The Kid, The Cat, The Dog “Sleep will you be my friend now?” If you want someone…. If you want someone who will eat whatever you put in front of him / and never say its not quite as good as his mothers / …then buy a… Written Rush rush to your nearest heart store and seek refuge wittle archie’s dream ( someone’s or … i had the weirdest everest dream / last night i went to my bed really early , i was ab-so-lutley exhausted from playing all day on my bike… Never piss of a chicken And never piss off your dog. / Leave him sleeping where ever he lies / There could be a time when there’s no difference / Twixt your face a… kids now days playing outside kicking a ball / noisey kids climbing the wall / annoying residents as they try to play / no wonder they all / get chased … I’m Turning My Dog Into a Cat. I’m sure he will / evolve, / That’s what I’m taught. wondering ( by the craftsman ) and as the weekend approaches / i wondering what it will bring / untill then i never will know / but continue wondering / i wonder what i … Keeping Warm Goosebumps rise up from my flesh. It’s cold outside, and the windchill puts us well below zero. I shiver as I fumble to get my key … life is but a journey life is but a journey / no matter which road we take / which ever way we get their / its a journey we must make / whether looking for … thought you were my friend “i thought” (Mature) My menagerie Yes, Frank thought he was a budgie / Even his scales weren’t belied / That he couldn’t whistle and swing / Out of water, that’s why he died. success the fall and let downs of making it ( by… everyday in our lives we think of nothing but money / how we’d all like to get rich quick but isnt it just funny / its not how good o… redbubble looking for a picture / exciting and new / you’ve just came to the right place redbubbles for you / from t-shirts to pictures / from… Insomnia I’ve laid here for hours counting the sheep, / Why oh why can’t I get to sleep? ROAD TRIP We’re going on a ROAD TRIP / Why not come along / The backseat is comfy / We can all sing along / Jasper will meow / I’ll give … The pet blotter (humor) The pets are all smarter than me. Dog or cat both tasty breeds…. Indeed painless the flesh potted….delicacy fricasseed. think i’ll stay in ( the world smells ) when i woke up this morning i felt great / jumping out of bed doing all the usual morning things / sitting around the house without a singl… The joy of keeping pets (Mature) A Tribute to the Dirtiest of Ol’ Dirties…a Wander… 1. You Don’t Always Choose Your Friends / It was late and I was a little drunk. I lived alone, and I’d gone out for a walk in my neighbor… Upon this depend Love is not passion … Once Upon a Dream (rough draft) (this is the rough draft prologue to the story ‘Once Upon A Reality’) / Prologue: Once Upon A Dream / Angela was a girl who ten… A Big Thank You! I want to give a big thank you to all the groups that featured my work this week. / 1. D40x Users / 2. Your Living Spaces / 3. Special Mome… Madman Chronicles – Story 1 (slightly expli… “Brunt isn’t here right now, and Victor cannot hold on.” He replied, now completely calm. “It’s me, Ryan. I&#… Haiku by 6 © Tortoise is once more / Awake now from his slumber / Sign of summer time / Cat is purring low / She is replete and happy / In her feline wa… I Started a Blog. Its hard work just thinking, let alone writing it down. SUICIDE NOTE OF THE SIMULACRUM Then they have the audacity to ask me why. / Why am I being so cruel? / I must be a fool / To think that an imitation / Ever mattered at al… BUT FIRST… A WORD FROM OUR SPONSOR I don’t know anything…anymore / Save that what I do…is who I am… EXCUSE THE POETRY or ALWAYS… Away and back again / Or never having left you / Out of my mind Cat Patrol They climb up on the garden shed / and laugh right in my face, / if only they would come down here / I’d give them such a chase. View from a window Two magpies sit on the edge of the fence / That surrounds the non-existent rose bed, / Waiting for Harry to leave his bowl unattended. /… Summer Storm In a pool of shattered glass, a flesh-colored lump of – Ben could not tell what – lay on the floor. SUICIDE NOTE OF A HOMELESS PERSON… On this all hope resides… SUICIDE NOTE OF A HOMELESS PERSON II I didn’t find my dream in this life / Perhaps I’ll find it in the next one a dog and cat story Once upon a time…(i’ve always wanted to say that) once upon a time there was this guy named lou. lou was a mailman and new to … THE LIGHT… SUICIDE NOTE OF HOMELESS PERSON … —Author unnkown Doggy Santa You ever come a cross one of those dog lovers that has a screw lose in their head?

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