HOW TO GIVE YOUR CAT A PILL! Pick up cat and cradle it in the crook of your left arm as if holding a baby. Position right forefinger and thumb on either side of catR… Using The Esoteric Teachings, Quantum Physics And… Using The Esoteric Teachings, Quantum Physics And Schrödinger’s Cat In Explaining Mentalpausal Moments. Photographer’s Guide: Eden and surrounds, N… For photographers who enjoy landscapes, fauna and photojournalism styles, you will be spoiled. a frog in my throat an unintelligible world devoid of God / curiosity killed the cat / ‘search me’ / with a gesture of despair / cut a tooth / &#… Absolutely Preposterous …conspicuously eyeballing me and taking up / as much space as you possibly could… The Miniature Cat. They gave him a stroke / and the pussy awoke, / took one lap and started to shrink! Siamese Cat I used to think there were times I lived outside of myself; inside my ethereal shadow. I went as far as naming her Teresa. I missed out o… At Heaven’s Gate I scream to the gates of heaven / Can you hear me, my friend.. Haikau poem – Samsara (My cat) my cat this is a song about honey And tails. Love’s not Fuckin Pink. (Slam Poetry Versio… It’s a treacherous frenemy who will raise you up in a choke hold / And slap you to the wall / And it will ram you to that wall so fast you … lit in the same places In half an hour she’d be back entirely in her skin Cream Coloured Cat Soon the world will be mine / Said the hamster to the cream / Coloured cat. A mouthful later / And the dream was little more than that. Ode to Dead Cat Upon finding a dead wild cat on my door step several days ago…and placing it in a “safe” spot where it baked in the sun a… House Cat I ate in silence / The screech of the mouse in the corner made I Am Tiger I am what I am, and I will not change because you think me beautiful. / I am what I am, and I will not change because you think me cute. /… The Kid, The Cat, The Dog “Sleep will you be my friend now?” Serendipity “Where’s Serendipity?” / “One guess.” If you want someone…. If you want someone who will eat whatever you put in front of him / and never say its not quite as good as his mothers / …then buy a… The Village Cat I wonder if he’s happy, / Does he love his carefree life? / Does he long to be a housecat? / With no struggles and no strife? “My Dead Cat” I live out in a rural area / We really don`t have any neighbors,… / Many years ago we had a old gray Tomcat,… / His name was Ta… Little Man My name is Little Man / I was alone and needed a hand / They say I was feral and wild / Now I’m gentle and mild / I didn’t thi… The Cat Is un Gato In my asylum there are no words classified as of the lexical variety; / Neither words to give away nor any to steal from myself. / There i… Prayers for Isis This is the sweet tabby kitty so many people on RedBubble have fallen in love with. / Her name is Isis and she is pure magic / My poor lit… Written Rush rush to your nearest heart store and seek refuge Another Slice of Suburbia Socks tucked over his trouser legs, helmet dangling uselessly from his left handlebar, the middle-aged cyclist made his way back along the … 30 minutes She must tell him that she never thought badly of him for wanting to clean the cat. Dime cat She knows how to get her lion to roar / This she never forgets Tom Puuskatte. words for anita inveraritys cat dreamin piccy! just thought i wid dae a wee quick poem av no done yin for a while! / i wish i hud wee wings tae fly / across the rooftops oh sae high / up… Fable of a feline-female transformation No longer weak, / She sharpened her claws and teeth. What I LOVE most about Tigers list. 1). Big floppy paws, the size of dinner plates. / 2). Large rounded head with eyes of fire and topped with white tipped round ears. / 3). L… The Cat Man of Montmartre One living inhabitant of the Cimitiere de Montmartre proved more interesting than long dead painters, sculptors and other glitterati. I nev… Why the Cheetah’s Cheeks are Stained An African Folktale Falcon: The Story Because my littlest kitty cat is a cat with such a dramatic start of life, I thought it would be appropriate to make a writing for him, my … The Adventures of Milly the cat When he got to the dairy, he kept out of sight, / and found where the milk was stored for the night. / So Freddy, he stole just to keep him… Breakfast in the Garden, by Ellen Hecht © 20… If the early bird gets the worm, what does the early cat get? [Click here to find out.] #13. a kitty cat swim Some Jims swim in the ocean / Some blokes stroke in the sea / Some cats float in a pool / On a raft / Un der / de Ko Ko nut tree. / I lik… camera poem that great shot,the first of the year makes me click and shout a cheer ,then i open my can off beer, to see in the start off the year I’m Not A Cat ….. … I am a Tree ! / I don’t understand why you can’t see / I’m not a cat, I am a Tree! / In these branches I blend so well / My tail’s … Cat Attitude The space in bed that was once yours / Will now be taken by eight paws The Witching Hour My cauldron / sings / of love and wonder… Old friend. They say I should take her to the vet. That she’s most likely in pain. That I’d be doing her a favour. wittle archie’s dream ( someone’s or … i had the weirdest everest dream / last night i went to my bed really early , i was ab-so-lutley exhausted from playing all day on my bike… Blue eyed Lacy and Iggie the mouse. Lacy’s big blue, tear filled eyes find mine. we sit facing each other around my round table, fresh vanilla cupcakes between us. My Broken Spirit Limps My Broken Spirit Limps / An elegy or lament by Karin Taylor after the loss of Basil (my beautiful cat) / 18 March 2014 / My broken spirit l… The photographs of The girl and her Cat. They showed happy, grinning, forgotten faces and she scolded the cat as she moved him aside to grasp a photograph