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Manifesto For Pain Management and Self Healing …It maybe useful to print this out for reference. There’s a lot of helpful stuff here. Illumination Unlike candles on a birthday cake, ….these shining, brilliant candles continue to burn bright long after their silent longings… Companion in the immediate frame Happy Birthday I say to me / don’t count the candles it doesn’t matter any more… UNTIL THE LIGHT OF OUR CANDLES FADE Please read description first. It has been modified. Thanks / Two souls / Two friends / Holding hands / In the journey of life / Hands held… Penny My sense of smell was strong enough to note the pungent aroma of a young woman who didn’t wash often enough. She looked like the living dea… Dancing Candles [Video] / There on the slide of the Sea / A slow caress began / Tumbled by intensity and excitement / A path leading towards evening / Lon… room 301 (Mature) A Long Awaited Arrival. (Mature) I Light My Candles I’ll Light my candles / You fight with your gun / When the war is over / Lets see who has won. / Squeeze the trigger / Whizz bang the… Pamper …everyone should pamper themselves now and then. Happy Birthday Martin Happy Birthday Martin / (Martin Luther King January 15th 1929 – April 4th / 1968 / If you were here today on your birthday / what … Too many candles A million candles / on deserted beach / one lit for my / every impure and / lustful thought The Candles Burn The candles burn / A soft flicker of light spreads across the room / The setting sun that darkened the inside of my house is banished / Can… Sandra’s Tattoo It’s mostly blokes or desperate fat birds who actually have tattoos done. / All those air-brushed cover girls of FHM and Maxim couldn’t hol… Happy Birthday Gabby !! It’s Gabby’s Birthday !!!! Light of Shabbos A moment ago your whole world was dark halitus While the air becomes icy…… Glimmers of hope The candles we light in honor of your name / Reflect the brightness you gave to our lives / Burn away at the darker side surrounding / Givi… Vespers The best prayers / are never spoken candles (Mature) Thinking Of Spring Hearts white and faded in wood hang from the apple tree, / tall white candles of our ritual mass. I wish it was my birthday and I blew out all the … I wish / [I must admit] / that you were the wall behind me and the cloak / around / me / I / wish / we were at Starbucks with fancy / coff… Manhattan’s Last Midnight Picture perfect for a fractured frame… he takes my hand for a dance to a Chopin nocturne and as I meet his eyes I see the distrust re… CANDLELIGHT Candles burning / Flickering in the dark / Shadows on the wall / And there was a spark / It was if a flame / Caught onto the wall / Flicke… [Something once innate, lost] Each year another candle burning memories / while slowly, gathering together, the joyous grip drips away - / like wax. tish hidden secrets of a woman on her wedding day that commits….. / will leave youhanging there Mickey Mouse Cloud - Doesn’t it look like Mickey Mouse? / - You’re right! He rides a hors. The candle of want. I lent my self to the night my flame burning hot, yet all the while it was destiny that the wax would dethrone the flame. / Hotter and hott… The Candles Inside The Candles Inside / I looked in your eyes. / I saw the pain that weighs you down. / I saw the loneliness in your heart. / I saw the cracks… Night Tale From the night’s smothering blackness / creeps the censor of the psyche. / With a master key, the lock is picked. / Heavy steps signa… Prayer Candles There was only one candle left. It sat alone and dark in the center of no fewer than 50 glowing flames. I expected one final repeat of the … The Candles In The House Warmth. The Fairy Tale Begins part 29 of “Unexpected Grace”; can be read on its own / That summer was particularly hot and muggy, but the nights were cool an… Natural Candle Supply Enjoy in scented candles at Natural Candle Supply. Find all the ingredients you need and make candles yourself. You can also add scents sin… The Holidays Change Everything I was thrown out today / I don’t know what I expected / He just wasn’t ready to / Leave all we had worked on / But it’s fine, really … CANDLES IN THE STORM As an MP in the Army / I was on routine patrol. / But that is a misnomer. / Routine never seemed to show. / I was dispatched to the Post Ch… SURVIVORS music mending / fissured fences

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of candles writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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