the four seasons by butchart surface by butchart out of the night by butchart kafka on the shore #1 by butchart echoes by butchart just breathe by butchart a gathering # 7 by butchart gimme shelter by butchart hope floats by butchart sing in the blues bleached out sky / a lackluster grey / no ambition for paler shades / still winds / uninspired / hold lifeless clouds / heavy and tired / … in between out here / on the edge / the dream tugs / wanting its due / visions spiral / caressing thought / waves crash upon the veil / pushing / pu… sand and smoke tattered sails / and ferris wheels / they shot horses on the beach / unafraid of their freightened screams / lovers kissed among the flame… a breath away from divinity by butchart i wish by butchart Secrets in the wind by butchart the cup by butchart baggage it was never just / you and me / adrift / all those ghosts / lashed to the bedposts / drowning in empathy / the chrysalis was shattered / b… sea garden by butchart Seven from the seventh crown / it came / bone cold / and searing flame / scattering / the bonsai leaves / shattering / the indigo eye / pieces r… passing windows by butchart change , chance,and circumstance change is / but an echo of the past / full moons and amulets / runes scattered in the grass / calling for divinity / the trinity of man /… faces of man 1 by butchart if if i gave you a song / would you sing it / eyes closed / to hear the words / like pearls / hung ’round your neck / catching the ligh… tabula rasa the smoke of you / curls past my page / i breathe / spring rain and laughter / a quiet strength / to weaken knees / wandering in the wonder… silent witness by butchart the wheel sunrise / civilized man / sees the shadow / and the wheel keeps turning / watch it run / rabbit from the snare / unaware / the trap lies a… passage by butchart morning will find us by butchart blink on an emerald hill / the quiet gathers / looking for a sound / blades of grass / arch their backs / casting shadows on the ground / cool cu… reclamation and the rainbow serpent / sang from the mist / guiding the ship’s sail in / fog filled anthems / rose in drifts / one voice / amid th… ode to walt by butchart more a breath away from divinity / miles away from hope / floating down / into the quiet / slip knots hold the rope / half opened eyes / seek th… bare trees  #1 by butchart astral tapping here on the fringe / things unravel / threads of time bound to travel / cells collide and worlds divide / chasms open / to the sky / slip t… finding breathing room 3 by butchart flux thick mud runs / where red should reign / upon the thrones of old / forgotten crowns / lie in silence / no hearing for the fold / empty ges… the haunting by butchart fools play she follows insincerity / confuses illusions / haunting the lightened path / steps softly intruding / eluding / knowledge of the way / tree… no air all tied up / in ribbons of shame / raw edges frayed with age / green eyed raven / plucks out the red / to feather a nest of rage / high in… flesh #4 by butchart duality who roams these halls / where walls lay rotting / in sacramental tears / precognition of dark ways / man should not know / for fears / … burn you come and go / at your leisure / as pain / engulfs the pleasure / the softest blow / finds the embers / buried deep beneath the ash / b… renewal stepping off a cloud / onto a moonbeam / voices in the air / recall the tome / saphire eyes / search jaded lies / seeking signs of home / … change the calling of birds / brings a smile to my footsteps / rustle of pasts turning green / liquid gold creeps / unseen among the shades / br… endings put no head stone / on my grave / for no one / will abide / to bargain with the gods / a devil’s ride / without a story / the plot is… missing the mark climbing up the valley / i found you in the clouds / solid air / alive with daggers / sharp and thin / unforgiving / blades of truth / cas… lovers lane by butchart night flight on the feathered back / of liquid night / so black the stars turn blue / bladed wings slice the silence / crimson wounds of movement / run … bare trees gray is the day / icey barren fingers / ache to touch the sun / shadows quiver / from work undone / breathless winds hover / reticent to b… Ghoul T 1 by butchart stasis brittle air shatters / raining sky upon the fields / where hope lies / scattered amongst the reeds / barren furrows of compassion / hardene… release hear the rustle waiting in the scrub / out there in the dark / bone cold fingers snaring entrails / wanting more than blood / thirsty for t… ripples in the weave red panther in the black of night / eyes the colour of fire / jaguar in the pillared jungle / mucking in the mire / both aware / both beli… mr. wire by butchart time and chance thunder in the foothills / awakes the roots run deep / summoning the ancients / back from transient sleep / charging blood to fill the holl… sssleep ceiling shadows / telling stories / quiet voices of the room / dripping shy serenity / while surrendering to the gloom / sullied shades fi… steps crossing paths / are magic places / the alchemy of spirit / seeks the light within / familiar faces / reaching out / in passing / time / t… in the end in the end / it will be screams / out of your nightmares / into their dreams / on this hallowed eve / they come / celebrated / minions of … surface 3 by butchart stay are you staying the night / has a new complexion / anticipation and desire / was a smokey request / anxious breaths / now sting the air / a… feed the world by butchart looking glass world by butchart finding breathing room 1 by butchart other days every river you try to cry / seeps into the sand / full of woe / endless and dry / face the days one by one / counting all the grains / wat… finding breathing room # 7 by butchart branch 1 by butchart ravenous eating flesh / from inside out / finding pathways / to hidden truths / memories of the future / pasts bound by youth / ancient voices chan… moving mountains by butchart howl a pounding in the temples / all sounds remain inside / heart beats summon thunder / lightning strikes the eye / caught in silent wonder / t… through the looking glass by butchart bare trees # 2 by butchart flesh  #1 by butchart setting sail the horizon tips / a wide brimmed hat / to sails out of the past / heading home to capture / majik that was cast / out among the dragons / … smoke signals barren and shameless / drift to the abys / an oubliette of painted windows / conjure the serpent’s hiss / jagged edges / lure virgin … borders by butchart the call missing the sound of chimes / hanging round within / kissing the night air / with blood red lips / calling out to distant hills / pristine … ascension by butchart finding breathing room 5 by butchart rope burns by butchart scenes from the club by butchart arise by butchart remembering.. in the flesh/the video by butchart here here in the dark / thoughts of you / invade me / shades before my eyes / fingers touch / bringing you closer / to lay you down / here in … dream box 1 by butchart SCC9-24..... (a short film) by butchart daybreak meditation #1.... the video by butchart

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