A BROKEN DOLL How did it happen / How did she break / The little girl said / Almost as an escape / The doll was smashed / Upon the floor / Her parents ju… IS IT ME OR DOES MY CAT HAVE AN EATING DISORDER? There is a lot of discussion about eating disorders and who has one and who is suspected of having one. It is a malicious pastime and I am … Solomon’s Day There are glimpses of him dancing off, just within sight…. Fro Zen in the Ottawa Valley (a Canadian meditati… It’s as if some primordial Canadian authority figure has pulled a gun and hollered, "Freeze!’… Bella’s story and animal rescue It was that instant heart connection that happens and we know that Destiny has brought us together. Couldabeen Ghostly cat photos. / Red and white sneakers. / An old smelly boot. / A dead cat. a cat on hot bricks isn’t it imperfection? / partial blindness My Cat Friend Again again / my friend from / quietness / comes, eyes wide with / wonderment / he comes bringing / gift / of his true self, we share / space, / … My studio cat Rebel One of his pastimes was catching mozzies, twirling his head around snapping and eating them. My Cat the love you take is equal to the love…. The Cat. Silently he creeps upon his unsuspecting prey, / Eyes darting from side to side, / He crouches, / He pounce’s, / His prey heard and g… RedBubble featured Carmel! Yay! I’m soooo excited right now ~ Carmel is on RedBubble’s featured page today! Woo hoo! I would never have known if Angie had… Valentines Day 1999 (Mature) NaPoWriMo #18 Smoothways, sleekways / Stretchways, slinkways / Paws in the door, dash! / The mice are here, the cat plays Sandpaper Kisses Your body / Of bones / Just begging… This Woman Wild She curses the moon for illuminating her frame Catching the Stars Catching a star, / Is a difficult thing, / They dare not get close, / To the cat who is king… success the fall and let downs of making it ( by… everyday in our lives we think of nothing but money / how we’d all like to get rich quick but isnt it just funny / its not how good o… cat woman by day, an ordinary woman / with children and a husband / much pent up anger / at the world around her / when the full moon rises / she cha… whispering to the angels Producing an alfoil package, it was unwound revealing a human fetus in a decomposed state. My Cat I love my cat / See where she’s sat / She loves the mat / She’s big & fat / Sat by her dish / See her wish / She loves fish… INTERROGATION Being seven at the time / I had to wait in a very long line / Everyone at the Dept. Store / Buying Christmas presents and so much more / Sa… The Canary That Ate the Cat Some day the tables / will be turned: you will stare in amazement / from the confines of your cage / at me looking in at you, / a cheshire … Catch and Release( the funniest true story) I’m standing on the deck enjoying the sun / you stalk up on to the deck with a gift in your mouth / with a look of triumph on your li… redbubble looking for a picture / exciting and new / you’ve just came to the right place redbubbles for you / from t-shirts to pictures / from… Cat Bling ~ for Trish Catch Mice and Frogs and Clean his Ass “Breakfast” Haiku Its Haiku – the extract would be as long as the poem. YOU (‘vinni-van’ R I P) Your eyes were the biggest I had ever seen in a cat and / Yes, you knew how to use them on me. / You loved me, I know because / You spent a… Happiness abounding like early morning grasshoppe… I am sitting here ready / Wanting to compose something happy / However, tears are running down my face / Because / I am tired / So / Tire… The irony of a tabby cat called Noir (Mature) Singing at the Crossroads in the Shadow of Your S… Remember, you too are divine,and worthy of praise… A Christmas Wish Behind her the full moon shone down, its diamond clear light revealing the track of pawprints now frozen into the freshly fallen snow. OLD BILL and BABY She shows me to the TV… and says, “Don’t be afraid of Baby. . . she likes people and she’s never hurt anybody.̶… SNOWFLAKE My name is SNOWFLAKE / Make no mistake / I was oh so lonely / Then someone found me / They said I was wild / Now I am mild / I found a home… Insomnia I’ve laid here for hours counting the sheep, / Why oh why can’t I get to sleep? The Petal’philles Chapter VI Familiaritas before I felt the pain I tasted the blood. My eyes so focused on his watched black irises which darted from my eyes to my lip, I am a lot like them… My body is naked and not pretty, it’s ugly and broken, old and slow. – Their bodies are… / I met them long time ago ̷… ROAD TRIP We’re going on a ROAD TRIP / Why not come along / The backseat is comfy / We can all sing along / Jasper will meow / I’ll give … Remembering my cat Buddy The world outside don’t seem so bright, since Buddy went away, He cast a sparkling beam of light, On my world everyday. … ONE OF MY BOYS He followed me home / As cats often do / They seem to know / I love them too / I picked him up / Very carefully / And right away / He pu… Casper, The Cat He sat near the window watching the cars go by, stretching and yawning.. / he just woke up. Then he turned and watched her…she was sl… Cat Tails 2 curtains of the day / cotton candy dreams Hidee and the Case of the Laughing Wounded We made five or six circuits of the bathroom: countertop to toilet to bathtub to towel bar to countertop to toilet to bathtub to towel bar.