Elias AUNTIE CHRIST CATHARSIS by stermixalot Katharsis III by Jorge H. Elias Euphoria I by Jorge H. Elias Euphoria III by Jorge H. Elias
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