A CELTIC BLESSING A CELTIC BLESSING / May the light of your soul guide you. / May the light of your soul bless the work that you do with the secret love and… AMERICA'S CARING HEART by Reese Forbes Presence After years of interviewing thousands of people, Oprah Winfrey remarked that she had noted a certain quality in her most unforgettable enco… Peace in the Family (Up Close) by Erika  Hastings Just checking in . . . by Bonnie T.  Barry Stop abuse ! by Marilyns ❤‿❤  PRECIOUS BEAUTIFUL CELESTIAL  ANGEL CALENDAR ❤‿❤ by ╰⊰✿ℒᵒᶹᵉ Bonita✿⊱╮ Lalonde✿⊱╮ Calendar About sharing and caring by bubblehex08 The apple of his eye . . . by Bonnie T.  Barry My Dearest Silver Strings I don’t know a string so dear to me, / than the one I see here in front / So full the vibrations / like a symphony of violins all … True Love by Valerie Rosen Cute Lovely Valentine Heart Vintage Grunge T-shirt by Denis Marsili Hope by George  Link ....and caring by karenkirkham Awaken Awaken in the middle of the night! / Battered, / Beaten, / Forgotten! The Reassuring Touch by Susie Peek ✿♥‿♥✿PEACE.. A POEM WRITTEN BY BONITA✿♥‿♥✿ by ╰⊰✿ℒᵒᶹᵉ Bonita✿⊱╮ Lalonde✿⊱╮ A New Day by sarnia2 Family by goanna ❤ 。◕‿◕。 IF U NEED A FRIEND CALL ME.. U GOT A FRIEND HUGS ❤ 。◕‿◕。 by ╰⊰✿ℒᵒᶹᵉ Bonita✿⊱╮ Lalonde✿⊱╮ The Sack Lunches Just before take-off, a line of soldiers came down the aisle and . . . Behold the birds of the air . . . by Bonnie T.  Barry Caring Teddy Nurse by AnnDixon Marla in Haiku Knowing someone cares / Thinking first of her / In the hope of being loved The caring sister. by debjyotinayak Loved, Cherished and Protected by coffeebean My Emotional Heart by laureenr Love – a human emotion To hug, to hold, or merely kiss / Just thoughts of you are simply bliss Wedding Flowers by Nia Brown echo There is a place, / where softly spoken words exchanged / just before the earth rotates / will reverberate; / ever so lovely in my head. … Down Under Yarn Cant get this out of my mind so will share and get some Peace, I am sure that Jesus said somewhere that He is All People or God did(But whi… Believe in the impossible - greeting card by Scott Mitchell Tom at the Epic by DAdeSimone With Caring Thoughts by Susan Werby Love Is In The Air~ by Lisa Michelle Garrett Together Forever Horses by francelal  That Special Rose... by Mystic Raven 9 A mother's caring by Anna D'Accione Caring by Yvonne Pfeifer CONGRATULATIONS! - Top 10 Challenge Winner - Sharing & Caring by AndreaEL Tender by Barry Elkins WALKING A DIFFICULT PATH by Redtempa Cuddle Me! by Belinda Fletcher BEAN PLANTS EXPERIMENT When I was in third grade we did the bean plants experiment. Who did this? Do you remember? I do… Worth it was no trouble to catch the tiny bird / he was a baby, after all CARING ACEO by Brenda Thour they cant see They cant see / Im inside out / Nerves EXPOSED / Stimuli sensors / OVERLOADED / Emotional radar / On OVERDRIVE / Pain, emotion, love / A… IN THIS NEW DAY……… Yesterday is missing the new beat of time / Tomorrow will call me and forever be mine. / Missing the old days / chastising the waste riding bareback n barefoot at the point of not caring at the point of no return or turning off the light bobbing for lemons 7  by mhkantor Peace in the Family by Erika  Hastings ✿♥‿♥✿   U Sure Do Crack Me UP CANINE THROW PILLOW ✿♥‿♥✿    by ╰⊰✿ℒᵒᶹᵉ Bonita✿⊱╮ Lalonde✿⊱╮ I'll do my best to save you... by tearsinjungle Holiday Wish by Angelina Cornidez Remind Them… I saw it today and I had to turn my head… / For I felt it as though it were mine. / She barely would lift her head to see… / He… Sharing Is Caring by William Brennan Warm hearts by MarianBendeth Wooden Robot by augustinas Caring for water by CanDuCreations Caring by Valeria Lee First Bath by Bryan Peterson Will I Ever Trust Again For all the pain , / You caused me Peace I bring you – a poem and prayer for h… Peace I bring you / Please don’t be Sad / and don’t you cry / the world will not / pass you by. / Your in my thoughts / your in… Meeting You Now …..Meeting you now…I can only cry / tears of joy runs down my eye. / No words can speak of a face so dear, / as the one who st… ✿♥‿♥✿CONFUSION- - HELP MAKE IT RIGHT ✿♥‿♥✿ by ╰⊰✿ℒᵒᶹᵉ Bonita✿⊱╮ Lalonde✿⊱╮ sharing is caring... maybe... by Penny Kittel Reciprocation is necessary in a world that offers sadness by Scott Mitchell Hand in Hand by Judy Will My Fans by shazart Mothers ... Time by scarlet james Visions Shared & All Eyes See All  © Vicki Ferrari Photography by Vicki Ferrari Life is Fragile (Card) by Tracy Friesen Baby Girl First Birthday Card by Vickie Emms The person inside. I look at you / from deep inside, / the way you are / you can not hide, Sequence to 'Friends are like snowdrops' (poem attached) by marieangel the bird woman by Isabela M. Lamuño Serenity by Regina Brandt Monks caring by Anne Young Teacher I try so hard to be polite / You send me those who groan / From trials of life / Crying painful body drones / But I face a war continually … Tri Plant by Joshua Rablin springs bloom~ by Brandi Burdick Day 54 by Cathy Gilday The Orchid by Sue Wickham Babysitter by Nick Humphreys Cute Funny Heart Love Valentine Grunge T-shirt by Denis Marsili Scottish Sheep and Lamb by mrdoomits CARING FOR MARIANNE And here she was walking toward me so proud at being able to walk / and happy to be home. Cameron as Madame Défecit (captioned)  by Trouser loving hands by TerrillWelch ✿♥‿♥✿HELP FIND A CURE CANCER AWARENESS TEE SHIRT FOR KIDS AND ADULTS✿♥‿♥✿ by ╰⊰✿ℒᵒᶹᵉ Bonita✿⊱╮ Lalonde✿⊱╮ I'm the NANNY not the Mother! by jazzydevil Some people love walking in the rain - greeting card and inspirational print by Scott Mitchell The queue by premajay Love me tender... by Glenna Walker Good News Group Banner by micklyn The Cloak of Love And then my cloak of love / Protects you through the day………… They are slaves who fear to speak for the weak and fallen © by Vicki Ferrari © T-DZYNE
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