… CAT TALK COUNTRY TIMES IN DA HOOD SAVAGE He’s a little savage who has to fend for himself / There is no food for him on any family’s shelf / Left in the street all alon… The pet blotter (humor) The pets are all smarter than me. That cat archer WING WASHING I am amazing child of a cat and a hawk / Look at me and the way I walk / I have wings and I can fly / Even having almost reached the sky / … Catwoman Transforms I reach down from the ledge / Claws catch leather… Little Black Cat The story of a Little Black Cat a day left a tear runs down my face, / whilst I lie here thinking of you / of the cuddles that will never be / of the things you’ll never do / the mem… Jasper The Cat Loves Mum Too Mum is very special to me, Jasper thought / Yesterday she went to the store / And fresh fish and crunchies she bought / I’m just layi… CRYSTAL Although she was quiet / And didn’t make much noise / She really wasn’t interested / In playing with toys / Being 18 when we f… Cat Crooning Tom came to the realization of her words. He was determined to show Penelope how important she was to him. Watch Out! (There’s a Witch About!) “That black cat and your older sister / look so marvelously sinister - / I’m so glad I didn’t miss her! / Her face, that … The Cat I Love the Most Cats have always been a part of my family. Even before I was born my parents had a cat (a Siamese). The fact that Shalom was noisy and ra… Beethoven’s 10th That’s another thing. I’ve got such delicate ears, you must understand. An ironic quirk of fate. Nemesis. Who would have though… MoonShadow : ). Your face is so beautiful tonight it gives off beams of light casting moonshadows… ADHD spells Cat Quick what was that! / No not there, over here, / behind you above you, / under your chair, / Oh nothing its alright, / why all the fuss? /… Cat With Fish Your fish and the one needed / By you to prove to you all that life / Had taught you to be true about / The baseness of men your fish / Cop… HOW BABY BECAME A HOUSE CAT Regarding HOW BABY BECAME A HOUSE CAT, and a CYA note that says: Don’t mess with wild animals or their young. It’s not a DYI p… A cat for all seasons (with sincere apologies to … …..up to his eyes in the luxury foam. Cheshire Cat [12-22-08] I keep manifesting you, / But now, / It’s more than just my thoughts. / And despite what I remember of you, / I still can’t get it right on… Ode to Silky A silken queen rules my world, / Her whim is mine to answer. / She lays upon my sofa curled, / Her tail she swishes in my butter, / And loo… Drovers diary, who shaved the cat.? A hairless cat,but with a whiskery chin Remembering Sweet Peggy Remembering Sweet Peggy / Oh sweet Peggy / What did you see / as you walked the paths of the projects? / Did you know how you got there? / … Ode to an old friend His eyes are closed / But he is not sleeping Tea Parties “Oh, that’s perfectly alright. Here, let me pour you some tea. You simply must try a drop.” He poured the content of a teapot into a large … ‘’ Featured ’’ Neika our puddy tat ,has been featured in the ‘’ AS IS GROUP ’’. / Thanks ever so much to the group and the Hosts,T… WHERE’S THE LETTER? WHERE’S THE LETTER…it was just in my hand / I put it down….I don’t understand / Is there a poltergeist…in my … to train . . . a cat . . . from brat . . . do yo… the cat just tore past me / like he was distancing himself / from some big disaster / that maybe he was somehow involved in . . . / I was … The rescue cat I stretch because I can, / because I have no fear of falling. The Petal’philles Chapter I Genesis one prod to the gelatinous heap that was the hefty bag, renewed my confidence in a job not only well executed, but… Curiosity Killed the Cat I think I want to / Touch the light switch / With wet fingers / Just to see / Just to see / Will it fry me? / Cook me? / Enlighten me? Day dreaming I lie there / sun baking down / upon my back / Sizzling my skin / prickled with the heat / slowly scorches. / To cool it / I move a littl… Cat from Timeforteahuh? Cat from Timeforteahuh? / (To the tune of “Girl from Ipanema”) / Long and lean and black and furry, / my cat goes stalking through the kitc… Midnight featured on Ebony and Ivory!! Midnight featured on Ebony and Ivory The music so sweet. never eats a mouse well.. Mussolini for Lunch To be perfectly honest it’s the wicked little tar stained teeth that give me the heebies. The tiny monstrosities all sport forty a day sm… My Friend The Cat again you come / bringing your special / quiet presence here / where you settle and rest… / shining soft fur / gentle with my / strok… Remembering Muffin’s Journey It was just another workday / consisting of circling through the small remote town, / in hopes of winning a few of the town folks’ f… My World by divine decree / I tolerate thee / don’t look back / from hindsight flee / for if I look back I may regret / my kindness and tolera… Lots of Bubblez….. To all my BUBBLY FWENDZ :o) / Want to write to aplogise in advance …. I’m uploading lot of images of my cat….and there… Mystical Cat Tiger I am the Mystical Cat Tiger / I am so much wiser / Look deep in my eyes / I will hypnotize / I am so much more / Than the cat next door / I… 2 Features Green Tree Frog And The Dahlia Flower in A place To Call Home and Smart Kitty Cat in Domestic And Pedigree Cats. Thank you so much to both… I AM LAZY I AM LAZY ….. so leave me alone / Why not go….talk on the telephone / I’m tired ….played too much today / I real… Jumper Caught on a nail / Snagged of ply THE SUNBATHER When all chores were done / She would sit out in the sun / And enjoy being alone / To have an hour on her own / Her chairs on the grass so … Keeping up with the Jone’s cat. He talks to children, gathered round his mat / …Then enters, Jone’s cat. cool cat find…be…see H A P P Y H A L L O W E E N… Inside my house of ginger bread / Is where I keep my prisoners fed / My little black cat sits by my broom / The people think I sweep the ro… cool cats egyptian sheets let me purr along your length Dog or cat both tasty breeds…. Indeed painless the flesh potted….delicacy fricasseed. The Petal’philles Chapter II Minuo I dragged her into the bathroom and slammed her head in the door to calm her down. How to hypnotize a cat. A little black ball of fluff The Cat Walk Vanity Vendor, / Image blender, / Reflection warper, / Perfection sorter, / Anorexia promoter, / Morale demoter, / Life bender, / Ego ende…
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