Fully Loaded II by cultclothingco Safe place for a cuppa by William Rottenburg Rubber Bullets vs Iron-clad Convictions It would seem that if you are audacious enough to speak your mind and congruous enough to do it with a like-minded group of your peers, you… Tuol Sleng #2 by Chris Muscat Gun Shy by blacknight High School Massacre by TeesBox Jen Breach & Doug Holgates MARALINGA by homebrewvampire Bullets and Dreams by Dexoine "Spraycans....not bullets"....... by atomikboy SILVER BULLETS by carlotta peacock Love Bullets: February by Sybille Sterk Sweet as Sugar, Hard as ice by Jeff Newell flying balls by fuxart 1979, John Waynes bullets & Juan Valdez’… In 1979 I didn’t understand that John Wayne’s movies often glorified Genocide. I didn’t understand what it meant to stand at the bullet end… the guns of navarone by grant5252 Dowel on the march by Shakedown aces n eights bullets in the hole by mhkantor New Years Southwest Style by Mason Mullally I got Shot (long sleeve) by hellbender Love Bullets: September by Sybille Sterk Butterflies and  Bullets by Michelle Scott Girls got Balls by 5letters 'Can We Use Real Bullets Now?' by DavidBaddeley Girls got Balls by 5letters Girls got Balls by 5letters Shattered Dreams by MelanieBKK Sass 2644 by Neil Osborne Seventies by fuxart Bullets with Butterfly wings by atomikboy BULLETS N´SHADOWS POSTER by Joan Manuel Urbina Frank Iero Signature by LaSonicLover Mind Explosion by Wildredrose Crystal Alter - Queen of the Damned - a collaboration with Butterflies And Bullets by deClare Robo-Joe by Noxious Ice Cream Disaster by Style-O-Mat Guns Shoot Bullets by Jo Conlon Girls got Balls by 5letters They've Bought The Bullets And There's No One Left To Shoot by Mandy Kerr Girls got Balls by 5letters the sgts bullets by David Stembaugh Group Therapy by hopper1982 Catch The Bullet by Nicole Wiedig Tree in the dust by Wildredrose Girls got Balls by 5letters Stop! Think! by Jo Conlon Copper Candy!!! by lozonline Somewhere Between (poem) With the knives in my back / and the bullets in my head / I’ll come back to / rip you all to shreds Tragic hero Trembling with his eyes closed and ears shut clenching her blood soaked necklace waiting for its good luck. Smile Bullet Gore  by Kim of All Arts  (KoAA) A Good Girl Scout by girlorbital Immaculate Bullets by Visceral Creations 10 Bullets - One kill by DanielVG Girls got Balls by 5letters Vestige by dominiquelandau Ghost Shooter by Steve Small Love Bullets: April by Sybille Sterk The Revolutionary by Al Bourassa It came from the clouds... of dust by Adrian Jeffs WHEN WE CONTRIBUTE TO LOVE BULLETS ARE OUR EMOTIONS / E NOTIONS? Silver Bullets, Broken Dreams What was the price for his failure, Cyberpunk Photography 067 by Ian Sokoliwski Love Bullets: May by Sybille Sterk HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUTTERFLYS & BULLETS HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU / HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU / HAPPY BIRTHDAY Darling HEATHERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR / HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU / HIP HOP WHORAYYYYYY… Love Bullets: June by Sybille Sterk The Appt. (Mature) Bullets for breakfast by density-tmr Harvey Milk - Bullets by shyimg 2 Bullets  by Nathan T "Bullets & Bracelets" by Douglas Carl Wright by DougPop Godfather Limo by Al Bourassa Ready, Set... by Ann Rodriquez .30 Caliber shells, hit by .30 Caliber Bullets by Collin Dow BULLETS by roadie Warning:Imaginary Bullets  by Nicole DeFord yesterdays hail, 1 inch bullets by dybuk Treasures of the Past by Andrea Kabai odd man out by MacLeod Bullets rain tears Young and innocent they went to school / Expecting to learn and play / Never in anyones wildest of dreams / Did we expect that day / Fo… Girls got Balls by 5letters diminished capacity sweatin bullets sweatin blood 3 by mhkantor i'm with hostage by greggmorrison "Do i feel Lucky?" -Clint Eastwood (Dirty Harry) [black] by FanmadeStore Russian Roulette by Brett Perryman Bonds Buy Bullets -- World War I by warishellstore Don’t all the bullets bear our name… Somewhere far away / a soldier dies / While at home a mother crumples in a chair to cry / was it all just a game? / are the politicians th… diminished capacity sweatin bullets sweatin blood 5 by mhkantor A Combat Nurse’s Prayer So ‘til my time is over, Lord, and I have been relieved, / I’ll walk these halls and listen for the sounds of soldiers needs. Love Bullets: March by Sybille Sterk Ghoul 4 by Katherine Davis As choirboys… To far-off lands – to fight and die / Lads like Tim, Mick, Dave and I. BULLETS by roadie Lest We Forget ….It was almost Anzac Day again and the constant hurting became almost unbearable at this time of year. Ted sipped the rum and stared… “Butterflies and Bullets” gets busy w… ……..Go girl!!!!…..awesome, the first of my apprentices. Sometimes you just gotta say “Fuck the Oils”…&#… Young Man w/ Bullets by Jonathan Russell Missing One by Jo Anne Shinn Bellwater Trio - b ball  by eLEkt
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