glitter and bullet wounds.

human casualty. / by chance. / without design. / how many? / 18,498 human casualties? / more, / more. / from vein to vein. / gash to bloody…

Mind Reading

What will happen when comes the / Time we can read each other’s thoughts?

A bullet through the world

Passenger 12 slid quietly out of his seat. The human-like outer shell peeled away, revealing a thing of black anodized metal, skeletally th…

House Cat

I ate in silence / The screech of the mouse in the corner made

Bite The Bullet

And the impulse of my strength,   / Is the hair in my length.  / That incontrollable nuisance  / Of unadulterated exuberance. 

A Daughters Farewell Revisited

It was then that I saw clearly I was no longer the central man in her life, but just her loving father

BULLET 21.Eleven.10

There’s a bullet in my heart / Lodged in / Causing me mind bending pain / Can’t seem to quite / squeeze hard enough / To stem / Seeping,…

The Bullet and the Trigger

Tick tock like a clock / Digging my own grave / And every time I look / I see we’re getting more depraved

bullet train

hanging on the words / with baited breath / but none hit the mark / they’re just making holes

Butterflies and Bullets

You opened up like a flower with the power to fly / Felt the pain as your wings started to rip from your body / Like metamorphosis becoming…

Forever Can Euthanasia a War of Bullets

Unable to deal with these 100 little curses / Finger on the trigger / Ready to extinguish the riot within me / With this bullet

ouch, that one hurt

little bullet / my heart is feeding / and every hole is almost full

inspired by mister lee love-bullet

here’s a toast / to friends unseen / friends that are / or might have been / even those / not quite so keen / and especially those / of…


how can i explain him? / bigger than life / a scent of scotch and blueberries / a voice that could rock a ship / a man to be reckoned with …

I’m not bullet proof

The words are harsh, / The words are cold, / The words are mean, / The words are bold…

Steady on the trigger

Zane panicked, the building was less than 200 metres away, his head whirled with calculations that all boiled down to one option; now, or n…


A finger / Lays resting / On the trigger / The safety off / The gun ready / To go / To blow / To explode / The bullet / The ammunition / Th…

The Alleyway

I strolled through the alleyway, staying in the shadows

I caught the moment like a bullet

I caught the moment like a bullet / Before loving pierced my heart / To muffle its intensity / Before the flames start / To engulf us in…

Mistaken Identity

“What metal?” / “Z…z…z…zinc.” / “Zinc?” I snorted. “What the hell good is Zinc?”


I know me


I woke up at five-thirty like always and checked the temperature. Thirty-five degrees. I looked out the window at the pines glowing from th…

She stopped the bullet

Independent discrepancy err / Cropped up unstable imaging of hers / Fuji Acapella and innuendo mozzarella / Set your heirs before my eyes …


bombs of the battle / fall from our lips..

Bullet Proof Life

She’d grown used to / Her bullet proof life. / She surrounded herself / In thick, tough glass / Invisible to everyone… / But he…

Training it around Japan

Japan lulled me into a false sense of security – I arrived at the airport and all signs were in Japanese and English – “H…

bullet wholes while wandering in molasses

thoughts sicker than a cult choir / she’s determined to get paid by the hour / bodies found in an alleyway / same place where the cok…

How To ‘Shoot’ A Love Bullet…



Instant Heaven

The Sound Of A Bullet

The sound of a bullet / As it exits the barrel. / The fear in the man / Who waits in it’s path. / The splatter of blood / Before t…

Featured in ‘’ Toy Dogs R Us ’&…

A double feature for little ‘’ Belle ’’ and i would again like to thank the moderators / group host for this featur…

bread and circus

spent from the blast all guts…splattered ripped through the back…spectators detached and bored


Rage lived behind every glare / Enchained by depression within the mind. / A blighted being, some may say. / All routine came to unwind.

Hurt myself, that’s exactly my plan.

As I hear the screeching of the bullet fly past my head, I notice something strange.

My Prayers are Quiet Shouts to God

My prayers are quiet shouts to God praying with the stamina of Jesus in Gesthemane with blows of my own, all the inward places cannot conta…


Difficult and contradictory / Heaven help the one who picks me.

“like a bullet through a flock of dovesR…

i can smell the despair, / residue of failed attempts / but i know / i will do better than that

Contemplations on the Lord and Love

and after years of knowing you I had a one night stand with you, and that was the last bullet I had inside me to put into you

not a love bullet i think — thinking bec…

i think therefore i am [supposed to ‘be’] / i ‘do’ because i am able / i am able because i have been enabled / does…

Featured in ‘’ Pets Are Us ’…

Delighted to say the least that’’ Belle faster than a speeding bullet ‘’was featured in ’’Pets Are Us&#…

number one with a bullet

have you noticed / you seldom stick a fork / up your nose / or how many times / you haven’t injured your mother / by stepping on crac…

Bullet to the Mind

A bullet shoots from your heart to mouth / And pierce my mind with force.

This is Murder

…There was a man lying sprawled on the gully floor. One bullet whole could be seen through his stomach, dried blood surrounding the w…


January first, midnight / Marked the end of his life / Which suddenly expired / When a bullet was fired


A box of letters by the way, like bullet casings in the rain. Memories fade in light so pale, as blood reached for the night. / On the verg…

Replayed In A Sober Daze

Remove the bullet from my head, / extract the thoughts I took with lead, / write them down onto this paper, / only to recite them later


in the heart.. / little butterflies / know how when you place a penny on the track it can overturn an entire train? / causing alot of damag…

The Bullet v’s Life.

If i had a bullet….

Bullet Proof!

I’m already dead

Russian Roulette

Spin the chambers / Await your fate / Balance the odds / Against life and death / Everything rests / On one short second / That could last …

The Bullet

as a helicopter / hoovers near by / the crosses amass / as the ground / overflows / it squishes / under foot

Bullet Cry

Did you hear the bullet cry?

drank the bullet

drank the bullet / I drank the bullet / {mercury silk} / from your mouth / {so dry} / as you came / {then left} / fast and bidding / again …

Anti Valentines Day Poem

Wake up wondering “What the blunt!” / conjuring crazy thoughts up / like “I’m paranoid / are clowns with mack 10s s…


Appease our darkest thoughts

bullet wound bandaid

bandaid over bullet wound still bleeds / trickles from open chasm / gaping flesh spews pooling aches / all over my quivering naked husk…

Bite the Bullet

feel the peace / that only the dead know of

Bird & Bullet

The grass below shudders at the salty rain they drink in. My senses dull even further reaching out for helpful memories to escape.



Steak and Beans, A wild west story.

One kid. One bullet. One life, changed for good.

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