he had been lounging on. The Dream Chaser Sleeping cat, / Dreaming of stars… What The Cat Saw Hey, babe, it doesn’t purr on empty you know! / Humans, such silly animals; they spend half their time trying to smell like peaches and fl… Angel I feel blessed by a special friendship during childhood with a boy who I adored and not only loved me in the sweetest of ways, but that he … Together We Shall Live Forever Sonnet inspired by Christina Rossetti: “death be strong, yet love is strong as death.” Ode to My Cat Minx Did I ever tell you? / the second night I had my cat / I heard his new meow calling / from upon a rooftop, where he / had ventur… Never piss of a chicken And never piss off your dog. / Leave him sleeping where ever he lies / There could be a time when there’s no difference / Twixt your face a… The Eyes of the Isis Cat Inside this sleek and pointed head, / My eyes are luminous green, / They’re watching every move you make, / They’re accurate an… The Healer “Cat. If you could talk eh? Crazy Cat So you silly cat, / Meowin’ round the old grey mat, / Calling out for for little treats, / Pawing toes with little feet. / Brushing u… all cats have wings …betwixt and between…moonlight meanderings…all cats have wings… It’s enough to curl your toes! One morning Ginger Mick went out across the paddocks for a walk with his friends. Along the way he found some sheep’s wool caught on… kids now days playing outside kicking a ball / noisey kids climbing the wall / annoying residents as they try to play / no wonder they all / get chased … Memories of Opie I will always remember the first time I saw you. Tracy had known that I wanted an orange kitten, so, when a lady at work told her she had … Lucky… Black cat. / Exuberant dog. / …screeching tyres! my cat. what a lazy little tart she is… They shoot Gnostics don’t they! 2007 She arrived on our Australian shores before we did. Crawled out of the sea to dominate a scene, a landscape. She carried her secret within.… for a friend. And in all my memories there is a cigarette half lit. Smoke curling like the last ripple after a drowning. I’m Turning My Dog Into a Cat. I’m sure he will / evolve, / That’s what I’m taught. A Part Beneath your favourite tree, we opened nature’s bed for you / Orange beneath you, your little tiger flannel, blades of the grass you loved “Molly’s Song” “Molly’s Song” / My Dear Little Molly, / you so love / your daddy…. Cat O Nine Tails For without the mops to swallow the blood / and to clean the decks of the red / I shall live in hope for a better life / on this voyage of … My Cat One day I’ll head off to a class / Called “Talking to Your Cat” The Evil Twin My poor ex-hubby couldn’t understand why I went through phones so fast, but the truth was, that darned cat had my number. . . The Mayan Shamen and the Black Cat Although Absinthe is a European creation, that doesn’t mean that the Mayan Shamens weren’t using a thurjon containing plant in … The Biggest Disappointment Was You! I’m left questioning myself once more / wondering what it’s all for. / And now my hearts exposed and raw / leaving all feelings… how to give a cat a pill how to give a cat a pill Eloise Le Blue and the cat pose (part 7) ‘Where have you been?’ she demanded… Like Oliver To get my attention / you scratch at the door / put holes in the curtains / knock pens on the floor! wondering ( by the craftsman ) and as the weekend approaches / i wondering what it will bring / untill then i never will know / but continue wondering / i wonder what i … the price we will have to pay ( poem by craftsman… here we all are on redbubble / all looking for a peace of fame / creating the most beautiful art work / with or without a frame / in exchan… Keeping Warm Goosebumps rise up from my flesh. It’s cold outside, and the windchill puts us well below zero. I shiver as I fumble to get my key … Henry and the Red Balloon Red balloon / caught in a swirling pocket of panicked air / Thub-thub-thubbing frantically, trapped / in the corner between wall, garden g… Little Sphinx She sits with me / regardless / Not of anything / imparticular / Just regardless life is but a journey life is but a journey / no matter which road we take / which ever way we get their / its a journey we must make / whether looking for … Cat Warning! cut short by a tabby cat’s claw! thought you were my friend “i thought” NSFW my first sale i almost fell out of my chair! / please let me know who it was ,or you don’t have to so i can thank you. / on jetta as card. Mission of Loving Mercy I’m on a mission. Life is for living Sit in the bath in black top hat Little Mother This beautiful animal came into my life in a most unusual way. flat cat apology but the whole “nine lives” / it’s just a big fake. / your dear pet is gone, / it’s now a pancake. She Brought The House Down! Not a sound from anywhere. Then, from out of nowhere a quiet thud could be heard. Low and behold…………. Norn Iron to Manchester and Back A moving experience! THE WELL TRAVELLED KILLER CAT (RETIRED) True story about my cat. WoW I Sold A Card – “Close-up” Thank you to the wonderful person that bought my card. I really appreciate it! / Shelton Washington USA / Nikon D40 / Lense 18-55mm My menagerie Yes, Frank thought he was a budgie / Even his scales weren’t belied / That he couldn’t whistle and swing / Out of water, that’s why he died. My Visiting Cat now, in cold autumnal evenings / my little wide eyed friend looking / up as we share precious moments… / sleek, shining fur you come … The Cat: furry ball of purring joy or inter-dimen… In Neruda’s, Book of Questions, one line haunts me: “how many questions does a cat have?” Of which I’m sure the an… The Tale of Hope …and… when the little one looked up, Hope froze – through the huge bright yellow-green eyes …
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